These are the confessionals made within the episode.

Day 19

Turned out my instinct was correct: Henzzy was sent home. I didn't really get to know him, so I can't really bring myself to care. I'm just glad it's not my pretty boy Ben. I do love that the vote was a messy 3-1-1 split.


It's ironic, really. I spend my pre-game in Korea thinking of how I would play the game. I wanted to be a villain, I wanted to be the strategic genius, and I ended up being a idiotic one at that. Too reliant on others taking me where I needed to go, to reliant of the alliance that was never an alliance. And I'm out. I'm crushed. I put so much faith into these people, so much kindness and respect and I get blindsided. But I "learn" about my character a lot. I learned who I am...or so I thought. Going into qual with a new attitude, I dominated, yet, I didn't play nearly as close to how I am playing right now. I backstabbed Henry without thinking twice, and now I am lying to everyone about how he was sent out by Adam to blindside Jhet. I'm playing a villain's game but I am in a hero costume. And hell that might be what wins this game for me. I need to continue kicking ass. I need to not worry about hurting people's feelings unless I need to lock in their vote at the end. I am playing very socially, and I am putting the target on just about everyone. Come merge I think I can set up a plan to walk right into the end, that is if Adam is voted out. I want to win this game. I will play however I need to to win it, and I am playing with the big boys now. If I am going to have to lie, cheat, backstab and break the hearts and souls of everyone to win, then that's exactly what I will do. One thing is for sure. This is no game for a hero.


A REWARD? What da HAYL am I gon' do with a REWARD? Oh well, at least it's an endurance challenge, which means we get to bitch together about how time consuming it is etc.

My strategy for this challenge is to get at least one person from the tribe on a Skype call and just do it until I get around 1 million. It's bonding time! Time to put my magic fingers to work!


Send me to fucking tribal!!! My tribe is irritating as fuck. For one, half the people are lazy especially Hickman. Oh my god i have never play with someone so lazy. Also today the tribe had there own little kumbaya moment talking about love and teamwork… are you kidding me… This is not a happy little vacation where we all just talk about feelings. In the end we have to vote each other out and in the end of of this game I’m going to vote YOU out…


I am such a silly bitch. I should be able to trust people but Survivor isn't really the place to learn how to trust others. Having played this game and been blindsided before, I feel like this time around I'm more attuned to the little clues that tell you whether someone is being genuine with you or not. If they ask for your input on strategy, alliances and votes then that's a good indication they actually want to work with you. If they're just dictating moves to you you're really nothing more than a number and you need to get the hell out of that alliance. And always get them to specifically state who they're voting for! If they're vague, skirting around directly answering your questions and not offering any names that means they don't want to tell you shit. And be wary if they just tell you to go with the easy boot. If you can get them to discuss the pros and cons of booting at least one other member then they're probably not thinking of getting rid of you. If someone spends one minute to tell you who to vote for then that's a bad sign. You need the confirmation message that comes hours later, the "so we're still good to vote for __?", or "have you talked to __ about voting __?" If you get one of those then you're golden!!

We're closing in on the halfway mark and I really want to make it to 10th. If I can do that then I'll be hooting and hollering all over the place. The game has been pretty standard so far so I don't know if I should be expecting any kind of twist. I'd imagine a merge at 12 but it's possible we're in for some sort of delayed merge or a de-merge. I can almost imagine an outcasts twist or Adam gets to choose three people to vote out or some shit.

No, I should be nice to my new best friend. Adam talked to me for the first time a day or two ago, so I'm like "aight, something's up". Then Gerda messages me for the first time in the game and I'm like, "Zuma, please". I said this would happen and I know there's no way to stop it. I'm going to end up allied with the winners. J to the L to the ew to the 'is you kidding me?' So yeah, Gerda want to be allies at the merge. Can I bring Ash along too??!! I don't actually have any problems with the winners. I just really want them to not be in this game. That's not even true. I just need to vote Gerda and Adam out at some point so they can be Tambowned.


Not only I snatched the win from the other tribes, Zuma DOMINATED this challenge. Ironically, Gerard was the only one not to be in the Top 4, which definitely amused me a lot.

My call with Gerda was really fun. I didn't really see myself voting her out before and I definitely don't think I can do it after this. It's gonna be problematic when we get deeper into the game, but at the same time, she is likely to be targeted for being a threat... So there's that.


My strategy for the pre-merge game has always been make relationships, get people to trust me and keep the tribes I'm on as united as possible. So far it had worked perfectly and my tribes have been winning and I've always been in the prime position on my tribe. The thing that's worrying me now is the merge. I've been playing pretty low-key and I haven't been drawing attention to myself at all which kinda worries me... If people are thinking I'm a follower and an under-the-radar player who's never made a move then I'm screwed in the merge phase and especially in the FTC... I have to change it but I don't know how. The big players are never within reach especially since winning immunity is more important than voting out a rival. With Johan-Amir, Alejandro, Ash and Henzzy going out at the last Tribal Councils I kinda felt my grip on this game slip a little bit. I don't have that many really close allies left and what allies I do have are strong players. I'm going to have to be stronger and somehow work my way into a dominant position in the merge. If people aren't seeing my play a great game there's no way I'm winning so whilst I might think I'm doing great, I'm in no way willing to be a sheep or someone who does nothing in this game.

Hunter, Gerda, Jhet, Sharky, Adam, Taylor. They're the biggest threats in the game at the moment and I want them all gone by the Final Tribal Council. I'm going to do whatever I can to make it to the end this time.


So Jhet says he is in trouble…great. If he goes home that means the Might Hippos Alliance is down to me and Sole, when we are supposed to be 3 strong til the end.

Alright well Jhet is going to try and get the Hidden immunity idol (which there is a very good chance he may already have) which will keep him safe as long as he play it now. This made sure Jhet thinks I trust him 100%, plus it'll keep him safe, plus it should get rid of another idol. This may work out.


Day 20

This immunity challenge was an even better bonding experience for us. Gerda had had a pretty rough day so Adam was really great when it came to cheering her up, and everyone came together to make her feel good and gain confidence.

I haven't really dominated a challenge until this round, so it was cool to be the top score at the Reward and at the Immunity challenge.

Thankfully, no one really noticed the massive loophole in the challenge that made it so that if an entire tribe didn't submit, they'd be spared from TC because their score would automatically be higher than that of the third tribe. I feel like everyone was so frustrated with the actual challenge that we didn't think of it at all. Oh well.

I'm surprised Mpilo is going to Tribal again, but at the same time... I have a feeling Ben is in a good position over there, so it's all that matters. Maybe they'll kick Jhet for sucking at the challenge, maybe they'll kick Hunter for overplaying, maybe they'll kick Lloyd for being a former winner... No matter what happens, we're in for a spicy surprise.


So far my time out here isn't going as well as I planned. To be fair I still have Gerda, Adam, Sole and Zac. That's 5. IF we merged at 10 then I'd be good. But to be fair I just want to make it onto the jury.


Okay while I enjoy winning and all, this is getting a little boring, plus I'm tired of worrying that Jhet is going to be voted out every time Mpilo goes to tribal. I think it's about time to mix it up.


Look, me and Gerda went from down in #'s to being the swing votes and having control of our tribe. We didn't panic, and we won. I won individual immunity, so I really wanted to keep the idol, but the only way to ensure numbers was to play it. And since Hunter wanted me out, I knew I needed to take out his #1 girl. So, I played the idol to make sure she went home. We then really have our picking of Andrei, Sharky, and Gerard to move further in this game. Now, Gerard has told other people he now wants Hunter out, which kind of makes this tougher. I wanted to side with Andrei and Sharky since they'll both win challenges, but Gerard told Uli he's with us 100%. So now, people I can work with, especially after a ton of my allies went home during TT (triple tribal), is Gerda, Gerard, Uli, Taylor, Lloyd - maybe Andrei. We'll see, still got to keep winning and get myself to merge then go from there. So, this makes losing very tough for me. I either turn on my ally, and go with Sharky, or take out Sharky and stick with Gerard. I just hope Lloyd stays and Hunter goes.


The grip on the game I thought I'd lost a day or two ago I think I've regained. I've had quite a few people include me in plans to dominate the merge and a lot of them with similar aims - to either take out Hunter or to take out the winners. Since I've been included in most of the proposals I think I'm in a good spot to go deep in this game. I know what people want and who's looking at who so I think I'll be able to rally the right people in order to take out the people I want taken out. My only major concerns are the 'question mark' players. People like Andrei, Taylor and Ben who I'm not entirely sure I can work with worry me because they'd be the most likely to run around making deals with me not in them. Since Taylor is on my tribe, he'd be one of my question marks that I can completely take out right now and that'd be one less worry for me. He threatened me before and hasn't approached me about anything post-merge so I seriously don't trust him. That only makes me want to throw the challenge and show him who's boss. That could be risky, though, like if the merge isn't at 12 like I think it will be or even if I lose people's trust in taking Taylor out. I'll have to wait and see but Taylor sure as hell isn't winning this game.


Day 21

I feel really devastated about the challenge loss... I did not want to lose this challenge... I've never felt this paranoid or nervous about any vote so far... Just because the last vote with henzzy didn't really turn out the way i thought it would... I did NOT know he was gonna be voted out, and to make things worse Lloyd voted with Hunter and Ben... So... Are they like in a final 3 deal? I really have no idea... But, I really don't want to use my idol tonight. I kinda feel like i should, though. I'm that nervous. I wished I wasn't sick and had finals week during the challenge... ugh i'm so screwed...


This is by far the hardest thing I have had to do in this game thus far. Voting out Jhet is really going to kill him and kill me especially because I told him that we would be the top two on our tribe. I don't want to vote him out, I really don't, but it's something I have to do. Things may change, but it seems unlikely.