These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 25

Jessie got voted out & became the first member of the jury. Last night, I told Miguel to tell Topher to play the idol on Bartley, so Jessie would for sure go home. So of course when another one of the plans worked, me & Miguel celebrated lmao I don't wanna get cocky but now we have a 5-3 lead on them, plus Topher just played his only source of protection besides winning immunity lol :)


I honestly can´t believe those fools fall for everything I tell them.

I was the one who proposed to vote out Topher from the get go cause I know he is one of the biggest threats to my game. BUT I talked to him and he told me that he was actually worried for Jessie´s health. So if we blindsided Topher when he was actually trying to help him HANDS DOWN he would be back for HvsV haha he would deserve it. And I should be the only one with a shot at returning hahaha since I´m the one who´s controling these bitches all around.

So when I decided that I couldn´t get rid of Topher now I convinced everyone to vote out Bartley since he is the biggest threat at challenges. So Tyler, Bryce and Rasheid voted for him but just when I was about to vote for him I changed my mind and planned something even bigger. If I got rid of Jessie... Thang, Topher AND Bartley would love me since I voted with them and still my old alliance wouldnt hate me since we got rid of an Idir. So I talked to Thang until he told me to vote Jessie (Which was what I was going to do anyway) and now that little kid think that I´m with him till the end (CHECK) . I saved Bartley from elimination so... he owes me one (CHECK) I did voted for Jessie as Topher told me since the beginning but since I already knew Bartley had some votes I convinced Topher to use his idol on Bartley. That way the Idol would be flushed out and everybody else on this game would love me and believe I´m with them 100%.

Actually I was worried about Jessie as well so I tryed to talk to him a little bit more (Even when he had already been rude to me and I hate him since then) that´s the reason of the Torkoal conversation. So we get to know each other and he is not that bad. He is just.... misunderstood must of the time. So I actually did vote for him for his own good. Even when It was my chance to get rid of the biggest threat at challenges: Bartley.

You can call me a Heroe, a villain, or whatever you want but I´m just playing strategically for my best interest.... So far I could decide who´s going home next so this is going to be interesting. But if I´m going to jumpshift I need to make that move at the right time. Timing is everything at this game.



Wow, I can't believe that I've made to day 25 on first time playing :D. And the thing that makes me proud more is I've started playing the real game. I'm not a nice silent boy anymore. Now this is my time to shine and I'm gonna work my ass off to get to to the end and win the entire game. People underestimated me and said I haven't lived up my full potential yet but guess what? I owned the last tribal council. First, I won my first individual immunity to guarantee my safety and then when the bitch Jessie tried to take out my closet ally Bartley because he was a physical beast and he was vulnerable (because I had stolen his immunity XD ) but as I said I would never let that happen. I started to active more and talk more strategies. I came up to Miguel with a plan to blindside Jessie and he said he would convince David to vote with us (that meaned we would have got 5 votes because Tyler, Bryce, Rash and Jess voted for Bartley but I wasn't sure about David at all. And then Topher admitted me he had already voted for Tyler and I was like: Are you f*cking kidding me? Luckily he got the idol and he promised he would use on Bartley. At the tribal council, I felt like I was Parvati at Micronesia at final 9 tribal council. We both had immunity and we both sock some puppets to blindside our threats haha. Some people might say that I was so supid that I took out the most annoyable guy who wouldn't get any jury votes but I think that is a strategic move for me because I knew Jessie would be coming after me very quickly if I don't have immunity and I don't need the Idir who was a big betrayer :p. Plus If I keep Bartley here, I would keep a bigger target than me ;). The first time I take all the power was so great. For Jessie, I got something to tell you bitch: "Nobody come between me and my man" (Rachel BB) (Just kidding because Bartley isn't my boyfriend XD ). That was a small victory and I will play even harder :D. Now 3 Idirs left against 5 Bazids but I think I can sway David and MIguel to my side because they had voted against their alliance last time so they might do that again. Now I gotta get along well to all people and play a social game and hopefully I would be the Sole Survivor :D


Jessie is finally gone! Good riddance! But he wants to call me a bully, photoshopping my face onto someone who's making fun of someone else? I may be a lot of things, but I am not a bully. He always played the victim, and was never one to admit to his own actions. Jessie, I am so glad you are gone, forget you, go the hell home, goodbye. :)


The Bazid Alliance have the 5-3 advantage over the Idir Alliance, but for me to be recognized as a great player, I feel like I need to make a big move, possibly against my own alliance...


Day 26

I was looking at Tyler´s shoutout on FB and thinking the same exact thing Bartley said: Tyler is a social threat. And he just made himself a bigger target on his back and inside of me I´m like: What is he thinking!? What´s the strategy behind that? but then it clicked me... That´s just how Tyler is... he is just playing with his heart he just want to show up his emotions and how much he is liking this game and the bonds he had made... everything is just real and pure. So it got me thinking... how am I playing?

From the minute I was casted I knew that I wanted to be the villain... come on we have all seen Russel and the hate/love he had recieved... and lots of fans actually preffer villains than heroes cause they are "more interesting" so since I wanted to shine I knew I had to be a villain and as a good fan I kind of knew what I needed to do to become one.... But as this competition had developed I realized that maybe I´m not the player who I thought I was....

Dont misunderstand me... I still think I´m a good strategist and I have some control on the game right now but I dont actually think they are bitches or useless palyers or any of that... it´s just for the fun of throwing some shade once in a while... But at the same time I think I have made some real bonds I mean I´ve been real and respectful since the beginning of the competition.. not for being a character... just being myself so maybe that´s why most of the tribe "like" me.

This whole game I´ve been battling with myself to be either the evil strategist or play with my heart. I know the moment I start just listening to my heart could be my downfall.... but truth is I´m not a villain... I can´t be one even If I want to. I care about this people I like this people and I want to play more with some than others because I actually like them... not because they are threats to my game. I KNOW Bartley is the biggest threat around but I just can´t vote him out cause he deserves to still be here....

Rasheid on the other hand... he could be the biggest goat of the game and I should take him to the end If I could but... honestly... Did I want to take him with me? Am I going to backstabb Tyler and/or David to do so? Does it worth it? What If I could actually take a great competitor and win? I dont want to be Wooed out of this one... so many past castaways had made the wrong decission of who are they taking to the end and I dont want to be one of them.... but now I´m not sure If I would be able to backstab Tyler. Maybe I should stop thinking ahead that much and start making small steps and let the destiny decide who should I go with.... If I made it that far.

Without even noticing... this could had been a humbling experience .... But trust me I won´t let my guard down at any second. I´m still playing with all my heart and soul and still want to be the sole survivor.


Day 27

So.. I´ve been trying to convince Tyler the whole week to vote out Rasheid next. BUT now apparently everyone wants to vote him out because he is the most inactive player and it´s really making our season slower.... Even Bryce told at Tribal that the most deserving players should move on. Come on!! You just ruined my blindside! D:

So now that it´s no longer fun to vote out Rasheid since everyone sees that coming.... It´s the perfect time to vote out Bartley and be the one responsible for that.... *Insert evil laugh*

So as the good friend I am I went to Rasheid and told him he was on danger to be voted out. He asked me who was gunning for him so I knew I had to create a bond with him from now on... and the only way to do that was targeting Tyler. So even when it hurted.. I told him Tyler was the one who told me to vote for him (Which is not a lie btw ) and then told him that Bryce was also willing to vote him out (TRUE). That way now Rasheid will only trust me and David from now on. Even when I was the one who started the Jefrasheid boot idea.

But even when I threw Tyler under the bus I felt bad so I told Rasheid that maybe "he was on a bad mood" and that I already had talked to him about not voting Rasheid out and he agreed (Which is true as well). And the plan worked perfectly since Rasheid just told me that the biggest threats of this game were Tyler and Bartley for their social skills. I told him that I knew that but I never said I would betray Tyler.....

For now.. Bartley is going home and I´m going to miss him if he does :c but who knows... last time I changed the vote on the last minute... It could happen again.. I just love blindsides c:


I´ve been thinking about this vote all day long... maybe too much. Making any possible scenario on my head. Even if we vote Bartley or Rasheid... the other one will be one of the next targets.. so since Bartley has a lot of probability to win it... (Rasheid would only win an inactive marathon or a Jefra impersonation) I have to vote him out.... Every single tribal he and Topher are still on the competition they become more threatening to me.

I knew I was excited about this vote and I really wanted to post my "Malleficent gif" at this elimination but since Bartley is going trhough tough stuff on his personal life it´s definately not the time to do so. I even think about voting rasheid to make a 4-4 tie and then send him home on the revote but.....

-This is written 20 minutes later from that because while I was writting it I had a panic attack and start seriously thinking of changing my vote-

....BUT that would be just too dangerous. Rasheid is the best goat to go to the end with....

-20 minutes later-

BUT If Bartley is eliminated now Tyler becomes the biggest threat. And if they blindside him... I´ll be the next on the line.

BUT Rasheid is not as convincing as Bartley so he wont get the people to flip.

FUCK IT I´m just going to send it like that. My vote is for Bartley. I´m really sorry. But I´m playing for the win. Not a respectful second place or below ¬¬ Hopefully he will have a shot to redeem himself cause he is a great player.

Brain 1 - Heart 1