These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 10

So Chris flipped, my best ally went home and we are the minority now. Guess it can't be worse eh. I gotta keep fighting now.


It sucks being in the minority again, especially since I might be stuck on Isis 2.0. I'm practically invisible to the tribe however, so Duy and Luke will go before me. However, because I am invisible no one bothers to listen to me. I said "I don't trust Chris." Everyone said they trusted Chris and now we're here. Also, Gerard ruined the last challenge for us. Brendan has done absolutely NOTHING. WHY. ARE. THEY. STILL. HERE. Get it together Chris. Will has politely said "Screw you. Don't even try and strategize with me." If I somehow make the merge I will flip to the other team without a doubt. I can't stand Chris and his indecisiveness, Brendan and his arrogance, and Gerard for failing.


This season is hard! Much harder than Switzerland. If Vuelta will lose next immunity challenge, I'm gonna vote for Alex or Adam at tribal council. I'm pretty sure Alex voted for me at first council along with Ometepe. Also I know that Adam has made "majority" alliance without me. Don't play with me like that! Alex or Adam will be voted out soon, I have good feeling about this.


Day 11

I actually am scared I might go home, if something goes wrong here. But I have a solid alliance, so I SHOULD be safe, but you never know with this game.


Day 12

So, I actually managed to win immunity and pull off that split vote last tribal<3 I'm such a g.oddess. But for now, I need to remain UTRP so I'll keep this short. Me and Maxwell are gonna be the "Romber" of this All-Stars like ORG. We both got 2 places below Amber/Rob's places, so this could work. Anyway, our alliance is called the "Romber Alliance". And yes, he is okay with losing to me because you guys are gonna rig a season for him! :)


Winning the challenge was nice, but I feel like I'm on a tribe of Coltons. Brendan's a jerk-- I was expecting him to be an ass, but it still surprises me how he hasn't been eliminated when he's failing at the social aspect of this game. Chris is just flat-out ignoring me, Duy, and Luke as if we have some contagious disease he might catch. I don't understand this mutiny twist yet, but if three contestants are allowed to mutiny, the three of us will. If that doesn't work, we're screwed. Brendan thinks I'm in his alliance of 5, and that we're going to split the votes 3 for Luke and 2 for Duy in case Luke plays his idol. I'm supposed to be voting for Luke, but in reality the three of us are going to be voting for Brendan, and with Luke's idol Brendan will be (hopefully) voted out 3-2-0.


Finally! We worked together and beat Vuelta! The reward clearly tells us a mutiny is coming. I hope everyone on our tribe realizes that to mutiny would be suicide and that we can beat Vuelta anyway.

It's sad to see Mad go again, but it's good to see that 2 others are not in the main alliance and might work with us.