Day 20

Well damn. They got rid of one of my biggest allies in the game. Szymon. I'm not sure exactly what went down because I wasn't there. But yes, I'm sad that he's gone.

Now this immunity challenge is a debate. I'm happy for a good friendly argument. For this challenge its me vs my buddy Trace. He has to argue in favor of cats and I get to argue in favor of dogs. At first I was like damn. I wanted to argue about cats. Until I really thought about the advantages to dogs and how they have helped others. After writing this argument I am very convinced that dogs are better than cats. I don't know what Trace is gonna come up with but I doubt he'll have a better argument than mine. In predicting we win this challenge 3-2.


What happened a few days ago just shows that this game might look quiet and quaint to any outsider, but it's much more complex than it appears on the outside. So, I talk to Tyler quite a bit nowadays, as he's become quite a power player in his own right and he seems to be much more trustworthy than most of the other power players left in the game, at least towards myself. So, he organizes a skype call with myself, him, and Zane (who I haven't talked to in a while, but he's Tyler's best bud and I enjoy his company). Anyways, Zane lays out how he's been treated as sort of the outsider of the 5 Súlur members who stayed there, and how he doesn't really trust Perry all that much, and I believe him because he's got strong ties over here with Tyler. So, he basically agreed to flip on the 3.0 Súlurs to get rid of Perry, Eden, Ted, and Mikey who they've been using as a sheep for the longest time. He told me about how Perry basically calls the shots, and he did so unprovoked and with no real reason to pin it on Perry as opposed to Ted or Eden, which I found to be highly amusing. Amusing, because Perry told me EXACTLY the opposite of that, with all the possible details being twisted and turned around to EXACTLY the opposite of what I believe actually happened. I believe Zane's side of the story after all is said and done, as he has no reason to lie to me, and he's tethered in to me through Tyler, for now. The thing is, I find that over and over again, Perry has been lying to me, trying to get rid of my allies, interfering in my TCs, and lots and lots of things that make him absolutely impossible to deal with. I never trusted him from the beginning, I knew that I could hide behind him so I wasn't a target on camp Súlur, and that after a certain point, I'd have to turn my back on him. I didn't want it to be this way, but I'm forced to turn my back on him on Day 21, after 14 in-game days of using him as a heat shield. Now, my new best buddy and heat shield if anything goes wrong, lives in New Jersey instead of Boston, and goes by the name of Tyler Ridgeway. After all, at this point, I'm basically trying to find a way to get on the majority and keep myself safe. The reason I call certain people heat shields is because I like to visualize myself in the game as basically racing towards earth with the other contestants and I trying to get to earth the fastest from the atmosphere. Now, one's instincts are just to race to the finish line as a sprint all the way through, but that's not how it works. Air resistance will burn you alive before ya get to the end, as playing too hard will burn you up before you get NEAR to the FTC. So, you basically need to use whatever debris, a leftover shuttle, etc. to make your comfy new home; to race there making 40% of the decisions but be ultimately behind them, so once their game turns to mush, they'll burn up and you can find something else. Eventually, you can go it on your own, but only when very close to the surface, and you have to know when to remove that last target so that you're first place. Only very few will get the opportunity to actually race to the finish line, so I've got to get to the end stages somehow, in some way. Anyways, back to the game: I think Tyler's going to be my new bud to hide behind, the guy I talk to a lot about the game so that he's good with me. I've got to stick to the anti-Perry crowd because those are where all of my most trusted allies are. Basically, the people that have pledged to turn on Perry's crowd are: TJ, Mitch, Tyler, Matthew, Jino, myself (the 6 besides Isaac on the Askja tribe) as well as Zane and Steve, who seem to be the sort of outsiders from the Súlur camp. I don't necessarily trust Steve and Matt on these sorts of things as much as the other 5, but I think I'm in a good spot going forward w/that. Now, the interesting variable here is, it was mentioned by me that we're splitting votes for Isaac and Matthew (which we're not doing, I don't want Perry to run back to Isaac and tell him to play the idol if he has it), and Perry threw a goddamn hissy fit. He's been campaigning for hours and hours and hours to get Isaac to stay, and it really gets on my nerves #1 how in bed Isaac is with the other side, #2 how Perry thinks it's any of his goddamn business what happens during our tribal council, and #3 how Perry just states off-hand that it's in our best interest to keep Isaac, which we know has never been the case. So, to protect ourselves, we've basically decided this plan: 3 votes Isaac, 1 vote Matthew from the 4 Súlurs attending this tribal. We do trust that Matthew will vote for Isaac this go-around because he believes Isaac is going and he's been quite on board to turn the game around (especially since, you know, Perry's been campaigning for hours and hours and hours to get him to leave :P ) so, I think Matt's voting Isaac. So, from what I suspect, it'll be 4 votes Isaac, 1 vote Matt, 1 vote Jino because Isaac seems to be going after Jino (they seem to have gone after eachother in another ORG). So, if Isaac doesn't have the idol, Isaac leaves. However, if Isaac has the idol, then it's a 1-1 tie for votes. Then, myself, Tyler and Mitchell vote for Matthew, then we get rid of Isaac next. So, if all goes well, Isaac's probably going to go tonight, and that's that. Perry needs one of his friends gone tonight, along with the rest of them. But, if I can appear stupid, then I can continue to receive information from his side. Sure, I'll take it with not a grain of salt, but rather a truckload of salt. but if I can milk something out of him when he doesn't realize it, for example how many ties Isaac has to the other side, then it's all the better for me. That's what I've been doing all game: pretending to be that stupid guy in the background who loves everything and especially loves working with you and talking with you. You're my greatest ally in this game, I can't take that away from you. We've got to move forward in this game carefully and with courage, and we'll be sitting in the end before you know it ^_^ Sincerely, every f**king person on the island.


So lately I've been talking to George about finding a way to get numbers to take out the Trio (Perry, Ted and Eden) and tonight Zane provided us with the perfect opening.

It all started with a message of Zane asking me do I think the OG Baulas are gonna team up against us. I said TJ doesn't really rock with them like that. So then myself, Zane and George hopped on Skype and compared some stories and found out Mr. Perry The Platypus isn't as truthful as he wants to appear as but trust me everyone knew it. So the 3 of us decided to come up with a plan to break the Trio up but we needed secure numbers first. I hit Matthew and Mitchell, George hits Jino and Zane hits Steve.

So I'm talking to Matthew and then I get an idea while talking to him. Pull a Perry move, send Eden to Exile, have Zane convince to flip and send either Perry or Ted go home. Sounds like a good idea when I thought it up and told Matthew. Hopefully it gets the job done :)


Today I talked to Mitchell and got him down for the plan to take the Trio out. We lost the challenge by one point today and of course Isaac lost. Was anybody surprised? Not really but we were hella annoyed *rolls eyes*

Anyway everyone is on board to take Isaac out and we are hoping they send TJ to Exile. If they send Isaac I will be very pissed off. And I'm not an enemy Sulur wants to have so if they know what's good for them, they will send TJ


I talked to Mitchell and George again and Perry told George that myself, TJ and Zane are in an alliance because we picked each other to go to Exile. I mean it's true but I mean it's whatever lol

Isaac thinks we are splitting the votes in case of him playing an idol but TJ found out that he doesn't have it. Isaac wants to basically blackmail Matt into voting for Jino with no idol. :/ #RUDE

Also I talked to Trace and everyone knows he's next. I think I need him in the merge so he can take the heat off of me so I told him the plan to take down the Trio. Actually what I said exactly was this:

"Ok so Perry, Ted and Eden are trying to control everything which you already know because they tried to get you out when you were on Askja still. If the new Askja wins we send Eden to Exile. Then Zane and Steve feel isolated from those three and are willing to make a move (I talked to them about this) the three of you plus Mikey join together and take out with Perry or Ted IDGAF which one you get."

^ the message I sent to Trace. Hopefully everything pans out :)


I love being in the majority! I still don't know why no one has tried to get me out yet, but I'm not complaining. Trace will be out next on my tribe and I don't care at all. Trace is a challenge threat it would be good to see him go.


So basically what happened is that my alliance: Me, Perry, Ted and Zane, decided to vote off Szymon rather than Trace or Mikey, cause we perceived him to be the bigger threat. And that was really hard, because Szymon is such an amazing person and good friend, it was so hard to vote him out and now I regret it.

Trace ended up voting for me, so he's next to go in my eyes.


Day 21


Thank goodness. I really needed this one. I actually do think that had we lost this challenge I would've been going had I not been exiled. But luckily I'm still here, not an exile, and ready to face another few days in the game.

I've realized that if I make the other tribe feel bad for me, I will have a better chance of staying. At this point, I'm making it very clear that I will be flipping to the other side when I get to the merge. I have no intent of working with Perry any longer. In fact, he is my target at the moment. I can't wait until the moment I can finally send him packing.

I'm trying to patch things up with Mikey, Zane and Steve. I know that if I don't get exiled the next time we lose, these are the only people I have a chance of bringing in to vote for Eden, Ted or Perry. I'm 90% sure I could get Steve and Mikey to do it next time we lose, but Zane is a wild card. I don't know how I feel about him.

Anyways, I'm hoping that my time will come to turn the tables, but if not, exile sounds pretty nice right about now. We're going to have to see.


We lost! And my argument lost! What the hell did Trace write!? Or what were two out of those three judges smoking today?? So now back to the old routine of Tribal Council.

TJ gets sent to exile. I was hoping it would be someone other than Isaac. I'm actually interested in going sometime but I don't know if that will ever happen. So Jino tells me Isaac. I'm cool with that. Then I have Mitchell telling me my name came up then everyone else comes to me lol! And they all have said Perry is gunning for me but everyone wants Isaac gone. Perry has messed with the wrong person. He's a pest that needs to be exterminated fast! Part of me thinks Isaac is part of the whole Perry thing. So Isaac comes to and says to vote for Jino. I told him "Jino it is!" Apparently they both have bad blood for each other. BUT that's not it! Isaac gave me something! It looks like a Hidden Immunity Idol. I'm not sure if its real. Regardless I'm gonna play it because I have nothing else to lose. I also would rather not posses an idol. Those are just bad the longer you carry those. I'm not gonna rely on those to win this game. But the question is why. Why does Isaac want to give me an idol to use for myself. If it is real, that's a very noble thing to do. But if it is real I feel bad for voting him off. He can be so dangerous on our tribe or even an alliance. He sounds convinced I am getting the votes and my tribe wants to convince him that is the case. I asked him who brought up my name, and he said it was a group contes. The only thing I can think of us if Isaac really listens to Perry by getting me out. Therefor Isaac made me a fake idol. He planned on me mentioning to the rest of the tribe that he gave me won. Bringing more votes to him. He can use the real idol to deflect them. Then he'll vote for me instead by trying to blindside me. I'm sure he'd love all that power again. Only one way to find out. It's good being friends with individuals in this game. When they talk to you, you get to know who they have been talking to as well. Kinda spilling some of the beans. It's a very interesting game!


So, after all is said and done, I think Mitch's plan is going to shite. I'm pretty sure that Isaac is voting Jino, from both Matt and Isaac telling me that. Isaac and Jino seem to have gotten into a little beef with each other, so they both wanted each other out the first time they had the opportunity to get the other one out. Which keeps Mitch, myself and Tyler quite safe this tribal xDDD I don't know if Isaac's telling the truth about that, but I think he is because I don't think the Súlurs on this tribe have gone to exile enough to warrant deception as far as the vote from Isaac, especially since he has to know that he doesn't have all that many votes to work with. If he's deceiving people on voting for Jino, then his plan fails even in the best case scenario. So Jino recognized he's the target here, and when I told him Mitch's plan to vote for Matt (which I always thought was a bit problematic because that sells away Matt so we're making an enemy while getting rid of one) he decided, fuck it. He's willing to put his neck out on the line for the team, in other words, no splitting votes. Jino, you are a lifesaver because you've made this so much more convenient for all of us, with your courage and your beef w/Isaac XDDD worst case scenario, I get voted out 1-0, which would suck, I have SO MANY plans this season that can't yet be executed -_- but I don't think that'll happen this time, I don't see a reason for Isaac to really have a problem with me specifically XDD so I think the most likely of the worst case scenarios are, Jino gets voted off 1-0, we do our best to make sure we don't lose immunity and Perry makes sure his team sends anyone but Isaac, and we vote Isaac out, or we vote off Matt with no chance of him having found an idol. I could be 100% wrong here, but I believe the odds are that I'm safer than most on this tribe unless something massively changes between now and ~11 hours + 15 minutes from now, which could happen. My concerns are how to get rid of Isaac basically, and I've not put all that much thought as to the pecking order on the anti-Perry crowd. We don't need a pecking order, we need a fluid alliance of outsiders where I can determine the plan later. You can plan all you want, but you need a reasonable chance that the people around you can be convince that it's of their best interest to do that plan. You've got to be a salesman of sorts, pretend to be peoples' friends, work on their weaknesses, exploit them, eventually sell them something they didn't want at first. It's something I'll have to do a lot of if I make the merge and if the anti-Perry grouping sticks together and stays, which would propel me to at least the final 7 or 8, putting us at almost the endgame. If this plan works out, it puts me to the point where I'm in a group of close associates, all of which I can work easily with and associate myself with many different people. I can be the center of things in a sense. Then I can work to get myself for the actual endgame. I'm not going to be one of those people that blow up and start playing too hard and get voted off near the end, at least I hope not. I'll try to control myself there. But once I have the whole getting to only my closest allies and friends, I have a lot of options at my disposal and can work all these people to get to the end with people I can beat. Idk who I can beat yet because #1 idk who will be there and #2 idk what they'll do in that time to warrant or disqualify them from a win. One thing's for sure, the quiet game it appears to be from the outside is being reformed and re-structured from a Perry dominated game to a game of outsiders and bottom-feeders, and I love it because those people are much easier to sway to my side, and the bottom-feeders in Perry's world are usually my closest friends. Let's bring it on ^_^


This is crazy! Matt told me that isaac gave him an idol he dont know if it is fake or real but he will play it and I heard Isaac is going against me ugh I just wish I am still here after this tribal I dont want to leave.


To date, I've only lost three challenges - the initial challenge, where I was the highest-scorer who lost, and two head-to-head challenges, where I won my round. I'm feeling pretty good with my challenge performances to date, but it's upsetting when my effort is thwarted by someone else's worthlessness. I'm going to say it now, Isaac is virtually worthless to this tribe in terms of challenges and in terms of being a person; he's hardly ever around. I should feel a little bad about this because I'm supposed to be working with him, but I don't; the kid's ignored my messages repeatedly recently, and coupled with him just being a leech in this game as a whole, I've got no reservations about sending his Icelandic waste of space out of here.

On happier news, as you've known for a while, I've been plotting to take down Eden, Perry, and Ted for a while but haven't breached the idea to many people because, having gone to Tribal Council only once before with my tribe and an ensuing unanimous vote, I wasn't sure how loyal other people were to them. But now TJ, who I'd heard for a while was a rat to Perry, is talking about how shifty they are, and Tyler full-on approaches me wanting to take them down. I didn't put the work in to get them to these realizations, but now that they've been reached, I'm going to capitalize on them. One of the three should've been leaving this round and they got lucky that some people's arguments sucked ass, but their days are as numbered as a clock. I'm going nowhere anytime soon. Let's see how much longer they'll rot.


So Syzmon left. I truly feel alone in this game. He was a lot more than my ally, he was an amazing person and great friend. No one else will be like that. Perry, lies to me all the time and runs around telling everyone what everyone says, Eden is kinda a jerk, Ted never talks to me, I kinda voted Trace last tribal, and Steve and I never were on the same page. It's just depressing.

Luckily, Steve realizes that Ted/Eden/Perry need to be stopped and is hopefully on my side. I also told Trace the truth, and he's accepting as of now. I just want to win immunity so I can convince Zane to try and flip.

This is Operation: Dodgeball. Get the other tribe to exile Ted/Perry when/if we lose. Gather the remaining votes and blindside Eden. You strike once while you dodge close misses and almost hits against you, like dodgeball. But I need time to get the vote in place. Hopefully Steve is still with me and we can at least force a tie.


Y'all didn't cast me to pussyfoot around the issues, y'all cast me to stir the pot, and stir the pot I've done. I've been the conductor of a plan to blindside one of old Súlur's three top honchos, a multi-step process. Convince Perry that if they lose, we should Exile a member of old Súlur; easy. Also convince Perry that they should split votes if they lose again; easy. Convince Steve to get on board with this plan and vote with Mikey and Trace should they lose again; check. It's looking good so far, but I need to make sure Trace feels content with this plan and that Steve doesn't tell anyone what's going down; if he lets it slip to George, who Steve may be close to and who is probably close allies with the honchos, then our ship is sunk, and best-case scenario would be a 3-3 tie, which still isn't horrible but it isn't ideal.

In other news, I've firmly concluded that I want to go to the end with Jino. We get along well, I really trust him, he really trusts me, and I think I could probably beat him in a Final Two scenario. I've no doubt this season will be a Final Three, but having someone there with me that I can already beat is a good head start.


Well now it's official I am once again a member of Súlur but I know I'm not apart of the Perry, Ted, Zane, and Eden alliance so I really want to make a move. The problem is the only Askja members left are Mikey and Trace who I'm not even sure are on the same page. If they are then the three of us would still need outside help from the other tribe when it comes to their Exile choices. If we can get them to send one of the other four to Exile and we vote together we can force a tie and go to rocks, which I'm willing to risk because I'm tired of sitting on my hands.


My head is spinning! How crazy is this game? Let’s review this madness. First off, Julia gets sent home unanimously because she was becoming way too inactive for the tribe’s liking. She seemed okay with it. We end up losing the next Immunity Challenge, our third in a row. We are getting our asses handed to us and it’s getting old. I knew that we had to take out Liam, and I was extremely happy when Trace came to me with Liam’s name. It was surprisingly easy to get everyone on board, especially since Szymon told me that Liam was targeting me as the vote. Well, unfortunately for Liam, I’m in a really good spot here at Askja and we voted out Liam unanimously.

I was feeling pretty damn good. I seem to be the center point of my tribe and I feel like I have a decent amount of power. I’m not going to let that get in my head and must keep a focused, clear view. Well that all changed once again when we had to rank our tribe mates in order from most important to least important. After the results were announced, I was shocked to be placed as the second most important. I was hoping for a third or fourth place finish, since I knew Isaac was going to be on the bottom no matter what. Second kinda puts a target on me and I want to stay off the radar as much as possible. Since Isaac and Eden were voted the least important on their respective tribes, they were given control over selected their new tribes in a huge Tribal Swap twist! Complete control over picking every member. I was really surprised with Isaac when he picked Tyler (an ally of mine, not officially), Jino (I’m pretty good with), Matthew (we were close on the old Askja tribe), and my TBD alliance (George and Mitchell)! I’m wicked happy that TBD is all together on one tribe! The only downfall to this Swap is that Szymon ended up on Sulur with the Four Ass Men (Perry, Ted, Eden, and their groupie Zane). I’m wicked worried about him since he is my number one ally and I think he will be one of the first targets on that tribe, besides Trace. The new switched Askja tribe ended up winning the next challenge on the back of Mitchell, who killed it in the tiebreaker round. He went up again Perry and whipped that platypus’ little ass. I really think that, post-merge, it’s going to be the two switched tribes battling it out. I’m hoping that with TBD, Szymon, Isaac, Trace, Tyler, and Matthew on being on my side, we can claim the majority and take out the Four Ass Men alliance. I want to do everything in my power to make sure those four get nowhere near the top 5. This is my game and there’s nothing that’s going to stop me from going deep in this season. Unfortunately since we won the last Immunity Challenge, Sulur went to Tribal Council and my fears ended up coming true and those jerks voted out Szymon. I was pissed but I’m still in a good spot. I’m going to take those guys out not only for myself, but for Szymon too. Even though he’s not here, I’m still a part of the Tea Men alliance and I’m going to revenge whenever I have the most logical chance to! IT’S GAME ON!!!



Trace is obviously threatening and they know that merge is almost near and they want to keep a 3 time strong player in the game wow. Szy is really close to me seeing him getting voted out that is really a pain to watch. Now to the sulur tribe it is GAME ON.