"I Have No Confidence"
Season Survivor: Tikal
Episode Number 12/15
Episode Chronology
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I Have No Confidence is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Tikal.


Immunity Challenge: The castaways competed in a challenge called Rope Chop. Each castaway had 3 ropes, and over a 24 hour period they were asked Survivor trivia questions at random points. The first person to correctly answer the question got to chop the rope of one of their fellow castaway. Once a castaway lost all 3 ropes, they were eliminated. The last person left standing with a rope won immunity.

Winner: Marie

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 12: Doabslavskq

Tribal Council 12:
John (4 votes)
Christine, Claire, Marie & Michael
Michael (3 votes)
(Used Hidden Immunity Idol)
Joanna, John & Linus

  • Note #1: Michael used the Aguateca Hidden Immunity Idol on himself, negating 3 votes cast against him.

Voting Confessionals

You're an absolute sweetheart which makes this so much harder than it needs to be but you're just the biggest threat to my game right now.


This isn't a fairy tail where everything goes right sometimes things go VERY VERY wrong.


I like switching sides so let it be... I have no better idea what to do. I feel bad, very bad and alarmed. So I think that my vote could be not important tonight... But we will see.


I'm hoping that the #blindside tonight involves you, not me.


This is a terrible terrible idea because they literally know we are voting Michael and they are probs voting me, but Claire refused to blindside Christine so :/




Sorry, but you're too big of a threat to keep around any longer.


Final Words

Well, as expected, Crooked Claire flipped. Michael told me shortly before the vote period ended that he was voting me, and that Claire was on board with it. I asked Claire what she was doing, and she straight up said she was voting me, which made me feel really sad because I didn’t want to go. I’m kind of disappointed in her, because I think she’s sort of going to be playing for 4th at this point, plus I really was looking out for her safety, but oh well. Michael, probably out of paranoia in the event Claire didn’t flip, played an idol on himself, and so the vote was 4-0 against me.

Overall, I think I performed really well! I was going into this totally expecting to be a premerge or early merge boot, but I got 7th, which for me is pretty damn incredible! I’m also very proud of how far I made it considering I was at a numbers disadvantage since around F13 (the Mel vote). Kind of an incomplete underdog story (incomplete since I didn’t win, lol). I’m glad I won at least one individual challenge; I was hoping that if I made it to the merge I would be able to pull that off. And I finished with 13 votes, which I think is pretty awesome! Just goes to show how much people wanted me out, but they couldn’t get me. (At least until now rip.) Most importantly though I had a lot of fun. I’m really grateful for the experience to play on the main ORG and to meet all these awesome people, and I hope that I was iconic enough to one day return. Until then though, that’s all from me! ❤


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after John's quote