Day 22

So, it honestly sucks that the plan to get Koror out obviously didn't work, Jamie had to switch last minute so she didn't look like she was with us, it just sucks overall. I do think merge is very very soon, so, I can definitely use that to my favor if we go to tribal next, because they'd honestly be fucking dumbasses to vote me out because I've been doing the worst in challenges if merge is soon, because they should want to keep the non-threats in the challenges. So I'm definitely going to be saying something about that. I don't think I'm going to suggest someone to go home, I'm just going to say why it'd make sense for me to stay, because I don't want to come on too strong.


so, its happened, hanne is out. So now I lose my closest ally, and the one person I knew I could play with and trust, and the only person who played with me before. Now in both of my seasons, I've been separated from my closest ally at the swap, both seasons my closest ally got screwed over by the swap and voted out right before a change. I lost Hanne and the only thing that's keeping me going is to do justice for her for the both of us. She's gonna have her revenge, believe that.


we won! Thank God! The less we have to go to tribal the better. I know that one of the favorites have a clue to that idol though I just don't know who it is because Topaz wouldn't give it to the Favorites who flipped on him which means either Ivan or Jamie got the clue from Topaz. Idk if I can find out but I have to at least try lol


*is not going to throw the challenge because my tribe is really chill tbh!!!*


And Dennis is mad, as expected. I mean, it sucks that I can't tell him why he went, but it sucks even more knowing this was a hard vote for me as well, it's not like I was being fake to him, all the times I was being genuine (except when I lied to him in the tribal Tyler went). I hope this doesn't affect our friendship, because seriously, I don't believe a game should define friends. Really though, my social game this season is really messy, because I can't help it if I like talking to people LOL. I will have to do some damage control soon, and play a little more under the radar, because otherwise I will piss everyone off. I really need to lay low now. So, while I got a 425,550 on the challenge, I will definitely act like I really suck, because I need the target off my back, ya know. It's stressing when you can't chill.




The other tribe is so much stronger in challenges. As badly as I want to win, I am preparing for a loss, and it sucks.


Hanne I will miss you


We won the challenge! This feeling of elation,I haven't felt this in my original season. Lol. Cameron bade goodbye for his challenge 'prowess'. It was funny he reacted that he was blindsided when I told him an hour before the reveal that I basically voted for him along with some people. Alright i'll take it, blindsides are fun.

Hanne lost the duel she's such a queen. Topaz stays YAY and gave the idol clue to Jamie who shared it with me. Pretty much the entire day was laid back. It is so entertaining to see Topaz who is in Redemption Colosseum throw shade at Nuno. The Favorites are definitely falling apart, Jamie vs Hanne, Nuno vs Topaz. It may not be a good thing to go with the Favorites all the way anymore. Time to switch things up a bit.


I am going to tribal. AGAIN. At least I can say I survived some tribals this season, since last season I survived 1 tribal, and the next one went home. LEGIT THOUGH, I HOPE NORBERT GOES. I am 100 % sure I am voting for Norbert, but I can't vote right now just in case shit happens. Like, hello, it's survivor, not mortician. I am still so sad Hanne went tho SHE WAS MY WARRIOR, MY SLAYER, I NEED TO AVENGE HER (OR SORA IDK). HANNE, WHEREVER YOU ARE, WE LOVE YOU


Totally game unrelated, but I really need to cut off some slack on myself. I have been having to deal with all these players for 2 weeks, and I now is the time to make myself memorable. This is the time to show I am a favorite, because the other 22 days were simply proving me wrong. This is my transition into a bad bitch.


No shade though, very grateful Dennis is still being a bitter btich and throwing me under the bus when all I did was a game move. Do I still like him as a person? Yeah, I'd message him the moment the game is over. Do I like him as a player? Hell no lol. Like, he just can keep trying to throw me under the bus and stopping people from trusting me because he is being childish af, but I guarantee, I will still come out on top, and kick that little smug out of his face. I was sick of being loyal to everyone in my past ORG's. I was always the person blindsided by these people (and some are even playing here!!). I'm not gonna go down to his level and be bitter, I will simply stay on my own ground. This is just building up for when I can say at FTC that I had nobody's trust and still made it to the end, so thanks Dennis, your plan backfired, again.


My alliance is great and all, but there is one big problem. Nuno. I instantly regret aligning with him. EVERY vote so far he has told the person we try to blindside that we are voting for them so he can save his own ass in case they came back from redemption. It's really starting to piss me off because he is becoming more of a liability than an asset. And if you are a liability in my alliance, I am not afraid to cut you loose.