Day 16

So Eli was just voted out of our tribe, which is good because he apparently had a whole whack of side alliances, but the thing is, on his way out, he thought that Wes had engineered his boot. This really isn't the case, I mean, Wes was the one who lied to him, but he alone did not come up with the decision. It was really a tribe decision.

But if Wes is getting blamed I won't complain. It just lets me float under the radar even longer to the other tribe. I'm going to make it to the merge because I have a final three deal with Wes and Charlie, and also Des and Dallas. No one will vote me out because they don't want to screw me over. I'm like Tina in a tribe with four Colby's.


So I was unnecessarily paranoid last night. The vote went according to plan, and we sent Eli home unanimously. I'm relieved, but still a little bothered by the fact that my name *was*brought up, and either Charley or Wes was lying to me about it. But that's old news.

Now we've got to deal with the biggest challenge yet. This could decide our fate in the game. If we win, we're equal at the merge, and hopefully, the cracks in their tribe are easier to erode. If we lose, though, we go down in numbers, and probably get pagonged. Plus, we'd have to deal with the vote, and that's where things get tricky.

Since Charley, Dallas and I have completed our part in the challenge (and quite quickly, at that!), we've had a chance to discuss all the possibilities from here on out. We're still a little torn on whether to take out the superhero or his sidekick if we have to go to Tribal, but I *think* we're leaning towards Wesley. He'll be a bigger threat at the merge, and he's more likely to play cold and throw the rest of us under the bus if that gets him further in the game.

But the hitch in the plan is the reward. If Chitwan kidnaps one of the three of us, then it suddenly becomes a 2-2 tie. And we don't know if it would be fire-making or a purple rock or past votes to break the tie. If it wasn't for that reward, I'd feel comfortable that I'd make Day 19 and the merge, but now that's not so iron-clad. I've maneuvered myself into a really good place in this game. I'm not the largest target, but I've been a vital part of the tribe. I've got a good strong alliance with people that I feel like I have a chance to beat if we somehow manage to make it all the way to the end. But now all that hard work hinges on a word scramble. I love Boggle as much as the next guy, but COME ON!


Day 17

So, in short my tribe isn't the smartest.

But, the long part is that Wes just told me he had the hidden immunity idol, which makes me a whole lot more interested in Wes and Charlie. Maybe I should just abandon Des and Dallas... For now I'm going to play both sides. Continue to do so that is.


Day 18

I AM FREEKING OUT HERE!!!! Losing immunity has to be the worse thing that has happened to our tribe yet! Good news, is that I'm safe because of Khatpad, which is good, because I didn't even know about the immunity challenge... But now I gotta worry about the rest of our tribe. The six that our left now is our core alliance. I thought it would be an easy vote. But everyone's got mixed opinions. From what I heard from Trace, he said, that Nathan and Richie might be aiming for Ash, while Trace is asking me who to vote and suggests Hoenn. While Ash, suggests Richie and Hoenn. I persuaded her to keep Richie for a while, because Richie is someone to think about during the merge, which we're all predicting is coming right after this tribal council. (Merge at final 10). So now it's Ash, Hoenn, and Nathan. Trace is safe because he can be easily convinced and he's very cooperative, which makes it hard to vote for him. Now choosing from the three, it's either Hoenn or Nathan. Me and Ash are tight. I don't think anybody knows that we're close, but we are. We have been strategizing together since day 1, so she's staying. Now it's Hoenn and Nathan. *sigh. Compared to each other, Hoenn and Nathan are equally as inactive, and equally as good at challeges. What we ca compare them with is their loyalty. But we don't know where they lie. So it's hard to choose which one to vote out, and even harder to persuade our tribe to unanimously vote out that person. All I know, is that we're getting close to the merge, and Khatpad (the better and more favorable tribe) is coming for us. And who knows who their coming for. Me? Ash? Richie? But I'm trying my hardest here, and I'm sort of stressing out. I can handle it now, but who knows if I can later in the future...