These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 28

WOW! that was really close! Things were not what I thought they were gonna be, but, I am glad my alliance stuck together and he is gone. Now 4 more to lose!


My game is probably screwed after last tribal council, but I will never give up. Now I'm trying to talk with people and gaining more and more informations. I don't want to vote for Lloyd, he is my closest ally from beggining of this game. The same as Courtney. I really don't want to betray them... I hate lying and betraying, but I must also think about me. I must do something!


Day 29

I just realized, I'm the last person from egypt left standing!!!!!!!

I don't know if i can still keep that cause i think i already messed my game up and woj's game actually.. now i'm scared and nervous on who's going to be voted out cause ck said that i should be sorry for what or how my vote went out last tribal so i'm in a serious trouble like i'm in a really bad bad shape... what makes me a little bit of calm right now is that, i don't hear my name float around.. but you how survivor works, it's always been unpredictable.. but i really hope that after i talk to woj, i can figure out how my vote will go this coming tribal council.. and i really hope that i'm not going home tonight...


I told Wojtex I got a plan that could save him and bring him to final 3 with me. But nobody can guarantee you final 3 except yourself. He's a goner unless he wins this immunity. Imma pretend like I tried to save him but couldn't, that will be another jury vote for me. Right now I can only trust Luke and Gerard, but I'm worried about Chris since he and Gerard are kinda close so he's gotta go. Also I have to make they think me and Luke aren't close because Luke is becoming dangerous. This is the first time I feel like Luke could win over me. We are close but I wanna win and I will do whatever it takes to be the sole survivor, even if I have to stab my closest ally.


Do I think I need immunity? Not particularly. I don't think I need it until Courtney and Wojtek are gone. Lloyd... he's a slimy guy, he could probably work his way into their brains. Lloyd will have to go soon.


I probably should've tried a bit harder to win that, but after a certain point it just hurt my eyes!


Day 30

Really, I feel set. I can't think of a scenario where I don't make finals. With both Gerard and Chis and Luke and Duy wanting me in the finals, I don't see where this could go wrong, really.


This is bogus. Lloyd has come crawling back to me "Chris, PLASE I am sorry" Well too bad Lloyd, you chose the wrong side. He is like a Dawn counterpart. He is so.... I can't work with him. I just worry that there are a lot of people now that I can't work with.

Is Courtney here? Might as well call here Purple Courtney. I seriously think she is just a mirage. There is no Courtney.

Luke. Don't get me started. He needs to go! He is probably thinking of turning on me because I turned on him before. Don't worry Luke, I will turn on you soon. #swagless

I am going to play my idol tonight because, well, I am not really sure how Luke, duy, Courtney, Woj and Lloyd are voting. They could all be telling me the truth, but, 2/5 i've burned before and the other 2 lied to me last time. Better safe than sorry.