There are the confessionals said within this episode.

Day 22

I'm in a camp full of morons. They think a fucking 9 person alliance should stick together and just pick of everyone in the Minority for now, im not up for that tbh. I'm here to play a game, not to play happy fucking families.


Day 23

Little does Chris know I want to take Allison further than intended. Why go to the finals with a strategic player when I could take Allison who- no offense- hasn't really done anything this entire game! Chris makes moves and has a strategic mind so I NEED to cut his ass before allison. I'm no Cody from BB16 I will do what I need to do to win!


so ari ans forrest are targeting me again. So that's coolim going to enjoy taking ari and forrest down.


Day 24

Nothing personal, but I stand to gain a lot of power and remove a lot of future uncertainty by taking you out here. I kinda strongarmed this vote- but it's what's best for my game.