Day 12

A fan went down - Tyler Bungard. I would have wanted for him to stay because I knew him from somewhere and he's a genuine guy. But as long as it's not the Faves I guess it's okay.

Constellations. A familiar game, and I knew I would do well in this. I tried it and got 1.9M in the first try. Then the Titus started sharing scores. Sora was having a problem so I messaged him some tips which proved to be helpful. Jamie pulled off Ten Million. Monster. I am feeling good about this challenge. If we win, we will be able to tie it up with the fans. I hope the stars align and Faves be crushing the Fans with Constellations Immunity challenge.


Day 13

So the vote DIDNT go the way it was planned. Josh was supposed to go, but I guess that flopped. Two of our alliance members flopped, and now I'm on the outs. Hopefully I can weasel my way back in to the majority. Either way, Josh still is a weak link on our tribe.

After this vote, I feel like a Fish Out of Water.


We lost again, solely because of ethan! That man is a one team powerhouse, and because of freakin redemption, hes basically got a catwalk to the final five at this point. Even though we lost, and katies score didnt matter, the fact that she didnt even submit a score just put me over the edge. Katie is gonna go home tonight, this shouldn't even be a discussion or an argument to it. She's bringing down the tribe, and this last score solidified it. I've wanted Katie out from day 1 and now this is finally coming together, she hasn't spoken to me at all in this game, and she also openly gloats about how her fake alliance is gonna keep her safe, even though half the members aren't even loyal to it.


Immunity hype! I am kinda proud of the fact that my score alone beat the entire favourite's total.


Everyone is predicting a tribe swap to happen soon, so I am trying to get in good with the people who aren't my allies in case I need to fall back to them.


I just got back home from my date (he was hella boring and clingy by the way) and Brittany got another clue and we won! So she told me the next person is from Illinois but Alicia in OW is from there and I was gonna guess her next. So i'll guess and if it's not right, i'm gonna make the list and give it to her so one of us can get this idol before it's too late because i think a tribe swap is coming soon.


Day 14

Those bees really got us a break, though the jellyfish slam back. I really couldn't play that game like seriously, my day was so hectic. The deadline was around the time I was pretty tipsy. So we vote again. Katie didn't submit the challenge so she became a big target. Which I understand, but I really think there's a tribe swap coming up.

When Jamie got into the conversation she seemed to really be defending sora and hanne. So I decided to confront her like: "Jamie, who's in that side alliance, just be honest". She admitted she had one with sora and hanne. I shared this with the rest of the alliance because they should know it. I want Sora to go because he's not really good at challenges either and socially he's more of a threat. Also me and Ivan are the only ones really sticking with Katie the whole time. This would mean Katie will trust us more and will choose us over anyone else. That's why she needs to stay. She's loyal, mainly loyal to me. So it's best for me and Sora needs to go.


its crazy how much this game changes, one minute your making confessionals about how positive you are you're sending someone home, and now here we are. So Katie should've been an easy target, but then of course, someone just had to speak up and who is it, why its the my natalie friend, Topaz. He thinks not only should Katie stay, but I should go in her place. HMMMM. So I've got news for him, no one throws my name out there and tries to get me voted off and gets away with it. I don't care that Nuno and Tyler F want to send Katie home, I have other agendas and I have spent way too much time bending over for that alliance to just look away from this. If they won't help me fine, I'll do this myself, I'm going rouge here and putting the faith of myself in my hands. I'm not depending on other people anymore. It's time to play hard and NOT go home.


fluf it! It didn't work out. There's just too many people wanting Katie out. I couldnt save her and I didn't wanna make myself a target for being stubborn.

Katie, you are a wonderful person and it's stupid we couldn't get that far together, shake them haters of and know you are loved . Slay redemption. Don't let the fan bite you!


Just when you think it's over, it's actually getting worse. Jamie comes up with a new plan. There's only two names that didn't come up at all, and that's nuno and tyler F. These two boys are running the game and we can get one of them out. Great plan. So we have sora, katie, ivan, jamie and me. Almost at the same time Nuno starts talking like "I really wanna make merge" and stuff like he knows what's going on. So the new alliance decided it would be nuno and nuno and tyler add me to there skypecall. There like Jamie wants to blindside you, she thinks you would take revenge on her for Indo so vote Katie and live.

I was shocked like, I thought it was going great. I was in the majority alliance did mediocre in the challenges. Like I'm not the worst and not the best so that makes me not a threat at all. But i'm no dummy, I know I need to check if the story is right. So I confront Jamie about it and ask Nuno for details and shit. So both are like talking in on me and trying to play with my emotions. Mainly Nuno trying to scare me "If you dont vote katie you are going home". When I confronted Jamie about this she spilled everything. That there's a mystery inc 2.0 alliance, she was gonna vote me, and just everything. I feel so betrayed by mainly Nuno and Tyler. It made me realize that I only trust Katie and Ivan. In the end nuno messed up his story pretty bad. "I don't even know what happend, but it just happend" without revealing any details.....yeah sure. You talk a lot but this is pure bullshit boy. That's what made me vote for Tyler tbh. Nuno's messed up story. This thing is already to long so gonna catch up later


Well… this is chaotic to say the least. This TC is still up in the air and sending my vote I still don’t know who’s going. I want it to be Dennis because of our Indonesia past and I’ve managed to convince Katie, Sora and Ivan to do it which leaves us with 4. I had Hanne and Nuno convinced but Tyler has convinced them otherwise which sucks, and now I’m at a crossroad of whether I want to keep tribe unity and vote Katie, or go with my gut and vote Dennis.

One on side, if a swap is next, Katie isn’t playing hard/well enough to flip whereas Dennis knows that I have an alliance with pretty much every member of the tribe. Plus Dennis is targeting 3/5 of the Mystery Inc alliance which is pretty much running the tribe at this point, and I know he’s still bitter about Indo and will want me out so… for me that’d be the best choice. But people in my alliance want Katie because’s she’s kinda inactive and the weakest member (which honestly makes no sense since if there was gonna be a swap, it’s only logical that it would be now). I also think they have a grudge against her for the whole Tumblr bullying thing but having spoken to her she seems really nice! I don’t know, I’m kinda stuck. Right now it appears like it’s a 4-4 tie, and I’ve been doing my best to try and throw Dennis’ vote onto Nuno, Tyler or Hanne. I added him to an ‘alliance’ chat with me, Ivan, Sora and Katie (everyone who’s voting him) and we pretended that we wanted to flip the game on Nuno and Tyler because apparently they’re running the game. He seemed into it, and brought up Nuno’s name so since I didn’t want him to run and tell Nuno the fake plan if he didn’t actually fall for it, and Nuno was pissssedddd. I had to do some serious hour-long damage control (which included multiple guilt trips and tantrums), but overall I think Nuno is fine with it, and Dennis ~may~ have fall for it, I’m not 100% sure. Nuno almost ruined it though, by acting paranoid to Dennis for no reason. Either way, I’m voting Dennis and I hope Nuno doesn’t ruin the plan and that the vote will be a solid 4-3-1 against Dennis. It just makes so much sense to vote Dennis and none in voting Katie since Katie and Ivan will be eternally loyal. I will say I feel a little bit evil blindsiding Dennis for the second time (if this is even successful) but I guess I’m just heartless ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


So much has changed in the last hour, the game just completely flipped for the more fun. Nuno and Tyler spoiled the plan to Dennis (silly mistake) and honestly it baffles me how stupid that was. Like, do you not realise that I’m your ally and was legit just looking out to save the alliance. I think they can see that I’m pissed off (probably because I said ‘fuck you’ to Nuno around 50 times) and I’m ready to flip. I thought that I’d pull an Ozzy and James on Nuno and Tyler but they’ve proven themselves to be crappy allies time after time, and I’m ready to flip.

Anyway, when Nuno + Tyler told Dennis, Dennis immediately told Katie who then immediately told me that her + Ivan + Dennis were aligned. I spilled the beans on the Mystery Inc 2.0 alliance to all of them and asked them who they wanted out. They said Tyler so… I guess I’m voting Tyler. This is honestly such a power shift and if it works out and I’m not voted off, I’ll be ecstatic because Sora will flip and maybe bring Hanne with her, and we will have established a new majority with Nuno/Tyler gone. If it doesn’t work, at least I went out swinging. Also, Nuno keeps coming up to me and pretending every things all right? UMMM, you just made everyone hate me? AND he keeps telling me to play Dennis/Katie/Ivan? UMMMMMM, who do you think you are, Nuno? Screw you, I can’t wait to see your face if (when) Tyler goes. (But YIKES at me playing WAY too hard too early, I definitely needed this as a wakeup call to just go with the flow a bit a more than I have lmao)