"I'm Not Buying That Bullcrap (I Buy My Bullcrap From eBay)"
Season Survivor: Sichuan
Episode Number 10/14
Episode Chronology
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I'm Not Buying That Bullcrap (I Buy My Bullcrap From eBay) is the tenth episode of Survivor: Sichuan.


Reward Challenge:For this challenge the castaways competed in a quiz flash game called "Chinese Provinces". The castaway who scored the most amount of correct answers would win reward. In the event of a tie, whoever scored the most amount of correct answers in the fastest time would win reward. The person who wins reward would send 2 people of their choice including themselves if they wanted to to five flower lake, and they would also receive a clue to the hidden immunity idol. Chinese Provinces

Winner: Alexa

Immunity Challenge: For this challenge the castaways competed in a challenge called "Critter Close-Ups". Over a 24 hour period images of species that could be found in China were posted in the tribe chat. The person who correctly named which species that picture was would score a point. The castaway with the most amount of points at the end of 24 hours would win immunity.

Winner: Emile

Five Flower Lake

Sent to Five Flower Lake: Alexa & Vanne

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10: Kaimíng

Tribal Council 10:
Jake (5 votes)
Alexa, Emile, Erin L, Jessy & Vanne
Aromal (2 votes)
Jake & TSN
Alexa (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

On a personal level this is a sad vote for me to cast because we’ve spent the past 26 days getting to know each other and becoming friends, but strategically you are by far one of the biggest threats in this entire game. You could literally CRUSH anybody in they FTC and not only that but you’ve started to catch on to how dangerous and socially savvy of a player I really am, which makes you even that much more detrimental to my game. You are an amazing person inside and out but you’ve almost caught on to me and you’re a phenomenal player. I originally planned on voting you out next vote but I feel like if I don’t take this opportunity right now that I could be making a HUGE mistake. There’s only room for one winner here and that NEEDS to be me. I hope you don’t hold this against me after the season concludes… You played a killer game.


This is where the line gets drawn.Men vs Women,baby


You've become the new Yasmin, except sneakier. Congratulations, and just like Yasmin, you'll be blindsided


i pray to got this works. You are not a bad person or a bad player, just an untrustworthy one. If you go i think thats best for my game. If you stay, then you are pretty much unbreatable in the finale.

–Erin L.

Try as I might, I could not save the penis. I hope you understand that it was a choice between you and my one true love and well...the heart speaks louder than the mind.


Unless Vanne decides to make the best move in this game so far by playing everyone, you should be going home tonight. I've wanted you gone for a majority of this time now, probably had my eyes on you since there were 4 of us left on Leshan. I then had my eyes on you even more when you and Yasmin messed up my plan and got rid of Mai. Now, after your constant pursuit to get rid of me, everyone has turned against you and it's the sweetest revenge. I hope that this works out tonight, you're a good friend but close relationships isn't what makes you win this game, you should know that considering you tried to play everyone, me especially, all season long. Unfortunately, I was better at that. Kisses! xoxo


I don't want to go home . I 'm not sure about Emile and Vanne . They told that they vote with us but I didn't trust them . The only thing i know is they split vote between us. So i must save my life. Sorry but our plan failed and you need to go , not me . Bye Aro ❤


I am sad to see my m&ms buddy go, but he is scheming more than he needs to. This vote is defintely a clusterfuck and im just praying to be stayin.


Final Words

Good on Jessy she got me before I could get her. I always said to these girls you have to GET before you GET GOT and that's exactly right. Well, I had fun. I was silly just like I wanted to be. I have some gifts to give out. To Jessy I leave a partially digested koala anus, to TSN I leave one extra large tampon to keep him busy for the rest of the game, to Emile I leave my larynx so he can find a voice, to Erin I leave...wait who? to Vanne I leave a spoonful of vanilla ice cream, to Aromal I leave an extra life balloon and to Alexa I leave half of my heart in the game <3


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Vanne's quote