Day 25

Surprisingly everything went perfect last tribal!! We flushed out Ryan's idol, Jeremy went home, Tyler's still in this game and old Pobeda stuck with us. I am honestly so pumped up right now!

I got another deal with Bryce going to watch each other's backs so now it's all about getting deep. Like, if I survive with uspekh to final eight or seven, I almost have a guaranteed path to the final two. With deals with Rebekah, Erik, and Bryce I really feel confident about how this is going!

And, as much as I hate to say it, looking long term I really need to start deciding who I can beat in the end, and the two people who I talk to and like the most out of anyone on this tribe, Andreas and Molly, are two people I know for a fact I wouldn't be able to beat. Molly comes off as someone who's not afraid to stab you in the back, and Andreas is just too likable. If i can pull off a blindside or two soon, maybe not this next tribal or the one after that, and get one of those two out of the game, my odds just went up 50%.

Now, it's all about surviving. Wish me luck! :3


That took a definite toll on a few of the castaways… Might have been a dick with them. But honestly, when I try to explain why I betrayed them… Most of the people wouldn’t even want to speak to me or to cut it short ignore the few sentences explaining why. I thought by posting stickers it would give off the same meaning but I guess it didn’t.

I have already been in the spotlight from last tribal so being in the back seat whilst the others fight is probably my best decision for the time being.


Jeremy was blindsided and it was so crazy. My heart was pumping fast when Jeremy and Ryan stood up at tribal council. Even if Ryan played idol for himself and Jeremy the double vote, my heart continued to was the Best Blindside of the season so far!!!!!!


Well if it's not Ryan going home next than it's most likely me, hoping for a win tonight to get myself further in the game


So, the worst thing that coulda happened happened, and Ryan won immunity. Now, the easy vote is obviously Tyler...but I have something different in mind. I think it's time for a good ol' blindside, and this week's target: Andreas! I already have everything set in motion, I told Ivan and Ziggy how Andreas was targeting them (which is true, so no lying from me :3 ), and now it's just a matter of convincing the other Uspekhs!

I'm so sorry Andreas dude, if you are going home, I love you, but you're too much of a threat!


I decided that after this past vote, I needed to speak with Tyler and Ryan because I hadn't spoken with any Slavas yet, and Jeremy seemed pretty pissed or annoyed when he commented on my comment about how fast my heart was beating during tribal! I told Tyler that I didn't really think he had a big ego, which was the truth. I told him i would help him get further and if he told me he had an idol I wouldn't say a thing. This is the truth because I would LOVE for him to idol out Molly for me to keep the blood off my hands. He seemed a little hesitant to say much, which is understandable. I just hope word doesnt get around, and he doesnt think I'm sketchy.

I guess there is a plan to blindside Andreas tonight. As long as it's not me! As Andreas would say. Some weird alliance between me, Molly, James, Tyler, and Ryan. This is good for me though because it opens the door for more shake ups in the future. I desperately need to get rid of Molly. She actually seems to be in control of this vote, and I don't want to sit next to that at the end. This is also good because I feel James and Andreas are somewhat tight. This leaves room for me if he's gone. Molly says this is a "somewhat permanent" alliance. I don't mind. If we turn on them in the future... I wasn't the one who made the deal and backstabbed them... Molly did. James is too likable and smart to sit next to as well.

I definitely know more that is going on than people probablky think though. Ivan told me James told him Andreas was after him. James may have lied, but I'm not sure. James and Molly are sneaky sneaky people. I'm happy they're on my side and not against me, but I would be stupid to continue on with them too much further like I have stated plenty of times. Ivan seems to be with me the most out of anybody unless he's playing me. He will be a great asset to my game in the future. He was easily on board with getting out Andreas.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention the alliance I named called The Anacondas. It's based off everyone in our tribe singing Anaconda by Nicki Minaj! It is basically the Pobedas and all the Uspekhs minus Bryce.


Day 26

After Jeremy left Andreas was kissing up to the Slava alliance. My buddy is playing hard. Woah.

And shit just came real when I heard (and saw) that Andreas was trying to blindside me!!! All this time, well i cant blame him. I also want to be the last Pobeda standing. Hopefully i have built a better genuine relationship with Uspekhs and they will keep me over Andreas.

So my target is now my original Pobeda tribe mate. It was working well with us flying UTR until he got greedy. I can be blindsided too but i hope otherwise. I want Andreas gone asap.


Molly came up to me and agreed to a five person alliance of myself, her, Tyler, Taylor and James. I don't believe it for a second but I'm walking on thin ice here.

Andreas should go home tonight. He's a backstabber who's played too many sides. If he ever made it to the tribal council he wouldn't have received my vote. I lost too much respect for him as a game player.

Hopefully I've been making bigger moves to get more recognition.

I shared my idol clues with Tyler. I'm the only person to win both tribal clues. I told both of them to Tyler. If I can't find the idol I need him to. He's the only person I do believe who has my back.

Molly is also known as queen bee. But she's giving me a branch to hold on to and I wish I could take her out but I'm not going to be able to until later.


Secrets and plans and stuff... I don't quite know what's going on, but from what I've heard... *Sucks in a deep breath* So Andreas was talking about blindsighting Molly, Taylor & Ziggy to James and somebody, i'm pretty sure James, told them and now all three of them want to vote out Andreas but Ziggy told the Uspekh alliance to vote out Tyler and James told me the stuff abut the blind sighting so we were talking about who to vote out and then we came up with a plan for us to vote out Tyler because if we vote out Tyler, if guessing Ivan is voting for Andreas due to stuff, then me and him are voting for Tyler and it'll be even and if Tyler has the idol and plays it successfully, Andreas will most likely be voted out, but, if he doesn't there's an even chance for both of them going home, unless of course he's lying to me, then I most likely am getting extremely confused and being tricked... Wow that was a mouthfull... Anyway, I hope whatever happens, I stay a drama queen... o.o Wow that came out wrong


I have thought long and hard on rather or not to use my idol this tribal. I think SOMETHING will happen where people are going to flip, I'm just not sure if they are going to flip on me. They are scared of Tyler having the Uspekh idol, when they have no idea that I have it. I ALMOST told James about it, but I think it'll still be in my best interest to hold out on this information.


I wish there was an opportunity to pull rocks but with the votes being 5-5-1 I don't see that. I want Andreas gone. I've been telling people that you can pick Ty and I off later but we will not go out that easy. If everyone stays cool, Andreas will be going home. And hopefully next time it will be Ziggy.


I'm an idiot, i'm an idiot, i'm an idiot! God, I gave away most of the Uspekh alliance plan, my plan & some of my other alliance plans to Ryan without realizing, I bet i'm their next target! (Unless i'm over thinking everything and i'm just extremely tired...) But, but, I've screwed over... Gosh i'm such an idiot!


Voting Confessionals

Four different tribes, you found a way to be on eight sides. You played a horrible game. "I didn't feel like we had the majority" but with your double vote and Ivan's vote we could have. You played a scared game, I hope you go home. At least I'll be the last standing Canadian. xoxo

–Ryan, voting Andreas

Andreas, even though it's my fault you're going home tonight I honestly can't bring myself to write your name down. That's why my vote is for you tonight Tyler, hopefully I don't accidentally send ya home with this ;D

–Fitz, voting Tyler

I hope what people are telling me is true and Andreas will be going home instead of me.

–Tyler, voting Andreas

Me and James are both voting for you because I'm afraid that the two Slava will play an idol. This will force a tie-breaker with them because at least if its me who they vote for I still stand a chance. Thanks for helping me get to Day 27 bud. :)

–Andreas, voting Ivan

If all goes well, you shall be blindsided tonight. As long as it's not me. Right, brothah?

–Taylor, voting Andreas

It was working pretty well. I can see you and me planning to break into Uspekh alliance after we eliminate the Slavans until you get greedy. I am disappointed that you are trying to blindside me tonight. I am hoping my bonds with some Uspekhs will make me last longer. And hopefully I can grab your dream of becoming the last Pobeda standing. Goodluck.


I feel like i'm betraying my alliance, their voting Andreas but I just can't do that, he;s too nice, maybe he's playing me but I know that i'm not playing him. He said he's pretty sure he's going home, but, me, being who i am, kinda told him if he was going out, to go out with a bloody big bang, ya know, because who wants to go down in a murky puddle-type-way? I'm extremely sorry Tyler, I really don't mean to vote you out.