Day 12

A tribe swap? With James and Jamie still with me? Lol this is great. I'm pretty sure Lucky is already flapping his fucking mouth about wanting a girl gone. To be honest, he is dead. James is pretty charismatic, and already scored us an alliance. And Jamie is loyal to me. So yeah, fuck you Lucky. This should be fun.


"well now steve is gone,Laure still alive and we switched tribes and i am Riau with Jake,James our new tribe mate quicly offered us an alliance named "LimLemo"with Jamie and Alison and i the other side Topaz and Lucky that i dont know i they will work together ,the thing is that we are in both sides but i dont want it i dont know in what side jake want be loyal,i just want be loyal in one cause if someone finds out about it will try to kick our ass , i dont want be villain, i want be honest but and i need start to play my own game"

"if we lose the challenge an Laure get into our tribe it could a problem, she is unpredictable and the worst of all she could has the idol and when she said that she found out information to use on her advantage,that makes her a threat and for that she could be out soon"


*After Tribe Swap*

So Laure decides to make the announcement that I'm in some secret alliance with Tommy and Lucky. Well I'm in an alliance with them, but two separate ones. All she's doing now is making the target on herself bigger, but she put a small target on my back. If Laure comes onto our tribe, she's the first to go. Nobody can know that I'm running the show.


Are you there God? It's me Laure, it's been a while

I don't even know how to sum up what's been going on. All I know is I haven't done shit in this game and shit follows me no matter where I go. Lucky is like messaging me on Exile Island, something no one seems to understand is against the rules. His all pissed cause I made a post with Steven's screen caps that show Lucky's dealings from his point of view. Whatever dude, I know I have no friends in either tribe I wind up in so I need to put targets on other people's back.

Lucky is like that dude at the frat party who has a small penis, but to make himself feel better he hangs out with his bros and says mean hurtful things about all the pretty girls at the party. He believes that me and Casey are cousins and keeps using that fact, that I'm sure everyone knows by now (cept we're not cousins it's a lie for another org game), against me to make me submit and take getting screwed over by him like a bitch.

I can't wait to get off exile and be able to talk to people, because even though no one will believe this..... my stance is 'fuck Casey'. Seriously, I will be her supportive cousin in a irl alliance in the blood vs water suborg, but I don't owe her shit in this game. For any non-Jessy host reading this me, Austin, and Casey are all from Tumblr Survivor. The thing is I've never actually played a game with Austin and Casey, so I don't know if they can be trusted or not and since this whole official org thing is big time I'm not going to start trusting them now. Casey told me her whole alliance and I'm not opposed to telling every single person who will listen.

I might not be the best at flash games.

I might not be the best at puzzles.

I might not have the best social game cause I don't give a fuck what I say to people.


I am the non-threat you want to blindside.

Because when I know I'm on a sinking ship, I won't just sink, I'll burn that fucker down.

Burn mother fucker burn.


With the new tribe swap, there's a lot of uncertainty in our tribe. But I'm pretty sure that me, James and Alison are with the majority and for right now, that's all that matters. However, I'm willing to throw anyone under the bus - I just need to ensure that I make the merge.'


Wow, this tribe swap screwed me bad! Fingers crossed we won the challenge...


AAAH! I'm in a survivor nightmare! This tribe switch can screw me over big time. I'm the only remaining Riau member on the New Riau. Right away I turn to James and thank god he says:' Let's do the fire-water alliance'. Now i'm in an alliance with James, Alison and Jamie. But I know I still have to watch them. If Riau sticks together in the other team then it would be a good move for former Boalemo to get rid of me before the merge. So I'm planning to say I will flip on former Riau when the merge comes. When it comes to the other members of new Riau. I talked to Lucky, because he made a deal with Riau when we send him to exile. He's at least not gonna vote for me. I also talked to Julian and exposed Jake with a screenshot of Jake saying how Julian is a snake. So he's on my good side and on Jake's bad side. And then there is Jake. I want him out first and i'm letting people know so he should be toast.

On the other tribe there is also some drama. We just switched tribes and Casey is already flipping and throwing other Riau members under the bus. Damm girl, what ya doing? Good thing is Sarah and Tommy already had a deal with Rex. That's another fire-water alliance haha. Also, Tommy said Laure is coming for me... -_-. She sucks at everything so i'm pretty curious how she's gonna do that.

I'm definitely pushing my tribe members to perform well in the challenge, I don't feel safe and I hate losing (A).


"I talked to Topaz,and told me some truths that he has a secrete alliance with him and that if limboto would have gono to tribal council instead tabanan, he was going to vote me out and also he said that i am a snake .this really makes sad because because i trusted him and now i know that he is not loyal to me and trustfulness to him broken and another that he in alliance with other people, i am so dissapointed,i want him out"


Ok tribe switch is crazy.... I've got put on a tribe with Casey, Sarah, Auss, Claudia, Dan, and Reks. I don't know how much I can trust each person, the only people I can trust are Sarah and Dan. They are both loyal and nice but hopefully I get in good with everyone else....BUT we are going to tribal so I'm thinking we should blindside Casey because she's a very dangerous player.


Day 13

Lovely viewers, I just gotta say it's looking pretty good for me right now. First of all, we won the challenge :D. Now i'm the only one who hasn't gone to tribal yet. And i'm pretty happy about that. If we did lose, all hell would have broke loose. I'm Sarah from Cayagan right now. I'm in the Fire-Water alliance with James, Alison and Jamie and i'm also thrown in an alliance with Jake, Lucky and Julian. However, I'm not gonna make the same mistake Sarah made. I said to the fire-water alliance i'm 100% loyal to them and will share everything that's said in the other alliance. I also said I don't care who goes. The other alliance I also told, I'm down with whatever you guys decide. I'm such a swinger hihi.

What happend in the other team is also something good for my position. It seems Little Bey, Tommy, Auss and Rex will vote out Casey for flipping on them. It will show my team that old Riau is not together anymore. Claudia and Dan screwed up the challenge and they will still be there after this vote+ they are getting Laur'tia. So we probably have a good shot at winning some more challenges.

Hoping for one double tribal council because then there would be like 3 tribals left and I will indeed make the merge for sure. (3 votes at our camp: Jake, Lucky, Julian. 3 votes at other camp: Laure, Dan, Claudia) Almost to perfect to be true hihi.


I really have no clue who I want to stay aligned with. James has made it clear he's a good player and that's something I'm wary of, and Topaz from Riau needs to go before the merge, incase the Riau members get together and take over the game. As for right now, I just need to bide my time and not many any big moves that'll get my targeted, and just focus on the social aspect.'


To know that the other tribe is turning on each other faster than anything is sort of scary. I mean, I knew the majority of the people playing this season are lying scumbags, but that is straight up cracked. But it is kind of fun watching them turn of each other. Thing is, I know the majority of the people on my tribe will do the same fucking thing.


I'm going a lot to the confessional. There's just happening so much :O. Last night Old Riau was on fire. Auss thinks it's stupid to vote out Casey and not sticking together and called Tommy out. Then a tirade of messages kept coming from both sides, mainly Casey vs Tommy. I got to say, Casey is really really good in this game. In this argument I almost believed Tommy was the bad guy, she played it off pretty good. Tommy on the other hand had some bad gameplay going on. Why did he even talk to Dan, Claudia and Casey about voting out Auss and Sarah? And if you do, tell Sarah and Auss first before you go talk shit about them and say it's strategy so they will understand. Now Auss is pissed and doesn't trust you. In the fight Casey came up with screenshots and proof when Tommy didn't. I'm just not going to get myself in the fight and let them fight it out. Guess the fish are gonna fry eachother.

For my game at Riau it's actually a good thing. I'm gonna make my target even smaller than it already was and talk about old Riau falling apart to the fire-water alliance. Perfect set up for me to declare them my loyalty for after the merge. When Tommy said I should not tell them because they would find out I was lying he was right. I just had to wait for the explosion to come and tell em now.

I'm really hoping Casey goes tonight, she's big trouble and a big threat. And if Tommy goes, Sarah and Auss would probably be next. That would be all my allies on that side-> not excited about that. So hottie Casey needs to go.



I'm lucky I didn't get voted out or any votes at all this tribal so I'm thankful but now that Laure is coming I'm an easy target to get out so I need Immunity and Mutiny....I'm pretty upset that Dan got out because I coulda so worked with him in the long term and it would of benefited both of our games......Only one good thing came out of today..... there is a final 7 deal coming into play with me, Sarah, Topaz/Dennis, Jamie, Reks, James, and Alison. (P.S. I started talking with Jamie and Reks a lot so hopefully I can make them really trustworthy allies encase something does happens!)