Day 12

AGAIN? FUCKING AGAIN???? i haaaaate this so much.

the old school and middle school got together and ousted tom, which sucks and which totally makes sense because he was amazing. sam and mihai are now both like "i'm sorry! i wouldnt have done it if they were voting for you! i still wanna work with you" which is cool but whatever, and sam's also laying on an extra layer of guilt like "you didn't tell me anything" but honestly i just don't have time to care. i'm over it. this just means we gotta make sure that old/middle school go down. i was super angry about this for like 5 minutes but now i honestly don't really care, aside from the fact that i really miss tom. i'm mostly just exasperated and annoyed because now i probably have to actually talk to people on a regular basis, yikes. my social game is really not on point right now, and i've been trying to tell myself it's so that i can be under the radar and not seen as a threat but you don't want to go *too* far under or you're gonna get transformed into a sheep and nothing you do the rest of the game will change that perception. so yeah, i gotta start talking to people again. i also need molly to start talking more, because she's been pretty invisible and people are noticing and i need someone to have my back on this tribe now. the only people i really trust right now are molly and ricky and hopefully typer p depending on what's going on over on the other tribe. i hope he's ok. but yeah that's my final three right there. we'll make it somehow. summary: this was fun. pass the vodka.


It looks like Tom left at the last tribal council, and from what I've heard so far, it sounds like Molly played a role in his departure. I wanna wait to hear what Molly has to say about it first, but if it's true then that's extremely shady! I've been suspecting that Molly would have gotten really close with Sam and Amelia , but there's still a lot i'm trying to make sense of. Either way, I need to do my best to assimilate into new Qahtan. If Molly is willing to take out Tom without letting me know, that tells me I'm not as close to her as I think.

Maybe if we lose and go to tribal with shehr, we should take down Amelia. They're closer to Molly than I am and they're playing a very smart game.

RIP Tom I'm gonna miss you and I wish we could've played together longer!

–Tyler P.

My plan worked! I was all paranoid here in this chat, but outside of it I was the calm one because every one was paranoid and wanted to change the votes to Amelia. Now Amelia and Ricky are mad at me, but I will try to make them see I had a reason by making up a lie or somehing. Amir said it was all my work, that made me feel good about how I play this season.


ok so Jamie was the one who flipped and took Tom out. Not too surprised, she would never vote Jessy out! I'm still keeping a close eye on the Molly/Amelia relationship though just because I'm still worried Molly is closer to Amelia than Ricky and I.

–Tyler P.

Last round was such a mess! I can't believe that Kevin lied to me.. Jamie was to be expected, and even though I thought I was creating a genuine relationship with Charley -- well, people do what people will do! Ugh I feel like I am so screwed going into the next tribal council. I'm the sole person who didn't vote within my tribal lines. I'm a easy target that is for sure.


I'm pissed off. Ok so apparently Sam and Tyler P have idols and they wanna save Molly's raggedy ass even though she tried to get Jessy out last time. THEN KEVIN AND SAM ARE LIKE OH LET'S GET QAHTAN AND SHEHR TO TRIBAL. UM BITCH WHAT THE FUCK AND SAM IS GIVING ME TWO WORD ANSWERS LIKE IDK AND I GUESS. THE FUCK YOU MEAN YOU GUESS?! CAN YOU GUESS IM ABOUT TO CUSS YOU THE FUCK OUT CAN YOU GUESS THAT? THIS RAGGEDY ASS ALLIANCE IS WORKING MY LAST FUCKING NERVE!!!! And now Skandi wants to throw the challenge to send Bariq to tribal like I don't even know how you would even throw this shit wtf and I don't know where anyone stands because of this supposed tumblr/endure punk ass premade and did I mention Kevin and Sam were pissing me off? Because they are pissing me off. And then I think Yap's hoodrat ass is lying to my face about the shit LIKE I AM 100% IN MY FEELINGS RIGHT NOW. AND THEN TYLER IS LIKE OH I DON'T THINK WE SHOULD WIN THIS CHALLENGE. UMMMMMMM.....WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT LIKE IM SO READY TO POP THE ENTIRE FUCK OFF I CANT EVEN BEGIN TO EVEN HOW MAD I AM!!!! I am on another level right now. I'm so fucking heated like these bitches get on my fucking nerves I swear. And I'm still mad about Kevin suggesting we go to tribal together and Sam saying oh I'm tired that's why my responses are weird. I DONT WANNA GO TO TRIBAL AND I DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU BEING TIRED BITCH IM TIRED TOO THE FUCK?!?!?! And I thought Joan was supposed to be the messy one and he's actually being THE LEAST messy besides Cali TO BE MOTHERFUCKING HONEST. *takes deep breath* so yeah. I don't know what's happening but if we lose, I hope it's not me

–Tyler R.

playing with ricky makes me want to stab my eye with fork


Qahtan has been extremely quiet today, and I'm getting nervous. I suggested a plan for us to guarantee going to tribal in exchange for getting a shit-ton of double votes to almost guarantee we have an advantage at tribal, as well as a 60% advantage in the next challenge. However, nobody seems to want to talk about it with me. Maybe normally i'd just think that my tribe is messy but since i'm on the outs, i'm feeling like their lack of game talk with me means i should be worried.

So I've decided to move on to plan B.

Plan B is to rally up the Not from Europe crew and tell them to do the same thing, and that we'll need to work with Old School to try and take out a member of Middle School. If we go to tribal with either tribe, as long as old school and new school can work together, we have a great chance of taking out a middle-schooler in a 10-9 vote (assuming kevin and Sam do not hear of the plan and that the rest of us who competed got double votes) It would be more ideal to go up against Bariq, as long as bariq sits out either Jamie or Jessy. In that scenario, assuming Jamie sides with Jessy and that everyone who competed got a double vote, we could take out a middle schooler 12-10.

It's all very chaotic, but something needs to be done when the middle schoolers are dominating the game

–Tyler P.

So yesterday Skandi made final three deal with me and Jamie. I am sitting here being like, yay Suicide Squad, and Im saying Suicide Squad not because we are overly epic and badass and OP but more of Suicide Squad, this is suicide for my game because if I make Final Tribal with these people I am gonna get wrecked. However I just need to make them do stupid things during the merge so that I have a better reputation than them or as I simply have a better social game than both of them and to a degree Im more cold blooded than both of them from what Ive seen, for the love of god Skandi was moaning about the idea of voting out Amir and Jamie is whiny about voting Ricky out within the four next tribal councils despite the fact that he is the enemy, so I can simply just pull a fast one on them and send them packing. Anyways after making that deal Im gonna break one, with Sam. I recently found out she is playing double agent with me and the Tumblr Endurers. It pisses me off because the girl is simply gonna side whoever has better odds of having majority during tribal. Me and Tyler R are so pissed at her right now but if she comes up to us we will be all nice to her when we are actually cursing her in our minds. If we ever go to tribal with her we are gonna try to get her out, her second alliance won't even expect it and will probably play an idol on somebody else.

Lastly, Po (thats the nickname we've given to Tyler P) has been so persuasive about throwing immunity just to get the double votes that I know he has something fishy in his mind, having double votes won't matter if he has an idol, that combined with the chance of Yap having the other idol, however if we go with Bariq to tribal we can simply split the votes into three splits between Ricky, Yap and Tyler P since I know for a fact they don't have Skandi siding with them so unless somebody messes up we are fine. However if we go with Shehr, we are basically screwed unless Sam sides with us, however Tyler R want her out... This twist is so conflicting...


Man I tell ya, we ain't getting any breaks around here.. Oh well, ain't no rest for the wicked I guess. Hmm.. just saying, probably a good episode tittle for the last one "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked"


I probably should've sent my last confessional about an hour later, because after Mihai talked to me I finally understood why he was so confident about this plan. He just forgot to mention a small detail- that Tom is also a med student and that's how they bonded so well. That's some amazing job on Mihai's part! As I have actually went over the profiles of the other contestants, I'm surprised I haven't noticed that myself. That's how Mihai knew the new schools are relying on our votes, that Tom doesn't even have the idol and Kevin will definitely vote Tom (he was wrong about Jamie though, she was never aligned with them and gladly voted for Tom when Charley asked her to). So at the end of the day, Tom was totally overkilled by an 8-4 vote. Mihai deserves the full credit for this one, I really love him and feel like he considers me his closest ally. It's amazing how I always had a feeling that if we end up on a season together we will be a great team, long before I knew him at all. We have such a similar life story and so much in common, I could really see us meeting someday! You guys better start shipping us because that's the best bromance you'll ever get from this season. Right now I'm torn between him and Skandi since I don't believe I can bring them to work together until the very end, but I'll have to try. I can't believe how much I overestimated Tom and the rest of the new schools. These guys are fucking idiots! You just met Mihai a day ago and now you put your entire game in his hands? Are you for real? Did any of you even try to talk to us Old schools to see where we stand? Well I give Amelia and Ricky some credit for trying (and failing) to start a conversation with me, but this is just a new level of naivety. What we can all learn from this vote is that Mihai is a boss, Charley and Jamie have some connection that should be addressed later, Jessy and Sam are really paranoid (though still badass) and that Molly's existence in this game is in question.


Day 13

lol the plan fell through and bariq is coming to tribal and middle school has the advantage and this is so messy l m f a o i better start figuring out how to clean up this mess i;ve made

–Tyler P.



i am so fucked off right now that it isn't even funny. No one has been talking to me and when they do all they do is lie to me. I went on a call with Tyler. R for like three hours? He literally gave me nothing, not a thing! Eventually Joan, Yap and Tyler. P joined and the conversation became strategic but it's hard to really trust people who just agree with you and don't get into the conversation as seriously as you are. Something is fishy and I am not about to just sit here and take their word for anything.


This vote is the most confusing vote by far, it has been over 12 hours and I still don't have a fucking clue. The names that have been tossed in the air are Tyler Ridgeway, Yap and Cali. Personally, voting out Cali would benefit me the most: 1) I get to vote out a middle schooler, otherwise they'd kill us in the merge, 2) I want to protect Tyler and Yap because I think they can help me in the game (although I'd much rather keep yap than t-ridge), and 3) Yap and Tyler can help my tribe in challenges, unlike Cali. So my priority right now is to get rid of Cali, but yap and t-ridge seem to be on the cards instead...


ok so my tribe lost and went to tribal with Bariq and Um.... They are just as messy as Shehr wtf!!! Miss Sk*nd* is throwing mine, Cali and Yap's names out there. I mean lowkey IDGAF about them BUT UM....IMMA NEED HIM TO HOP OFF K THANKS!!! Anyway, the target is supposed to be Amir? But we all think Lukas has the idol and Jessy was just like should we vote for Tyler P and I'm like :O and literally Tyler was like "OMG Tyler thanks for really having my back and stuff" because he thought he was gone immediately over here and I'm like I mean I told him I would protect him as much as I can but I need Tyler to tell about that idol he probably has before I can trust him tbh but as for this tribal....idk these hoes messy. Oh side note: Charley is cool af <3

–Tyler R.

sam's a hypocrite


it seems me trying to save Yap is trying to backfire as Yap is leaking the information I'm telling him... oh well, looks like I have to cut my losses on him, I can't afford to worsen my position. Sorry Yap but looks like I'm targeting you.


I am 80% sure that I am going to be the one they target this round. I really want to believe that Qahtan is on my side, but I truly feel like this is just all just one giant slap in the face towards me. The plan has been Amir for like most of this time and that took ages of planning and convincing, but suddenly everyone is going after Lukas?? Like if they're playing Ricky and I and Lukas plays an idol, i'm gonna be pissed

also Ricky wants me to pass my idol to him because it's likely that Qahtan and Shehr will go to the next tribal but like every inch of me is screaming to use it on myself this round. If i do this and i go home you can just put me right at the top of the idiot tree.

–Tyler P.

that awkward moment the old school people (except Charley & Lukas) finally came online like....y'all fucking tried it

–Tyler R.

Last TC was dramatic in the sense that I flipped and proved my loyalty to the old schoolers, showing them I was not with new school. I definitely am happy with that move since my vote didn’t affect the outcome but it cemented me in a much better position with more people trusting me. For example, Skandi and Joan made a f3 with me, and Amir told me he trusted me, as well as Tyler R asking to align with me. The move in itself didn’t make a difference to the game, but it’s made a huge difference to my game and given me a lot more options. Anyway, this twist is insane. So much has happened over the course of the 24 hours that I’m honestly lost. It’s gone from being Amir, to Cali, to Ricky, to Yap, to Tyler P to Lukas to everyone else under the sun. At first, the plan was to split the vote on Ricky and Yap, while telling Ricky and Yap we were voting Tyler P. It would be me, Skandi, Joan and Jessy voting Ricky (7 total votes) and Charley, Amir, Tyler R and Cali voting Yap (7 total votes), with Lukas also voting Yap with the potential of him flipping though. Therefore Yap was most likely to go, but it didn’t matter if any idols were played or Lukas flipped — it was secure. That was until Lukas actually showed signs of flipping and started running his mouth to Yap, saying we were targeting him.

Lukas has been on my radar for a long, long time. Him and Molly are my main targets, and so I immediately began to suggest to Skandi and Joan that Lukas should go. Skandi shut it down, but Joan and I began talking about it and definitely thought we should go through with it in the near future. I began talking around and the votes weren’t there, which was sad. Talking to Ricky, he revealed a lot. For example, Skandi was targeting me last TC (or brought my name up) AND Ricky has an idol. Due to him telling me this, I opened up to him about people’s plans for TC since I want to keep him in. After speaking for hours on end, I decided to go with him/Yap/Tyler P and try harder/get more votes against my target all along — Lukas. I had Joan too, so in total we had 9 votes (needing 11). I then went to Tyler R and Jessy, and they said they’d do it and they brought in Cali, making 15 votes. I’m definitely extremely happy that I’ve chosen the direction of the game this time, Lukas apparently has the old school idol too so getting rid of him just benefits me in so many ways. Keeping Ricky I think will be good too, I know he’s in that endure alliance but I still think he is actually loyal to me since he told me about his idol. Who knows? Flipping back and forth might be a big mistake but at least I’m having fun :P.


So the one thing I told myself in this game was that I really wanted to trust Jamie. We are both from Rome, she is a good kid and tries super hard. She lies a ton and at the end of the day I know I can't trust her... but it didn't stop me from trying. I hit her up and she actually unloaded a ton of information to me. I made up a lie that I had an Idol and I used that as some leverage to see what was really going on. I know her and Jessy are in the loop. She basically spilled everything to me and I found out that Joan, Callie and Tyler R were lying to me. Well lol, no shit!


Oh these people just lovee stirring the shit don't they -_-. So I started of this swap only trusting Sam, Jessy, and Tyler. Wow have things changed cause right now, the only person who I can trust from my old alliance is Tyler. Apparently people are saying that theres some "all winners alliance" With people like Amir, lukas, and Mihai. And on top of that theres now more rumours of Sam being in a cross tribal alliance with the new schoolers. And if that was enough, now Yap apparently got some pregame alliance with Ricky and Tyler P. Honestly this game went from 0 to 100 real quick. And if I don't anything about it soon, my ass is gonna home next. So for the moment I'm just going to go with Yap and his group, but the first moment I get, i honestly want him out. I have definitely not forgotten about him trying to get me out on the taylor vote, and honestly this whole pregame alliance just seems really really shady.


Ugh so this vote! Just like last vote, I am screwing over Ricky! Lying to him! Honestly, when I went into this tribe, I didn't want to screw over Ricky! I wanted to work with him actually! But with all the bullshit that's going on, all his side alliances, I have to keep lying, keep fucking him over. Do I like doing it? No. It's awful. And he guilts me so often about it too. Like it's not my fault you were aligned with Tom! I'm pretty sure he just thinks I'm some stupid follower sheep girl anyway. In his words "I feel like old school has been bossing you around". I'm pretty sure lots of people feel like that, but old school tried to vote me out. Honestly, if I could drop working with old school, I would. I would rather not. But because of this stupid joint tribal twist, which I hate by the way thank you hosts for that one, I have to keep relying on old school! And it's not even my choice, my allies keep telling me to get old school on my side. Anyway, my alliance with Ricky is driving me up the wall. You can't tell tone from text, I'm well aware of that, but yesterday his messages he just seemed pissed off at me constantly. It's super annoying! Like yes, I have lied to him multiple times, and yes a good ally shouldn't do that. But you know what? Why am I finding out about his side alliances through other people? Honestly, I like Ricky a lot, I don't want him to go because he's a friend. But if he goes... Well, that's one less thing to have to worry about. No more guilt from him... God, I am so sick of this whole double tribal at this point. Oh, and one last thing... Screw my tribe for this challenge Emotikon smile We could've won if they weren't all super greedy about it. Ugh. I just want to avoid tribal ONCE. Is that so much to ask?