"I'm Not Going To Say We'll Lose This Challenge... But We're Going to Lose This Challenge"
Season Survivor: Generations
Episode Number 6/16
Episode Chronology
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I'm Not Going To Say We'll Lose This Challenge... But We're Going to Lose This Challenge is the sixth episode of Survivor: Generations.


Immunity Challenge:
Winners: Qahtan

Tribal Council

Bariq & Shehr

Tribal Council 6:
Bariq & Shehr
S28 Skandi
Skandi (9 votes)
S28 AmeliaS28 Jamie BariqS28 Jessy BariqS28 Kevin Shehr
S28 MollyS28 Sam ShehrS28 Ricky Bariq
Amelia(x2), Jamie, Jessy, Kevin,
Molly(x2), Sam, Ricky
S28 Kevin Shehr
Kevin (4 votes)
S28 AmirS28 CharleyS28 Mihai ShehrS28 Skandi
Amir, Charley, Mihai & Skandi
S28 Skandi

Voting Confessionals

Kevin, it's about time that a middle school will leave this game. and honestly? I don't even see how you are an allstar, like from which season are you anyway?

The only time you ever talked to me was the most pointless exchange of words I ever had with someone in this game except Molly. Do me a big favour and go home please.


I could bet my life on the fact you aren't going home, but there's not much more I can do. So Rupert, I mean Kevin... Hope you go.


Play your idol, and don’t sell me out.


I still think I'll get blindsided somehow, but I dont know what else I should go. Sorry, kev.


I hope you stay if it means an Endure goes


im pretty sure im going

but I'm here to help amir and even tho im not a huge fan of this plan tbh i think its stupid af im doing what amir tells me cuz thats basically y im here


hope everything turns out well for you. It's a shame you weren't more active :/


Final Words


  • Episode's name came from Kevin's confession


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