Day 22

Oh man, I just talked to Tyler, Zane, and Yappy. We're going to do a Survivor Marquesas and flip this game around at Final 10. Clearly, we're on the bottom of the Cagliari pecking order. So we'll flip it around by blindsiding fan-favorite Boo at Final 10, followed by either Koopa or Cali. We can use the spare Sassari votes to get it done.

The Outsiders are knocking on your door, and it's time to take out the trash.

Nobody, except Tyler, Zane, and Yappy know about the plan. But if we can pull this off, things are going to change. Maybe I am like Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien: I can bring the outsiders together to flip the game on its head. Of course, nothing is set yet, but fingers crossed that we can pull this heist off.


Our immunity challenge is revealed and the only way we are winning this is if Wes and Hazim are able to beat the entire Cagliari tribe. Because at this point the new Sassari tribe wants to lose in order to take out Wes. But to our surprise, not only does Sassai win the immunity challenge, but we murdered the other tribe! And we all know its because of one person. Wes.

I am relieve we aren't going to tribal and I guess it's not so bad anyway because now either Arun or Joe'Tia will be voted out next. Arun proves as more of a danger in challenges while Joe'Tia has just been causing mayhem and disruption within' the game. On a personal level I would of voted Joe'Tia because he has a really bad attitude. But I believe Arun would of been the more logical choice. In the end it's Joe'Tia who is sent which I still feel pretty swell about. Like I said he had a bad attitude and didn't deserve to be here anymore at this point.

As we wait for our next challenge I bring up the possibility to Cali, Boo and Trevor that we FORCE Wes to sit out at the next immunity challenge so we can throw it and vote him off. Lol it's a really fucked up move but I'm trying to win ya know? Anyway Trevor was totally on board and I never got an official confirmation from Cali and Boo, but by that time it was time for the merge!

Thank god I'm back with the rest of my former Cags! And the Sassy 4 is BACK in business lol. Lucky we were ALL online at the same time for about an hour discussing and scheming what our next move should be. It's very clear to me this group can make it really far if we stick together! Collectively it's a VERY strong group of 4. A strong group of 4 that people wouldn't even see coming. I also let my alliance know that Trevor is with me and he could very well be our "Shambo" haha. Which with the addition of Trevor it will make us 5 strong! He and I have had a solid 2 person alliance right now as far as watching each others backs and voting with each other. So I feel very comfortable with him because I know I'm his biggest ally right now.

We then discuss our plan to take over the rest of the same (The Sassy 4 Plus Trevor). First we need Wes or Arun gone first (preferably Wes because he's a challenge threat and a schemer.) After Wes or Arun we take out another former Sassari member. So basically once 2 former Sassari member are voted at the merge that's when the Sassy 4 Plus Trevor make our move. Up until this point all 5 of us will have been voting with Cali, Boo, and Koopa as a large group of 8. But once those 2 Sassari member are gone the plan is for The Sassy 4 Plus Trevor to blindside Cali. She's the mastermind behind a lot of this game and she and Boo have created the division at our camp. The don't talk to anyone but themselves. And according to AJ Cali, Boo, and Koopa already plan on blindsiding Zane and then Will when they get to the final 8/9. This is exactly why the 5 of us must stick together. Cali is the snake and Boo and Koopa are the body. We need to take the head off the snake so we can slowly dismantle that 3some. Cali, Boo, and Koopa won't know what hit them. I get so exited just thinking about this because this has been my plan since day 10! And I'm so fucking happy everyone is now on board and the plan should take affect after the next 2 votes! These were the 4 people I put together at the begging of the game so we could align together and this has been my plan for what feels like the longest time. It feels great for it all to come together. It's even better because no I don't think anyone has any idea of how close I am to Will, AJ, and Zane. I know Cali, Boo, and Koopa still think I'm an outsider waiting to get picked off. But what they don't know is I've been behind their exit for some time now. And I can't wait to send em out of the game. For isolating me and keeping me so out of the loop. Especially Boo who had lied about me at the beginning of the game and put people against me for NO reason. Just because he felt like I was untrustworthy which was completely bullshit because he never took the time to even get to know me. He judged me. I'm sure they ALL did.

So like I said I feel pretty good with my spot in the game because I don't feel like I'm a target at this point. People are SO unaware of the game I'm playing (which has been part of my plan). That's the best thing honestly. And I'm beginning to feel like I might be the dark horse in this competition. I know inside I'm playing a string strategic game. But I've managed to keep my game so quiet that no one really has a clue what I'm doing. I feel like I might surprise some people and go a lot further than people would expect me to.


Day 23

Wow, the individual aspect of this game is starting to wear me down. I mean, having to juggle all the alliances AJ and I are working on and trying (in vain I might add) to make sure Wes doesn't win immunity really sucks.

At this point I'm taking the advice Samuel L. Jackson gave me in Jurassic Park:

"Hold on to yo butts."

I'm trying to make sure that all the votes go my way. If I can survive these next couple of votes then I think I'm golden, because I have a solid alliance of four. If we can axe Cali and Boo next two or three votes, then I think AJ and Yap and I are in the clear.


WE MERGE! And that means jury!!! What AJ described about this situation makes the best sense. It's The Three Amigos (Wes, Arun, and Hazim) vs The World.

All we have to do is prevent them from winning reward and immunity...

AND THEN WES WINS IMMUNITY AND REWARD! WTF! Don't worry though.. we've been talking about a Plan B for awhile, just split the votes between the Arun and Hazim.

Tired.. I'll finish this when I can.. I'm really behind.. sowwy :c


Day 24

The plan tonight at Tribal Council is to split the vote between Arun and Hazim with Arun going home. It's a pretty solid plan. Next week I'm going to try and form a new alliance with Hazim, Trevor, Wes, Cali, myself, and Koopa. AJ is becoming really sketchy and kinda playing all sides of the spectrum at the moment. We need to make a move before he makes one on us.


Well this game seems to always turn every day. I have been laying low and just watching the events unfold. I am part of Five Alive which is a low end Caglari with AJ, Zane, Tyler & Will – I am also closer with Tyler and we seem to have a strong 2 pact. Wes won immunity and is forcing the tie vote on Arun and Hazim. Arun is calling me out on something I told AJ – why would AJ tell Arun I told him that. I have to ask AJ on that. Hazim or Arun are lying about Hazim either is with me or really against me and still loyal to Arun and Wes. Arun blows up and says I am a Julia….. ok then how did Sean leave if I did not make a move. As well – making moves I tried on the Sassari side and everything I tried got used against me. I still plan to work with the Five Alive and use Hazim’s vote for now. We need Wes to leave as he seems to be on a run – people like Boo who have the ability to beat him seem to be coasting lately. The Cali, Boo, Koopa strong 3 need to be broken up. I have a choice – vote with Arun, Wes, Hazim to eliminate Cali now as head of the snake and still have the numbers with 5 alive. However, Boos and Koop could go with Wes, Arun and Hazim for the new 5 against our 5. If Wes wins again maybe that will be the plan – Arun looks to be done after this vote.


It wasn't that hard, we just put the majority of the votes on Arun. He goes home with no hassle. Problem is that we still have Wes and Hazim lying around, and now with the idol clue. Danger lurking.