Day 18

"We're nearing the end,,,"

Big Sigh,,,,,,,Finally we're back to the original Mendi tribe,,,,,

and we're nearing merge....

Wow,,,,is this really happening,,,,Need to start playing for real,,,,Phase 1 is over.....

Hello Merge....



Nerve wracking tree mail!!! What would that be??!!! Tribe switch + mutiny?? but we're only 11 remaining!!! is there an unannounced RI???!! it's hard to presume.. well all i can do is wait, and i hope i would be in a good position after a new twist... mystery.....


This is great! I'm in the final eleven! And last Tribal Councils, one of the greatest things happened. George was voted off! Hahaha. That's what he gets for saying to me all stuck-up like that it was either him or me. Joe is also out, which isn't very good. Now the Americans are down to four, against an anti-American alliance. I told Mick and Matt that Joe was flipping between voting the two of them, so they voted him off over me. Not one person here sees me as a threat. Good.

So my following strategy will work in this manner: Bring the four Americans (myself, Amos, Kim, Matt) together, and convince Mick to stick with us. After that, I'll need to convince Andrei to flip, possibly bringing in Abraham. Blake already will work with us, since he wants to get revenge for George. We'll convince Mark and JR to turn on Uli, getting rid of the single most threatening person in this game. Then in any order, we can boot Andrei, Abraham, Mick and JR. Amos, Matt and I would make great finalists, but we have to make ride of Mark just in time, to ensure that we don't give Amos an underdog story of being the last of his tribe and still making the finals. I think we can probably give Mark sixth or fifth place, depending on how big of a physical threat he is. In the finals, I have a good story to face the jury with, so I should be set.


So I'm doing the challenge and all of a sudden, Matt starts complaining that the thread won't work. Inside, all I can think of is "Aww poor thing. Do you need a hug? A tissue? A wambulance?".

Seconds earlier, when Luke was out of animal inspiration, I suggested him to post pictures of toilets. I'm such a giant bitch.


I've been out 3 days ago.. Inactive due to personal life reason, and now I'm back. I hope I didn't get a target on my back for that. That outcast twist is good I think.. I hope I can survive for the next few days..


I can not believe this. We are about eighteen days into this game, and no tribe switches! What the Hell? At least George is out. He had so many followers that it wasn't even funny. He constantly threatened everyone, and kept claiming that "Uli is the biggest threat", despite being a huge threat himself. He thought that I was one of his sheep. I ain't no sheep, I'm a wolf. If I wanted to, I could have told Mark and Amos not to vote off George. But I didn't want to. Hehe.


Well it looks like Andrei spammed a bunch of pictures in the reward

challenge, so it would be impossible to beat him. Well I hope the hosts don't screw us up, again. :P


Day 19

So I just found out that the Mendi members wanted me to be back rather than George, seems interesting because I think, being the one only voted out from Daru, pretty much made them think that I could be on their side. well, we'll see about that. haha. but I'd like to thank Andrei's efforts to bring me back in.


Booyah! I'm back b***hes. lols. well glad to be back. I cant explain that moment when I'm scrolling down to find out whos gonna be back, I was a little bit shocked at first because I wouldn't thought its gonna be me. but I guess they want me to be brought back rather than George. NOW is the time to prove that I'm no dead weight, but I'll still play as nice as I can.


I just became a member of the Tea Party, or atleast I think. haha! I was welcomed by the alliance members pretty much nice. but still, there is a possibility that the Mendis are thinking of getting me on their side as well. talked to Uli and JR and they pretty much had the same thing said to me, they liked my being back than george, who they voted out because he was the new kid on the block.That made me think I am the swing vote. - to make the majority the majority or to even out the game. well I need to do some catching up with the guys since I'm the "new kid on the block" at this stage of the game.


I'm glad Jemarc is coming back to the game. He's a really trustworthy guy, honorable and he has a solid plan with me and Andrei. The Daru promise to make it to the end can become true once more. So now, time to rid of the rest of the competition :D.

We're looking into ridding off the strongest grp of all, and that's the Mendi force. The 'Tea Party' Movement is surely splintered. There's only Kim, Blake, Mick and Matt. All of whom are pretty unstable. Blake and Kim are under our 'pawn' section.

On the other side, it's Mendi, 4 strong. JR, Uli, Marc and Amos. We...are considering taking out a Mendi member first. It's not that we're wanting to join the Tea Party, heck no. But this is all about making sure we have control of the entire group on our hands.


This Outcast Tribal Council has thought me two things about my tribe. Andrei is an excellent partner to have in this game...and the second thing, Blake and Kim and the DUMBEST players I've ever seen play this damn game...PERIOD!

Their stubbornness has caused the vote to end in a dumb tie! Blake wanted Taylor, Kim wanted George and if he couldn't get George, he'll quit. What kind of reasoning is that you filthy son of a bitch!?

(sigh) But then again, they'll be great pieces of bait and pawns to use as we go to this great merge. Our team is gonna be pretty strong I say. My main concern is the Tea Party. This...crew of youngsters are becoming nothing but a raucous... One Vision, One Purpose, ULI MUST BE GONE they say. I will be going down :) In chess, the Pawns go first, and...they are nothing but Daru's (original Daru) disposable soldiers to play with


Yeah! I made the merge! I can hardly believe it! But, sadly, the Outcasts twist has come into play. I hate that fact! But I'm hoping that Jemarc gets voted back in, because he's not a threat at all. I am super happy to be at this point, but I absolutely need to keep my head in the game. At this point, everything gets harder.


Alfons, what the fuck were you thinking?!? Outcasts is making my head explode. It is between George, Taylor, Jemarc, and CJ. I wish a swap happened. Mendi would be pagonged. Maybe you are displaying favouritism, maybe not. My head is sore from this decision.


Day 20

FIRST INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE OF THE SEASON! yay! glad to be part of it! haha! but first, I must work hard to make it to the top but not be seen as a game threat. so yeah! goodluck with the others and may the best man, WIN!


Well, I suggested that we name the merged tribe "Peyengi", pronounced PNG, as in Papua New Guinea. I'm so clever. I also managed to have this alliance with Andrei, Kim, Matt, Mick and Blake. Andrei and I named this alliance "The Tea Party". Andrei is one of the smartest people in this game, currently. We also have Jemarc, but he's not in the alliance.

I'm pretty convinced that JR has the Immunity Idol, so I've been strategizing quite a bit. After the Immunity challenge, I'll try to convince Mark that JR is going. Mark and JR are super close, so Mark will tell JR to play the idol. Then, we'll vote out Uli and the idol will be out of the game! Then we'll boot JR. I'm close with Mark and Amos already, so that should work greatly in my favor. This game has just gotten rougher. The adventurous part has began...


Jemarc is back, Andrei and Abe got what they wanted. Abau and Daru vs Mendi. There needs to be a leader to defeat the opposing alliance. If there is not, it becomes Waterloo that is more than a day. Waterloo is not a good thing in this game. Andrei is king and he gets what he wants. Listen to The Rolling Stones and you won't look like a complete idiot.


So... First of all, yay merge!

I was pretty ecstatic because now the tough part begins... And I just realised how tough it was going to be when Blake openly declared war on Mendi in public like nobody's business. He had a target on his back before... and now it's bigger than ever.

I was thrilled to see Jemarc back. After endless negotiations with Andrew and Blake... Ab' and I finally knocked some sense into Andrew.... or so I think. Apparently Uli thinks Blake voted for Jemarc... Which doesn't make any sense because George was campaigning till the very last second and Andrew seemed pretty convinced about voting Jemarc back in. The most satisfying part about Jemarc being back is that I officially won't have to deal with George's snake ass at all... And I couldn't be happier. I don't need him planting seeds in everyone's mind anymore. I don't need to undo every single bit of scrambling he does. It's refreshing.

Another cool thing about this merge is I won't be asked to throw challenges to save people. If I can win every Immunity until the end, I'm happy... And the New Guinea Tea Party will help me get rid of my biggest competitor, Uli. I do kinda want to keep him around at least one round because of rumours about JR being in possession of an Idol... So this next vote is going to be relatively hard to instigate. Best case scenario, JR leaves and he either plays an Idol or leaves with it. Worst case scenario... Mendi Idols out Blake. I kinda need Blake now because then I have the option to go full force Daru with him, Kim, Jemarc and Ab', and his loose-canon reputation will make him a target.

Talking about targets, Mick is in a pretty tough spot because apparently, he hasn't shared any clue to the idol so far... So he might be blindsided sooner or later.


well i feel bad not voting for george but I know i have a better shot at winning with Jemarc back in. And i will finish what he started and get rid of Uli.


"And then we are merge...."

Wow,,,first time to make it to merge......

Am so happy,,,,,,,,,

Now,,,it is individual,,,,

Good riddance George,,,,haha,,,,

It is for real now....

Welcome back Jemarc,,,,,,,,,,

Let the games begin...


So, immunity challenge happened today. Although I haven't won the challenge I am proud of myself that I made it into the top 3 of the challenge (well top 4 cause JR and I were tied in 3rd place). And happy too cause its Daru who dominated the challenge. Now its time to vote off someone. And I'm pretty much not sure who I'm going to vote.


Day 21

DAMN... Epic Blindside! I am shocked... I was not ready to lose control and I was not at all ready to lose Mark. He was my right hand at MENDI. FUCK!!! I have no idea who fucked me up... For sure Jemarc flipped... So is the final missing vote coming from Andrei, Amos or Abby... I hate names that start with an A!!! SHIT! I cant believe it... I underestimated the whole bunch of people... I am so much more intelligent than all of them... Finally one of them must have woken up.

I am so sorry Mark. I guess they tried to flush the idol from JR, since Mick thinks JR has it. Still none knows i have it. So i can keep at least one more week in the game... I wanna kill the traitor with it.


This is really stressful. Tribal is the biggest nightmare ! But once things are finalized, Andrei and I think of doing a split plan. Right now, we're split in 3 factions with interchangeable members in some areas.

We have the Mendi 4. Uli, Amos, JR and Marc.

We have us, the Daru 3 or 4... Myself, Jemarc, Andrei and (Kim)

We have the Tea Party. Matt, Mick, Blake and LP...and (Kim)

Kim is our swing over here. in fact, Daru is the swing here. Since I heard that the Tea Party is targeting JR, Andrei and I thought of putting our votes to Amos while Mendi is using their numbers to take out Matt. If Kim sticks with us...we can created a Swing Vote that serves 2 purposes.

1, we can flush the idol. In the case either JR or Matt or even Mick uses the Idol, it'll be flushed out of their grasps, whoever has it. 2, it can also weaken either side. If Matt is gone, the Tea Party has less chance to go on, and becomes less irritating to us all. If Amos, or JR is gone, we can weaken the Mendi 4, thus making all sides equal, but in the end, it'll be Daru pulling the strings since they'll need us for that all important vote. Kim needs to stay focused with the Daru group and we'll stay strong till the end for sure.


I had an epiphany after a chat I had with Andrei. We were talking about the 2 younglings who use to be with Daru, meaning Blake and Kim. We belittled them big time about how they played and their way of words. But, when he mentioned that Blake had Autism, everything came together, it all made sense with his poor social game. And to think I was really...critical about him so much that I kind of insulted him...I felt really awful since I am an Autistic myself.

We have seen a lot of them like this play the game. It's really taxing to the psyche when the aim of the game is to outwit, outplay and outlast. It's just tough overall...


Kim said he trusted me more than most people on Peyengi. And the others are nice to me. I think everyone wants me to be on their side. Its fine with me, cause I know IF I could make it to the FTC, I can get, if not, some of the jury votes. Its the socialization that counts in this stage of the game. So I'll be nice to them in return. :D


Mendi wants me to be aligned with them. Just talked to Mark and he said that I could jump ship to them whenever I want. They've also asked me if I'm going to be with Andrei and Abe till the end. Pretty much made me think if I could trust them again, they've voted me off once, they might do it again. So I'm still keeping my eyes peeled.