Day 24



I've been on the outs of three votes now. (I didn't know about the Yannick split so I was out). It's time. Passive Jordan is gone. If I make it through this next round (because they're probs voting me over Boo), things are gonna change.


Seeing Trent post "the #BOOPRAYERS WORKED' makes me feel worried. While I understand why Ethan got targeted instead of him, I wouldn't say Nick was really that much of a threat, but he was the best choice out of those people I'd say. I'm just 100% sure I shouldn't fight with Boo seing that post - I do not want to get a million more VL hate posts.


BRUHHHHH. Ethan idols out Nick. So good news and bad news here. The good news is well, Ethan did my work early, got the blood on his hands, and now I won't have to deal with Nick's ANTICS anymore. Knowing Nick in real big games like these he always wants to step up and show out, but apparently he he went just oneeeeee step overboard and it backfired on him. EITHER WAY, HE WAS TOAST IF I SAW HIM AT A MERGE BUT YEAH, NOW HE CAN'T BREAK THE SINGLE SEASON RECORD FOR VOTES LMAO. More good news is that I have the ONLY idol left in this game.

Now the bad news. Ethan is now secured just about everywhere, he's safe with Bryce now, which in turn makes him safe with Taylor, we have a Final 2, and he has the obvious connection with Grace. In the endgame he's going to have to make choices and I just don't know if I'm involved in those plans now. Also, should we remerge now or next round I may find myself in a swing vote position and that's never a good thing to be in at a merge.

REGARDLESS, I think everything balances itself out here, so let's just see what happens next.


Day 25

Survivor Retribution Confessional 12 Grace07:26

Survivor Retribution Confessional 12 Grace


Yeah so it's auction time. Immediately I get the ball rolling here and Grace hits me with a tough proposal. She wants to go for the idol clue (which I still don't know to this point whether it's a replanted Lucena idol clue or the merged idol clue, which in turn would be absolutely worthless), as she said "it'd look bad for me if I had 2 clues". If there's a possibility for another idol, am I going to go for it? You fucking bet, BUT, I didn't want to assert any pushiness or demand anything just yet, so I had to figure a way to counter that. Simple, I got Lucas bidding 500 for the clue and he's going to share with me. E A S Y. I don't think Grace knows Lucas and I are aligned so if she asks why Lucas went for the clue, you better believe I'm deflecting any suspicion away from me. Aside from the clue, only a few other items give me some intrigue. The covered items of course, but it should be no secret that the rings and the restrict are by far the most powerful items in the game. I'm in a trio with Bryce and Ethan, the remnants of YouTube now, and we're called the 3/THS COMPROMISE LET'S GO. RACIST ALLIANCE NAMES ASIDE, we decided to plan out our bidding and I let them go for the rings and the restrict themselves while I'll go for the covered items. Why? I want to take some of the attention off of myself, I know the items and who has them is going to get leaked all over the place eventually and I want others to put targets on themselves or go trigger happy with their items while I duck from all of that crossfire. Besides, all the other items are challenge-based, and I already know that some PUNK is going to try to swap their score with mine or restrict my challenge score altogether, at which point I'll know I'm a target and I can play my idol. So yeah, the good thing too with my covered item is, hey, it can be something awful and I couldn't care less, or it can be something fantastic and I could either lie about what I have or just be open about it, depends on what I get first.


Also thank fuck we won that reward challenge. I'm guessing there's one more round of tribal immunity after this, and honestly if we lose, with Nick's departure, I'm pretttyyyy sure I'd be a target to get votes now. My feeling is that if Grace and Scott want to make a power play in the game, they get Michelle and take me out, and pick up and get Boo and Jordan back on the same page at a remerge, and that's a 5-4 advantage for them heading forward. If they settle for voting out Michelle, and we go back to voting lines from the Danielle vote, they face a 5-4 minority by having myself Lucas Bryce Ethan and Taylor in the perceived "majority". Of course, Michelle once again is in the middle of everything, and I just don't know where she's gonna end up. If the fate of my game rests in Michelle's vote, then god save us all. I'll see if I can take another stab at getting Bryce/Ethan to throw the next one


Really happy tribal went as planned last night, I was so worried something would go wrong. But now that Nick is out of the picture and won't try and flip on me every vote, I think I can reclaim this majority of the people who voted Dani when we merge again. Also my worst nightmare just happened... the AUCTION. I really hate auctions if you couldn't tell already, they are such BS and add random shit to the game that shouldn't be there but that's just my thought process. Hopefully my alliance with Bryce will stick because he's going after the double vote and I'm trying to take the mask of restrict. Honestly the items that can screw people over in challenges seem cheeky, but not game ending, you shouldn't need to rely on immunity anyways. I just really really hope this doesn't screw me over like it did last time.




I just realized if everything goes right the next couple days I can have two final 3 deals, two idols in my pocket, and all the good items on my side from this auction. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. But I also found out Michelle's going for the light pearl, and if she gets that, then I'm fucked if Lucena goes to tribal



Bullshit like tonight is why I can't wait to leave this place .. whenever that may be


Day 26

The auction went... pretty well? Bryce got the Double Vote and I got the Mask of Restrict. Im just glad no one else on the other side got anything important. I know Grace got the idol clue and when we merge, I can get her to share it with me and we can try and get that thing together. Hopefully its a new idol, and not the merged one Evan already has. I don't know at this point, anything can happen.


Trololol? Ethan and Bryce go lax a bit, Lucena wins again, Boo bails the fuck outta there, and Jordan goes home 2-1. THE END.

Yeah so Bryce and Ethan were literally posting at will and instead of posting Grace is doing a fucking podcast instead.. seriously?? If we lose I'm putting her name down, getting Lucas to do so, playing that idol on myself, and Michelle better join that train. And oh hey look Michelle posts a GIF which I'm pretty sure everyone JUST FOUND OUT CRASHES THE SITE TEMPORARILY AND MAKES IT SO WE CAN'T POST A PICTURE FOR EXTENDED MINUTES. W Y D


me lowkey wants to throw this challenge just because i'm a trololololing binch.


So I'm pretty sure we just won the trololol challenge. I took some subliminal digs on my last posts, and I have absolutely no regrets there. When it's official that we've won, I will now have been immune for FIVE straight rounds whether it be having individual immunity, tribal immunity, or an idol played on me and the feeling is alleviating for the short term yet is gradually more horrifying for the long term. This is about to be the Final 9, and honestly I might see myself escaping maybe one or two votes straight up before having to see myself play akin to the Texas scumbag himself, THE MIKE HOLLOWAY GAME. That can't be the case. I want people to see me as a shield or I want them to believe I have their best interests for as long as possible. And I think I can make that magic happen but the simplest way to move on in this game is to get that necklace around you, and honestly aside from Ethan and maybe Grace, no one really intimidates me when it comes to challenges.


Boo only posted TWICE in the entire 24 hours that the challenge was going on. I get that he has exile and is basically immune, but fucking over our entire tribe (especially me) like that was not cool. Im losing more and more respect for boo every day really.


I sincerely hope we merge next, I'm really getting bored with this tribe.


I'm tired of these tribes. I'm exhausted. It's mostly from work, they've been having me work at 7 am every day. I barely participated in the challenge due to sheer exhaustion. I literally fell asleep the second I got home from work and didn't wake up for 4 hours.

Now I think I'm safe tonight. I think by Ethan doing almost the entire challenge by himself, he showed himself to be a big threat. I don't trust Bryce and Taylor AT ALL, but for now I have to. They control the vote. Sadly, if I stay, my light Pearl will already be gone, but that's fine.


It's looking like its going to be 3-1 Jordan (2-1 since he has the pearl) and I'm hoping the relationships I have built get me through this tight squeeze since Jordan s voting me. If I do get blindsided I will not have expected in the slightest, and I would tip my caps to Bryce and Taylor. I think keeping me would be THEIR best move since I am genuinely wanting to work with them deep into the game. I guess the silver lining is that I'm starting my "getting votes at every tribal" streak again.


It's really sad that Evan has no life. Like... so sad. I feel for him. It must tough. He had hours and hours and hours of just posting and posting and posting. Well, that's one of the many reasons I will make sure he's gone as soon as we remerge. First, Bryce, Jordan, and I will get Ethan then him. THEN I can get Bryce hopefully, but I may need to stick with him a weeee bit longer simply bc Lucas/Michell and Boo/Grace hate each other. Grace would be eaier to work with than Boo though. I just can't strike too late or else I'll regret it. I hope I'm not being lied to tonight, but I don't think it would make much sense to save Ethan at this point. it's too risky.

And poor Nick. i was NOT expecting that. Bryce decided to vote for him over Jordan when Ethan said he was playing his idol. It's probably better he's gone. But I HAVE to watch out for Bryce even more now. I do trust him right now. Well... let's do this thang.


Okay, so we face tribal again and Boo is out of the picture, which I wouldn't have gone after him, but that basically leaves me with the choice of Jordan or Ethan to go home tonight.

With Ethan staying, I feel like I have easily a large portion of the numbers on my side and I can WALTZ to the finish line. I feel like it will be so easy, however, that would consist of a possible final 3 of Ethan, Evan, and myself. Ethan I feel like has the people on OG Lucena in the event of a jury vote, AND possibly Nick/Yannick over me. I feel like I lose easily to him in the end game even though I feel like I have worked harder strategically to get where I am, but it would go unnoticed because of certain ego's. With Jordan staying, the game is much harder but I feel like is opened up to a more dominating game IF I can get the numbers on my side and keep them. If we merge after this, I feel like it would be Lucas/Michelle versus Grace/Boo and I could pick a side to run with for a good bit. The ONLY problem I have with this is what will EVAN do now that I have literally voted out the only 3 members of our youtube premade other than him. I have to let him know ASAP that I HAD to get rid of Ethan for my game, but I honestly feel like that shouldn't be too big of a deal because it was kind of blatantly obvious. I don't think he'll try to kill me, but it does make it harder for him to trust me. With Ethan gone, I could bring up an alliance of myself, Taylor, Jordan, Evan, and possibly Scott. Then, we pick a side between the other 4 since they will probably target each other, and go from there. I HAVE to get rid of Evan though at the right time, and I feel like I should also get rid of Scott as well immediately after so I can hold Jordan in on my side. I know it's bad that I'm this concerned about the Jury Votes when there are currently 10 people left, however, if I don't worry about it NOW, it will be too late to make a move. I'm blindsiding everyone left and right and it will either fuck me over or leave me as the last one standing.


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