"I Want Him Surgically Removed"
Season Survivor: Sichuan
Episode Number 11/14
Episode Chronology
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I Want Him Surgically Removed is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Sichuan.


Reward Challenge:For This Challenge the castaways competed in a Survivor Auction. The castaways were given 500 U.S Dollars and had to use all of their money to bid on as many items out of 10 as they wanted. The person who bids the highest on each item would win that item.

Winners: Anyone who received an item.

Immunity Challenge: For this challenge the castaways competed in a Crossword Puzzle. Each castaway was given a different crossword puzzle and the same word bank which contained all of the castaways names from the season. Their goal was to put the names of each castaway in the crossword in the fastest amount of time. Whoever completed their crossword in the fastest amount of time would win immunity.

Winner: Jessy

Five Flower Lake

Sent to Five Flower Lake: Erin L. & Jessy

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11: Kaimíng

Tribal Council 11:
Aromal (4 votes)
Alexa, Jessy, TSN & Vanne
TSN (2 votes)
Emile & Erin L.
Vanne (1 vote)
Emile (1 vote)
SW8 Dark Pearl
Dark Pearl

Voting Confessionals

I am literally so happy to be casting this vote for you to go. You've lead multiple charges to get me eliminated and failed so this is my revenge. I would say you played a killer game but I’d be lying. I think you wrote my name down more than you ever submitted challenges. Get to stepping!


This is the hardest vote yet.Not because I like Vanne,but Jessy/Alexa have been so cool to me


We're just racking up your vote count so you can earn the title of "most votes received in sichuan!"


This is a big test for this alliance. I pray that im still around when all this is over

–Erin L.

I've wanted you out since the Merge started but had to postpone my plans, and now 5 tribals later I'm getting what I originally wanted to happen at the end of this! Trying to turn Emile against me was your first mistake, your second mistake was trying to get me to vote TSN or Emile out of pure desperation, and your third and final mistake was being the most anti-social player in a game where social interactions is key. You got lucky getting Top 7 so congrats on that but it won't get you any further. You did a good job floating beneath the bigger targets in the game but I'm here to ensure I make it to the end and allow nobody to snake their way through


Emile said me that he didn't flip so it means our plan failed. Now , Emile said that between you or me go home in this tribal . I am really in hot water now . Omg ... I can't breathe ..............


With this vote, Im gonna start buying my time waiting for the trash man to pick up the trash from the dump. Bye bye little slithering snake


Final Words

This has been a blast,I'm not mad at anyone because I put myself in this position.I'm rooting for Alexa to win and I hope the rest of the season is exciting


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Alexa's quote