"I'm Back"
Season Survivor: Papua New Guinea
Episode Number 8/15
Episode Chronology
Previous Need Us for Their Agendas
Next You Came After My Country

I'm Back is the eighth episode of Survivor: Papua New Guinea.


Reward Challenge: Trololol
The contestants must post as many pictures into their tribe threads as possible. Everyone is allowed to post as many pictures as they want, when they want, but all pictures must be different and they are allowed to only post one picture at a time. The tribe with the most pictures, wins reward
Reward: To exile one person from one of the losing two tribes and to vote someone back into the game.
Winner: Daru

Immunity Challenge: Mini-Dash
The castaways are to play a game called Mini-Dash. The person with the most levels wins immunity.
Winner: Andrei


Day 18

After the two Tribal Councils, it appeared that the Mendi tribe was gaining power. Matt decided to try once again to bring Andrei into the alliance. Andrei accepted, mainly because he didn't want Mendi to gain more power.

Everyone expected a tribe switch, only to find out that they would be having a reward challenge.

In the challenge, Andrei allowed Daru to take a far lead. Luke and Mick kept Abau close behind. During the challenge, Andrei and Luke joked around about the random and silly pictures Luke was posting for the challenge. When Luke began posting pictures of tea, Andrei jokingly suggested that they have their own "Boston Tea Party". After this, they decided that the alliance should be named The Tea Party.

JR arrived in the challenge, and began stealing Andrei, Luke and Mick's pictures. Andrei called him out on this, only to be told that it was allowed. Andrei was angered by this.

Daru managed to win reward, and once again sent Mick to Exile Island. Daru was told that they would receive a special prize for winning reward.

Day 19

On Day 19, Daru's reward was going to be revealed. But first, the contestants were told to drop their buffs, for they had merged.

Daru's reward was revealed to be that they would vote back in a previously voted out contestant as the twelfth member of the merged tribe.

After the twist was announced, the Daru members began debating who to vote back in. Abraham and Andrei claimed to want Jemarc back, due to him being loyal. However, Blake wanted to bring Taylor back in. Kim wanted to vote George back in. Abraham and Andrei, however, were set on voting Jemarc.

In the Tribal Council to vote someone back in, Abraham and Andrei voted Jemarc, while Blake and Kim voted George. This tied the votes, and forced a re-vote. Kim, feeling that Jemarc would return inevitably, voted Jemarc. This meant that Jemarc re-entered the game.

The twelve remaining contestants came together for the merge. They decided that the merge tribe needed a name. Luke suggested that they name the tribe "Peyengi", as a corruption of PNG. The name was liked, so JR decided that they have a vote on naming the merged tribe Peyengi. The majority agreed, and Peyengi became the merged tribe name.

Upon returning, Jemarc was instantly offered a spot in the Tea Party. He accepted the offer, and the Tea Party gained the majority at the merge.

Day 20

The first challenge for individual Immunity took place. Andrei triumphed and won Immunity.

Afterwards, the Tea Party began discussing voting off Uli. However, everyone was suspicious that JR had the idol, due to the fact that he talked about it a lot. If JR didn't have the idol, it was very likely that someone else on Mendi did.

Luke suggested that they spread word that they're voting JR, only to vote Uli instead. This way, if the idol was in play, JR would either play it or have it played on him. The plan seemed great, until everyone became suspicious of Jemarc due to him only recently returning to the game and they feared that he'd align with Uli.

Matt then decided that they would go through with the plan, only to vote Amos instead of Uli. If Jemarc voted Uli, he would prove his loyalty. After hearing this, Luke told Matt privately about the anti-American alliance. This caused Matt to tell everyone to vote Angeleo instead of Amos.

Mendi planned to vote out Matt, who they feared was being too strategic. However, Angeleo told Luke that they would be voting Mick, while Luke told Angeleo that JR was the target. Kim went to Uli and told him that JR was the target, as well.

Day 21

At Tribal Council, the Mendi members, along with Abraham, voted Matt and Jemarc proved his loyalty to the Tea Party by voting for Uli.

However, in the end, Angeleo was blindsided and voted off in a shocking 6-5-1 vote, removing the first Mendi member from the game.

Tribal Council

Day 19

Tribal Council 9:
First Vote (Tie) Revote
Voter Voted
Jemarc avatar
Jemarc (2 votes)
Abraham & Andrei
Jemarc avatar
Jemarc (3 votes)
Abraham, Andrei & Kim
George (2 votes)
Blake bougerollePng
Blake & Kim
George (1 vote)
Blake bougerolle
CJ (0 votes)
Large 992142-1
Joe (0 votes)
Szymon (0 votes)
Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 8.34.54 PM
Taylor (0 votes)
Jemarc avatar

Voting Confessionals

First Vote

Jemarc, you're probably the only person in these outcasts who doesn't have a shot at winning... and we left on good terms so hopefully we can build back #DaruPride.


Bro, ur gonna be back in the game. I told u that u'll have another chance and by God this is it :-). Welcome back.



Hopefully this will be final. He's back in the game. Lets this time...


Day 21

Tribal Council 10:
Angeleo (6 votes)
VanityBlake bougerollePng
Andrei, Blake, Kim, Luke, Matt, Mick
Matt (5 votes)
AbbyAmos avatarAlexjason
Abraham, Amos, Angeleo, JR, Uli
Uli (1 votes)
Jemarc avatar
Mark BW

Voting Confessionals

This is the first tribal council were I am voting at and this is a huge vote. This vote makes sure we have the numbers.


With Jemarc supposedly flipping, I need to vote you instead of Uli. Tough break, sorry. I really hope that this plan works.


Sorry matt.. I don't even know you. Never talked to you. You are not even half my age. We have nothing in common... But someone has to go... And my allies wanted you out... At the moment it was not the time to go for big targets. Therefore I have to vote you out.


We're lowering Uli's power. This vote might be karma from Kiribati. Have fun on Ponderosa, m'kay?


I'm so sorry man, we just need to flush out the idol. And I just want to be loyal to my alliance and to my original tribe as well. But its nice to know you. You're a good man. Thanks for wanting me to be back and to be on your side. :

– :), Jemarc

I know you're a believer, but God is not on your side anymore. Sorry!


This vote is not out of personal issues, this vote is purely for strategy. You and Mick are worthy players, but I think you two are the most dangerous as well...and you know what I do with every threat I meet :) cut 'em.


Sorry Matt, this vote is nothing against you.. I just need my alliance's trust.. See you soon mate.


Soaring High....



Final Words

Bamboozled! That great blindside victim was me! I'm pissed, disappointed! My alliance has the legit "snake"!!!! I will figure it out soon... I hope that as they keep that snake, they will be pagonged one by one!!! And the most embarassing point is that I'm not part of the jury!!! I am the Corinne of PNG.. I just wish JR a God bless! He's a beast and I know he can kick those snakes, anacondas, boas & pythons out!!! I didn't expected this even though I have some nerves in this tribal council.. Well I had a great time playing.. See you when I see you..


Still in the Running

Abau Daru Kieta Mendi Wewak
Amos avatar
Mark BW
Blake bougerolle
Brendan PNG BW
Jemarc avatar
Syzmon PNG BW
Taylor BW
Sean BW



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