Day 28

Ben's gone. Of course I feel bad, and he's probably pissed at me and everyone else, but I didn't join this game for laughter and friendship, I joined to win, and I intend to. And if it takes braking some ties and slitting some throats, then all be it. Because, once our alliance reaches the Final 7, that is when all hell will break loose.


Ben, Ben, Ben lol. Until now i still cant find a reason why he try to throw me under the bus but the funny thing about this is it backfired him. Hahahaha.


I am mixed emotions about Ben's elimination, great guy, ally, but to much of a threat. Also, I would just like to say, This whole game I have been committed to play a heroes game, I really tried hard, but if no one accepts that fact, then it's alright, because I have the villainous side. The alliance, we have organized every! Single! Elimination! We have not even been on the players tribe yet we still communicate! Samiah, Crtha, Chal, Monkey, Eddie, and now Ben, I have not liked doing this, but a lot of them were necessary, This is potentially the most power an alliance has had in a game, But I am not a sheep, As I have made a core alliance so we can stay strong once the Alliance turns. The A - Team, Me, Aaron, Amir and Alejandro. Game on.


Well, I admit it's been a while since I sent a confessional.

It's either because I'm out of nasty things to say behind people's back, I'm tired of strategizing, nothing happened in the game for almost a week, or all of the above. Let's go over these three reasons and see why I've been slow with the confessionals lately:

1. I'm out of nasty things to say behind people's back - Oh, hell no! you have no idea how many insults I still got under my sleeve. they're just not as good as before, because... these people have grown- NO! I was'nt about to say they have grown on me! well, maybe a little. no, not even a little. I'm still either annoyed or disturbed by any single one of them. Just kidding though, I have lots of nice things to say about them: Miggy is funny, Aston is smart for his age, Alejandro is just adorable, Hunter and Ivan both seem like great people in real life, and Ryan is fucking HOT! though I have to tell him to change that terrible profile picture he has on Facebook.

2. I'm tired of strategizing - This is not true. I'm strategizing all the time, but since we merged there isn't too much to strategize about. if there were two rival alliances here (like most games) there was probably lots of drama around camp. But when everyone believe they are part of the same big alliance, don't expect people to scramble for their lives.

3. Nothing happened in the game for almost a week - That's not true as well. As the title of this confessional suggests, there's a new alliance in town - The A-Team (me, Alejandro, Aaron & Aston), that is going to take over the game and then... the entire world. At least until I'll decide to backstab them. So why was this alliance formed in the first place? Because Miggy was stupid enough to target Alejandro now, and to do this in front of fucking Aaron and Aston, his beloved pets! Gosh Miggy, I'm trying to take you to F3 here as my goat, why to you have to mess up with my plans and make yourself a target for no fucking reason?! Fortunately, they wanted to take Ben out first, so Miggy is spared for now. I made a deal with Alejandro that Max will go after Ben, but who knows if that would really happen.

The last TC was rather ironic - out of all people, Ben ended up voting for Miggy, who was the only person who did NOT vote for Ben. What a troll, I'm so glad now that we got rid of him. Maybe not talking to this guy for the entire game wasn't a bad idea after all.


Day 29

I can't believe I just did that. I spent $700 on a nice heaping plate of NOTHING! I might as well just have stupid written across my forehead. Now, I'm stuck with no artifact, no idol, no advantage, no nothing! (Well, actually I just won some of that). This is only going to make it that much harder making it the finals, and I'm really going to have to talk my way into people's trust.


I'm sorry, I just find this funny :))

Miggy said the cursed phrase that Kat said before she got blindsided. And we all know that Miggy has a good chance at getting blindsided at the next tribal :))

It's probably gonna come down to either Max, Miggy or Ivan. Unless an idol comes out, orrrr there could be a blindside towards me since I don' t know any other scenaio O_o Idk, it just scares me. I literally had a dream last night that I would get eliminated at tribal...Hope it's not true. T_T


It feels great to wear immunity around my neck, and also to be very close to solving the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idols, I just need to unscramble the last sentence. What I am saying is I feel very comfortable, when the alliance turns me and Alejandro have a Mask of Restrict each and could potentially have the idol by then, I really don't no what to expect... It's just all a matter of time until something insane happens...


This is by far the most nerve-wrecking tribal council yet. There is so much on the line that I don't even know where to start, if the smallest thing will go wrong this time, my entire game is destroyed. I'll try to give you a breakdown of all the details that turned this seemingly simple vote into a complex of dangers.

The Auction I always liked having an auction on the seasons I moderated, however as a contestant it's one of the things that I'd like not to face. In the ORG context, Auction is basically a giveaway of game-changing items based entirely on luck. Even though Luck was my friend so far, it could easily become an enemy this time around. The items that were given are the following (excluding the useless ones):

Another Mask - unfortunately not only that I don't know who got it, he only had to pay 40$ for it. Lucky bastard . Another Ring - Thanks god Miggy got it, and he even wants to use it this TC, which is great. Advantages - one of them was for the challenge and Aston got it, which eventually made him win. The other is still in the dark as well as its owner. Medallion of Power - that was the highlight of this auction. I knew that NO ONE is going to spend a single dollar on this, so I threw in 20$ and got it! I'm not sure when I'll use it (if ever) but it's good that I have it rather than someone else. nobody knows that I have it though.

The New Idol Guess what? I have two idols now! However, as much as like to hold them it also makes me a lot more nervous. I was trying my best to "help" Alejandro, Aaron and Aston get it, but it seems they didn't even try that much. Not that I blame them, the sentence was painfully hard this time, and I still don't know who actually said it. Anyway, I doubt one of them will ever solve it even after I provided them with most of the sentence's words.

The bottom line is - Ivan, Hunter and Ryan want to vote Miggy off. Of course they want, because they plan to use Max afterwards and form an All-American alliance. As long as it's up to me, they are going to fail. I already made sure that Miggy and the A-Team are on board with voting off Max. the only thing left to do, is tell Miggy to use the Ring in case they play the mask and this vote is done. This isn't going to be easy, but I'll get Max out of this game even if it's the last thing I'll do.


Day 30

Aston gave me some news. He said that he's scared that Amir and Aaron might get solid, so he's trying to solidify his alliance with me in case of a 2-2 at the finale.

It's a perfect situation for Amir and I because Aston doesn't know that we're solid while Aaron doesn't know how close the Baekje 4 has become. The two of us are the only people in the A-Team who are affiliated in both alliances, so we immediately become the swing votes at the final 4.

Only 6 more tribals till FTC! I hope I win this thing :)) I remember when I was scared because I wasn't making any big moves but now...

I'm the guy who took out Jake when everyone else was scared to do so, the guy who was aligned with almost everyone in the game, the challenge deliminator (tied with Aston for most times immune) and the guy who built the Secret Society. I definitely think I have a shot at winning this game, I just need to play my cards right ;)

As for tribal tonight, I don't think I'll be getting a vote. Everyone is targeting Max or Miggy. The A-Team wants Max gone but everyone else wants Miggy gone. Like I said before, I'm pretty sure that I can convince everyone to target Max instead but Miggy targeted me, nobody targets me and gets away with it. Even if I get voted out, they still wont get away with it since I'll be giving them the black pearl I got at the auction :))


So Aston won the Immunity Challenge. Right now they can win all the challenges they'd like but later on I definitely need to step it up so I can win some immunity for myself.


Dumb, dumb, dumb. LOL. I made a mistake of sending a messsage to merge that is meant for they may suspecting me that I manipulating them. Damn.


I am done of having no power and being Pagonged. Gorg, you better watch your ass, I'm turning the tables and coming for you after Miggy goes.


Oh yeah, my plan again ruin by my allies. They still want Max out. Hopefully he have no idol.


Eventually getting Max out was easier than expected, thanks to Hunter and his "genious" plan to split the votes between Miggy and Max.

Although the split itself was basically planned well (assigning me, Alejandro, Ivan and Hunter - the 4 more active members in the chat - to vote Miggy), this move blowed in his face, sending Max home with even more votes against him. Once again these guys have been painfully predictable and instead of actually trying to form a counter alliance, they still want Miggy out believing I would be so kind to discard the best goat still left in this game. I finally came up with a good name for this trio - RIH, which means "Ryan, Ivan, Hunter" or "Redemption Island, Here we come!".

Well, Alejandro does want Miggy out, just not at the moment. Aston and Aaron doesn't seem to care, so count on Miggy to stick around for at least one TC. Now that I've completely cleaned this season of its inactives, there are really only two ways it could go for me at this point:

1. The Easy yet Long Way I can basically just pagong RIH, use simple excuses to spare Miggy and take him to the final 5, and then play both of my idols to make sure Alejandro will go home followed by Aston. The problem with this plan is, that Alejandro and Aston could easily win the last couple of challenges and screw me over. On the other hand, they could feel secure in this situation and not give their best at the challenges.

2. The Short yet Hard Way I can get rid of Hunter now, then give one or both of my idols to Ivan so he and Ryan could blindside Alejandro and Aston. Then at the final 5, I will be in a position where I'm the swing vote and part of everyone's plan for the final 3, and neither Ivan nor Ryan are a serious challenge threat that could ruin my plans. On the other hand, they could use the idols against me, I could be screwed and who knows what Miggy will do along the way.

In conclusion, I still don't know what to do. Either way I choose my next target is Hunter, so I have to make sure he doesn't win immunity. If he does, I'll have to think again about my options.