Day 16

No confessionals for Day 16

Day 17

Things couldn't be going better. 3 challenges in a row win, and Jerby just dominated this most recent immunity challenge, so we will win. My original plan was to get a group from Atonga, and merge with drew's group from Tagaloa come merge. We vote off anybody not in our groups, then pick off the rest going final 3 me him and Noah. But I'm rethinking that right now.

I'm starting to trust Richie and Jerby a lot more. Richie told me a lot of info lately. He said that drew is running things, and I'm even on his sights to vote out. Well, I'll still play along, but I don't trust drew anymore. Drew has everybody in the palm of his hand. But supposedly, according to Jerby, Tyler seems in charge. And Jaime told me the same thing before he was voted off. Although it would be great if they got voted off now, if they make merge, there will be a bigger target other than me. Richie also referred to drew as Boston rob. I'M BOSTON ROB. NOBODY ELSE. I control this game. But, I will not make that too apparent until it's too late for anybody to do anything about it. Atonga is the best, and Tagaloa will succumb to the Pagonging.



So, I ran my alliance plan with Jerby, and in his own words, he's one hundred percent with me! So far, the alliance is Nokomis, Jerby and myself. Me and Jerby are going to try our best to make sure we get the "free birds" of Atonga to join us, in Blake and Quanz. The only challenge with this is definitely Quanz, as he's branded as a "flipper," I guess you can call it, in this game. It's either going to be very easy to win his trust and make him feel secure with us, or a hard-fought battle. Either way, they're going to align themselves with one group or the other. I like to think of this like jail, and we're two rival gangs. If you're not with one, consider yourself dead.



An easy reward. More frustration for Drew.

I'm getting really excited with how our tribe keeps coming together for these challenges. It's beautiful! We're really bonding as a group, and more than one person has called us the final 8 in group chat. Hurrah!

Last night I decided to try and cement my relationship with Jordan. The way the game is speeding up I need him on board with me long before we end up in tribal council. So I essentially laid all my cards out on the table for him to see. Its the riskiest move I've made all game. I have not made myself this vulnerable to ANYONE in the game before. I told him EVERYTHING. About Drew, about the vote to take out Matt, how it wasn't Blake who flipped, but Tyler. How Noah knew about it as well. I essentially gave Jordan all the ammunition he needed to destroy my game.

This was the beginning of his reply:


So this was good. Jordan doesn't want Drew at the end. So it opened up the chance for me to plead my case.


And that is when I got what I wanted:



Nokomis went on telling me that he's scared of being voted out and all he wants to do is to reach the jury phase. He even went so far into telling me his secret (unfortunately, I swore that I won't tell anybody).

I feel closer to him as a result of our talk but we are still in the game. I don't know if he's just trying to gain my trust or if he was really sincere. But what I do know, is that after this game, I want to become his friend...



Challenge day! My least favorite day in the land of Anarchy unfortunately...

Today's challenge was up my alley. I am good with researching stuff online and deciphering pictures (skills I picked up because of my job). So, without any given thought, I "beasted" through the challenge and got the answers right away.

After the challenge though, I felt scared that I might be tagged as a challenge threat again. But to be honest, I did it because I don't want to go to tribal. I hope that my tribemates realize that I did this for us and not vote me out.

I still made sure I planted a safety net just in case we do lose. I talked to my alliance (Group 1 - Noah & Nokomis) and (Group 2 - Quanz and Blake). They basically assured me that they understand what I did but... this is Survivor after all. You've got to have lots of salt with you because anything they say can be lies. TBH, I'm kind of sick of taking too much salt! I can't wait to be in a safe position and hopefully purge myself from all this sodium in my system.



And the magic works! Blake is in the lovely group of myself, Nokomis and Jerby. I've said this once and I'll say it again, nobody is ruining my game. Assuming the next time Atonga ever attends a Tribal Council, consider Richie as good as gone.



It's become clear to me that in the game of ORG Survivor, it's impossible to overstate the importance of a good spy network. Especially when the game starts off in Anarchy. Jerby and I have set up an information gathering network that grants us access into nearly ever player's games. I heard about Matthew's initial alliances with the other International players, back when it was full on US vs International. That was a result of Jerby talking to all the international players, and then filling me in on what he heard. It was by counting up the number of people Matthew had already hit up for alliances, that we knew he was really about to make a huge move after tribes. We leaked the screenshot to all the people that said they trusted Matthew, and they magically became votes we could use for Matthew at that next tribal. Obviously, I owe Jerby my game and status thus far, and I think he'd agree that owes his to me mas well.

So it's no surprise that Jerby came through once again and let me in on a new alliance that was forming between Richie and Jordan. As the day went on, they really started to throw me under the bus and put a target on me. Luckily, Jerby and I had been working on a vote-out scenario from the first sign of Richie turning and put it in motion right away. We've got Quanz and Blake's votes because it means more life in the game for them, as well as Noah and Nokomis's votes because the think Richie will target them for being associated to me. So now we pick off Richie whenever he makes it to tribal and take Jordan the first chance we get after that.

Apparently Jordan is now telling Richie that I am like Boston Rob, controlling people while never being a target. Hasn't he read my profile?



In Japanese beliefs, number 4 is noted for bad luck. So, here we are again, we lost the challenge. It's a matter of five points. :(

I realized that there is a problem in our tribe. The inactives are always throwing the challenge especially Dustin. He is very good but it seems that he is always inactive. Tyler, Kaffe, Sam, Drew and I are always the one who is bringing the group to victory. Drew, Kaffe, Sam and Tyler are the smartest ones but they are always busy however they are assets. I am active but not performing well in challenges. Dustin is very good in challenges but he is inactive. So we know that Dustin will be the next one to go.


Day 18

I am really worried now. We keep loosing challenges and we are just such a dysfunctional tribe that I don't know if we will ever win 1 challenge. If Sam hadn't made a stupid typing mistake then we could have sat out Richie giving us a HUGE boost in that challenge. Well everything happens for a reason and because of my work during Anarchy I don' think that Tagaloa is going to get Pagonged.


Is it too late to vote for someone else? Man, I feel so bad about voting for Dustin. He is such a nice guy, and you have no idea how bad it feels to lie to someone like this. He thinks that Jon, him and I are voting for Tyler, and I would do that now if I hadn't already voted. Man... Dustin, whenever you're reading this, I'm so sorry, buddy.


Feeling Uneasy

I don't think you should ever feel safe in this game. Yet weirdly throughout most of this game I have felt fairly safe. I've feared for the safety of allies, and alliances. But never felt personally like I was in any danger of going home.

Yet lately I've begun to feel more and more like I'm playing into a dead end. Playing right into a trap that I'm not going to be able to get out of. I feel like right now, the trap has not yet sprung. I feel like there is still time to step around it, and keep myself safe. But I look at all the options I have around me, and I feel like each of them is riddled with even more traps.

My fear is that I simply don't have numbers in this game. Drew may be on the losing tribe, but come the merge, I believe he will be the one with numbers on his side.

I look at Jerby and Agustin and i know that we are tight. Jordan has said he wants to go with us, but I guess I need to see it to believe it.

Nokomis is tight with Tyler M, and I don't think he'll stay with us at the merge.

Noah is tight with Drew, and I fear the same.

So now I look at Blake and Quanz.. 2 people I've NEVER spoken to about the game before. And i think to myself... WOW... is this really even an option I'm considering?

I've not spoken about it to Agustin and Jerby yet. I need to think it through. I'm loathe to even have to talk to Quanz. Especially about strategy. But I know that if I don't and Agustin is voted off, I'll be so angry with myself.