These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 16

Courtney, Courtney Courtney, she is an invisible being that does nothing in the game and im suprised she is still here. she is Like the next Zachary.


Honestly i dont care about winning challenges because if you win all the challenges you dont really get to play the game and then its just a boring expirience for you.


My Goals in the game are. to make the Jury and the Merger. Honestly i dont care what happens after that. yeah it would be nice to win but i feel like i have proved myself to everyone and shown i can play this game and thatss what i originally came out to do


well i have the idol at the moment so it really doesnt affect me now but im hoping ralphie votes for Joshie and Joshie and courtney vote for me and then Joshie goes home

o and if it goes to rocks am i in it cos i used the necklace.


I have improved so much from who is was in cuba in 3 ways.

1. I didnt get voted out 3rd from my tribe 2. I actually have friends this time around 3. People actually do what i tell them


i absolutely suck at challenges. yeah i might be good at the luck challenges but other than that im pretty bad at everything


Day 17

So, on my tribe, Aidan believes he's the swing vote. Funniest thing ever? We literally have a four-person alliance devoted to voting him out next. So yeah, maybe swing vote is what the cool kids mean when they're next to go? I don't know. Anyway, Lloyd made a final five deal with Chris and I, consisting of me, Chris, him, Woj, and Bailey. I managed to get Will in for the final six, so now I just need to drag Maxwell along and at the Final 7, I'll have majority, and Maxwell will have his idol.

If it wasn't clear enough yet, I'm going to go to the end with Maxwell. Yeah, pretty much. I like Chris, but he'll win, so there's no way I want him in the end with me. If it's a final 3, I want Will with me because he's okay, but he's not too big of a threat. I'm certainly not gonna underestimate him, but Chris is way more dangerous.


we won another immunity!!!!

i know we deserve to celebrate about our win...but aidan just pissess me off!!! i just discovered that he's trying to throw me and wojtek under the bus...WHAT AN ASS HE IS!!!! he really thought i was that stupid not to know what he's trying to pull out???? no i'm not... i didn't make it this far just to get screwed by aidan...NO!!! since me and wojtek are really solid, we have to play the cards that we have together!!! i know this was mu latest and yet this is how i burst my rage... he's trying to plot against me...right now, the very best thing for us to be in a relief is to win challenges.. and if i have to drag my ass just to win a piece of immunity, i'll do it...right now, me and woj are trying to work with gerard and chris. though i haven't had the chance to talk to CK, still i caught aidan. and that can be our key to stay away from this snake... gerard and CK are kind of pissed with luke so when aidan confess to me that his closest ally was luke, i just said to wij, "GOTCHA"... that would be our key... i personally think that scrambling is pretty desperate move to make...i don't want them to feel that i'm paranoid. because if they see that, i'm pretty sure it's not that soon before i leave the game... so i really have to consider every option woj and i have for us to stay alive... i can't be voted out now. NOW that i reach the day i lasted in egypt which is Day i'm ready to really play the game.. Let's do this!!!...Bring it on!!!!....


This game might be full of goats for all I know. Bailey and Joshie are controlling their little Vuelta alliance, and I'm 99% sure they have promised each other a F2/F3 deal. Then there are the minions; Courtney and Alex who don't have a mind of their own. I knew this was going to happen; this is why I tried to align with Qayyum in the beginning of the game -_- At the merge I'm targeting them. I'm trying to convince the Max/Duy/Will alliance (that I literally formed for them) to throw the challenge and vote out Bailey but none seem to actually think it's a good idea. Who knows, maybe they're not as united as I thought.

On Devolvi, there's the alliance of Gerard and Chris, and Wojtek and Lloyd on the other. Both are positive that I'm on their side XD. Both sides have pros and cons, but I'm still unsure on the side I want to pick. No matter how I play it. one large alliance is going to be angry and after me.


We don't have the idol anymore, Luke is pretty vulnerable right now and we decided to save him by throwing challenges. It makes sense since there will be a late merge. It's me, Will, Max in Vuelta and Aidan, Chris, Gerard in Devolvi now. We're gonna take out Bailey and Lloyd.


Brendan is gone and I can't say I'm surprised.. Or even upset. This was all his fault, I don't really care that he's gone. I hope that tribe continues to lose!