Day 18

I have 2 words to describe my feelings of the other tribe right now, "fuck" "you". I hate them, no I despise them. I want to seriously find them, slit their throats, and then feed there bleeding out bodies to the wolves. I am beyond mad right now, they have done the equivalent to me of voting out my loved one, if this was blood vs water, they voted out my sister. Hanne didn't deserve to get screwed over by a bunch of egotistical fans. I want their heads on a platter, if I accomplish anything in this game, its to see that everyone that had a hand in voting off Hanne will receive a slow and cruel elimination. My mission has changed, I wanted her and me to be in the end together, no now it's different. My mission isn't to win, its to fuck over anyone who had a hand in taking her out, to screw their chances of winning over. Oh believe me, I'll get my revenge, they fucked with the wrong favorite on this one.


Day 19

So right now, the favorites aren't looking good. theres 6 favorites left in the game and 10 fans. If we don't do something theres gonna be a bigger margin of favs leaving. I figure, since I can't get any of the favorites over there, I'll hit em where they cant protect them, on this tribe. This tribe wants to win, so thats specifically what I'm gonna make sure doesn't happen. I'll throw this challenge as hard as I can, and if i play my cards right I can get a fan they like out of the game, and the two favorites, even if I don't know what they had to do with the Hanne boot, need to make it further just so the low number of favs isnt an issue.


Back at original Titus, we wonder about this Cameron guy. Either he sits out at challenges or produce a very low score. We was our only hope. We knew that as long as one sucky person stays at original Caracalla, we had a decent chance to win.

Now, I am in a tribe with him, and it is very very annoying. First, I tried to connect with him, but he is a one question, one answer guy. Like it's so hard to pretend you are interested in him. UGH. It was so dragging to talk to him, like he doesn't have any funny bone or he doesn't have anything interesting to say! Dude, Survivor is a social game! Then, at the challenge, he said he can't play. Which made me think the Fans are throwing the challenge. I couldn't avoid myself in asking him back publicly, "WHY?", He said he had computer problems or whatnot. So all this time, you are producing awful scores because of that? During the Roast, he didn't post because he said he is bad at Roasting. He also claimed he is not good at Flash Games. In this Wordz Game, I was preventing myself so bad to snap at him like, "CAMERON YOU ALSO DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL, DO YOU?" His inefficiency is driving me nuts, I just can't. Dude, Survivor is a physical game! Step it up! During the Hanne vote, Cameron and I had this awful strategy talk on whether he is interested to join me and Hanne in an alliance with Koror. I put it out there that we needed a fifth person, he said he wanted Ricky, But throughout the day, HE DID NOT TALK BACK! We created a false alliance chat, and him and Koror were not even talking. Like, dude you can blindside us, it would be better than just flat out ignoring us. Dude, Survivor is a strategic game! My time here in Titus 2.0 is so miserable. I can even anticipate my boot. I am glad we did not lose, because seriously I will snap if these proactively throw the challenge. If ever the fans run this game, the worst thing that can happen is Cameron winning. No social, physical nor strategic game. One Fan slot wasted.


Since it's free day, I just wanted to dedicate a confessional to my new tribe mates.

Cameron's was one whole confessional. I just don't understand why he is here. Period. Brittany - she is the first fan I've talked to for hours. We talked about dogs, midterms etc. And I consoled her because apparently, she got offended by the roasts. This was partly strategic, but also genuine. I never ever want to see or hear a girl crying. I enjoyed talking to her but I can't straightforward talk about the game. I don't want her to think that I'm all about the game. Hopefully I can build a better relationship with her in the hopes that she'll keep me. Domonique - Same with Brittany, I can't straightforward talk about the game. But there is a Rebekah-esque vibe I am getting from her. I liked Rebekah a lot in Kamchatka and we ended up working together. I just don't know if she is calling the shots over at the fans or what. She told me in honesty that the Faves are gonna be picked off by the Fans in this tribe. It was a brutal honesty, but I respect that. Josh - Like the roasts, he is a quiet guy, I don't know where his head's at. Jamie and him are supposedly close pre game, but as per Jamie, he doesn't want to flip. I wanted to vote him out last time. Koror - The infamous Koror. I confronted him already for being indifferent in his responses to me. I thought we would have worked together, but I was wrong. He left the alliance chat when Hanne was blindsided. So right now, I am not so much of a Koror fan. Ricky - I don't know if he is pro-Fans or is a wild card at the moment. Like, why would you go back to the people who voted you out?!! But as far as I know, he is striking a deal with Jamie, so hopefully it will work out in our favor. I am not a fan of Josh, Koror and Cameron. I will side with the girls in a heartbeat if it means voting out one of these boys.


So all my hard work didn't pay off. Oh well, I've managed to pit myself in a majority of 5 with myself, grace, sora, nuno and Katie. Tonight there will be blood.


Most of the fans are thinking that the favorites are the enemy and that we need to take them out one by one. My idea is to use the battered favs for my own advantage. Desperate people will do desperate things.


Day 20


so my crazy plan somewhat worked, i mean i didnt have alot to do with it but still, WE LOST AND THATS WHAT I WANTED. Now I can get what I wanted, my revenge on those goddamn fans who voted out Hanne. Of all the fans here, who should go for tribe unity? Idc. The person who leaves is gonna be the person who pisses off those fans the most. I want those fans to be enraged and angry that we get rid of one of their allies over here. They're gonna rue the day they screwed with me, they underestimated my capacity for hatred.

This is probably a dream come true, I'm on a tribe with fans who aren't up each other's asses about staying fans strong and actually wanna play instead of just pangong, so now is my time to strike. I could get rid of the easy vote Norbert, but at this point we all know no one goes for the easy vote. No I have bigger plans, which fan leaving would piss off the fans over there most? Minke. her leaving would infuriate the fans and her being the sacrificial lamb is no skin off my bone. Even if Dennis doesn't agree with it, oh well. Where is he gonna flip to, the other tribe full of favorite hating fans? He has no where to go and he's also only caring about himself and not thinking of the bigger picture. I'm just praying to the survivor gods, actual God, and even satan too for a tribe swap or a mutiny or some kinda change up


SURPRISE! A fan got voted out at Caracalla 2.0. Not only that, no Favorites received a vote. I bet Nuno is working on his social connections over there. How I wish I am in that tribe. It's sad I didn't even get to know Minke. She was the one who roasted me and imitated me drunk. But I hope Hanne stays in the duel because I have a good thing going with Hanne, plus she gave me the idol clue.

After the Minke vote, the Zombies suddenly appeared like a wild Pokemon. They clearly expressed their shock in the Caracalla 2.0 tribal results. I hope they realize it's no longer Fans vs Faves. We should get our act together as a tribe. And I am banking on me liking Brittany and Domonique a lot. I hope Brittany really do keep me, just in case she is calling the shots. If we lose, there's only one person who deserves the boot: Cameron. He is sitting out again, wtf. Brittany had midterms and had a better reason to sit this one out but Cameron is....just being Cameron again: useless. I dedicated two hours to play, and as much as I'd want to stay to target a seven digit score, I had some other things to do. I hope my score is the highest so if both tribes go to tribal council, hopefully I get immunity from the votes. In that case, I wouldnt hold back to turn this around in this tribe. There's always hope.


I must be the unluckiest person this season, honestly nothing has gone my way since the start. I knew to not vote Ryan, which would’ve helped preventing us going on a losing streak. Ethan was on the other tribe which led to us being a losing tribe, I was swapfucked with no one willing to flip, the people who might’ve given me idol clues have been eliminated at RI, and then as soon as the favourites could make a move and vote out Koror, Ivan had to mess it up and randomly vote Cameron. I’m so mad at this point, I love Ivan but I’m still so mad. I just wanna meet up with Sora at the merge and vote out everyone because legitimately right now every single person in the game is pissing me off. Just as soon as things were looking up, they’ve plummeted right back down again, and a potential ally is being voted off compared to someone who has no intentions of voting with the favourites and has told me that. I’m livid right now.

So I’m forced to vote against how I want to and send home a potential ally for no reason apart from Ivan messing up again. Legit nothing this season is going my way ugh.