"I Feel Like She's Secretly A Demon"
Season Survivor: Sichuan
Episode Number 1/14
Episode Chronology
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I Feel Like She's Secretly A Demon is the first episode of Survivor: Sichuan.


Immunity Challenge: Chinese Zodiac TROLOLOL. Each tribe got their own thread and they had to go in order posting pictures of the animals on the Chinese Zodiac. They needed to wait for 2 people to post after them before they could post again. Each post counted as 1 point, if they messed up they had to delete the post and each deleted post counted as -2 points. They were given pictures of the animals that they had to use. The tribe coming in first place received immunity and a clue to the idol, the tribe that came in second won immunity.

Winners: Chengdu & Ziyang

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1: Leshan

Tribal Council 1:
Julez (5 votes)
Alexa, Jake, Jessy, Loren & Marks
Loren (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

Julez, you're too shady and powerful for me to keep in this game. There's only room for one Queen B in this season. I really hope this vote goes through and you go despite that I think you're a very sweet person. I would vote Loren out but he's very transparent, unthreatening and is unable to sell water to a fish. Best of luck Julez, I hope you're the one that goes tonight.


When the s*** storm comes, I run and get my poncho. And you were at the eye of the storm on this one.


You're super shady so everyone is voting you out tonight, sorry you had to be blindsided


The phoenix, a mystic and powerfull creature that is cyclically reborn.The bird has to perish in the flames in order to become more powerfull. Loren, you're the flames, you're going to burn, and after you're gone I'll raise to the top and slay everyone. I really hope it's you and not me the first boot since that's like the worst thing ever. Ew.


Sorry Julez, it just had to be done. You are a complete loose canon, and a brilliant player. Bye hun, see you some other time.


*blows kiss* Enjoy ponderosa


Final Words

If there's a season for total flops

let me know bye


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Sim's quote