Day 19

And Tommy goes home, but he made people curious at my plans.

Everything was going perfectly up untill someone showed that brat my fake screenshot. I have nobody in this game, and I'm gonna lie, steal, and manipulate anyone I have to so that I can win. If you thought the Jake before was bad. Its about to get ten times worse!


I'm starting to feel comfortable with the Limboto people, but whenever you feel comfortable, you are never safe.


Sooo, casey, Laure, Lucky and Jake did mutiny. I'm really happy with Casey on my side. I'm a bit all over the place right now so let's start with tommy's exit. Oh god, one of my best allies in the game if not my best. Sarah made a mistake lead by emotions and voted Tommy of because of the fake screenshot. Sarah is now in real danger at Limboto :(. I'm sorry Tommy, there was nothing I could do. But I really was gonna be loyal to you.

It's crazy because the evening before his exit I rememberd thinking how much fun I had at that moment. Taking the fight between tommy and jake not serious, goofing of with other contestants, playing truth or dare. Enough with all the serious game talk, I want some fun!

Now I heard that i'm a big target at boalemo. Jamie told me everything, they have an alliance to get the old Riau people out. I can't trust anyone. So I started a counter alliance right away of course. First I need Jamie, Casey and Laure on one page at my camp. So we have 4 votes against 3. At the other camp it needs to be Sarah, Rex and Claudia. But i'm not sure if we can trust Rex. When the merge comes we definitely can't. So we would have 5: Casey, Laure, Jamie, Sarah and me. If the merge is at 11 we just need one more.

And then there's something that just happend. Jake came to me about things I have said about him to other people. I didn't deny it, because well he knew. But I was like I still wanna work with you because we need eachother, everyone wants you gone (No lie). Then he thought I was insulting him and started saying he didn't want to talk any more and bashing me. You know I'm nice and all, but I'm not backing down so easy. I called him out on talking to too much people and he starts talking down to me. He was insane. He even said I could live out my fantasies on Jamie -_-....duuuuuude *TWITTER UPDATE* I'm gay and I have a boyfriend. Before he left he said he never liked me on a personal level and tried to get me out. I tried repleying I actually liked him on a personal level and just didn't like him on game level but he already blocked me. I'm not a hatefull person, but apparently he is. I'm not gonna back down so go fuck yourself jake, you are not subtle at all, are hatefull and a you're terrible to other people. The only prize you are going to win this season is the prize for the most horrible nitwit. *fuming*

I'm done, thank you


'Well Laure is another person I can add to the list of idiots and people I really dislike this season. I had plans of going with Casey, Topaz/Dennis and her and vote off James and Alison since they run the tribe. But, in typical Laure fashion, she told Alison and now I need to kiss-ass to Alison and shift the blame onto Julian, and that means throwing Casey and Dennis under the bus. If some magical way, I can get out of the mess that surrounds me and I can convince people to vote out ANYONE but me, I'll be so happy. I just need to make the merge, and then I can get other people to eliminate James and Alison.'


So Laure seems not to be on our side. We need to win the challenge, but it's gonna be difficult, depending on the challenge. Now that I think about it, Alison seems to be throwing comps all along. With story time she was supposed to be writing one of the chapters but she never did, with the last challenge she said she was going to help.....when the challenge was there she was nowhere to be found. I just got that feeling they wanna throw this one and it makes me nervous. They seem to be playing a pretty stupid game right now. Targetting the one's on their own side because they are the threats. But guess what, once we are gone you will be the threats and the floaters will dump you. I can see either Jake, Lucky, Claudia, Julian and Laure sitting in the finals, just because there doing nothing or there so horrible that people would keep them around because they can get them out anytime. (Oh and Lucky is included because he's a floater, but if this would be the finals, he would win).

Right now I'm just trying to keep quiet. I wanna say how much Jake sucks and wanna talk to Alison about betraying the alliance, but I know that if I do something like that, I'm definitely out. Casey and Jamie are trying to blame Julian for exposing the anti-riau alliance so we can get Julian out if we lose. Last night I made a final 2 deal Jamie, I really like Jamie and she's right now my best ally besides little beyonce. She said if they won't go along with Julian and it's between casey and me, she will push for Casey to go. So I put all my faith in Jamie and just say nothing. Just try to win the challenge and wait for the merge. Because when the merge comes, everything will change. *praying*


Day 20

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Casey is getting on my last fucking nerves. I am going to tie her to a stake, and burn her like the witch she is.


Limboto please try not to be losers, please. We need this challenge lost. We need a tribal council. Please Limboto, pull it the fuck together just once.


"Ok i didnt say nothing since a few days ago so i am going to start i talked to Jake about our problem so...we say sorry to each other and he told me about he lost a friend for cancer and i felt sad about that but i dont that he is saying the truth and also about he was really apologazing or not but I hope its true but no about his friend it really made me sad.

We had the munity and Jake and Luke decided go to the oposite tribe and Laure and casey now are in this tribe i didnt talked to about nothing and also i dont talked to Laure but she dont seems dangerous at moment i though that we needed her out but she isnt a problem and about jake i am not worried about him we are good now but thats dont mean that i am not 100% trusting to him .

Tommy is gone ,he had a problem with jake and he is gone with 3-2 votes it that he really had an alliance with jake but i though that was af ake alliance xD or i dont know.

Actually i have in alliance with James,Alison,Jamie and Laure againts Dennis and Casey but meanly againts Casey she is really so close to dennis and they could a secret alliance and also some problems with Laure that makes her untrustworthy and thats make a threath but it is just strategy.

Actually i am worried cause i didnt contribute to nothing in the tribe since the flag challenge, it makes nervous i am not ready to go home if we lose but it is what God wants.


Sure I'm flirting with James, who says flirting is limited just to the show? Hopefully he'll get all goo goo eyed or whatever and maybe be a asset later on. I haven't forgotten I still want gone, just not right now.


Day 21

'I'm pretty sure I made Jake blow up his whole game (even though it sucked anyway). I told him that people had been bitching about him and he yelled at everyone - great job at making people like you there, Jake. Anyway, throwing the challenge today was strategic to ensure Rex's safety, but I'm really left at a crossroad over who I want to side with. James convinced Julian to vote Laure incase Laure has the idol, and if me, Topaz and Casey want, we can all vote Laure which would cause a huge upset and be a massive blindside. However, I don't know if that's the best move to make at this point. Either way, this tribal should probably be crazy...'


So we threw the challenge, as planned it went as planned. I HATE JAKE!! Exposing my plan, saying I am the dictator which is true, but I need these guys to forget about it and not listen to him, or I'm going to be gone soon. Anyway the plan at tribal is to get Casey out, and try and flush Laure's 'Idol' We don't know if she has it, but just incase we're telling Casey and Julian to vote Laure because we don't trust these two.


There we are, my first tribal, hopefully not my last. The plan changed a 10000 times already. First of all, they did throw the challenge. Jamie told me. I kinda knew they would and I know Sarah had a higher score than Casey so we we're lost anyways. I just wanted to beat Jake's ass so I didn't throw it.

So we have a new plan. At first we wanted to get Laure and vote of James. Laure was not with us so we needed to win the challenge, they threw it. Jamie then convinced to make Julian vote for Laure in case of the idol . We then thought about voting of laure because it would be 4 votes. Now after all Laure seems to be with us ::). James is telling Casey and Julian to vote for Laure and throwing her name around-> Laure pissed-> Laure voting James without even thinking. On the other hand I talked to James and tried to secure that there not voting me of instead of casey. I think he does believe me, but you can never be sure. I've been taken through every stage of paranoia. But the motives are just not there. Casey wouldn't lie to me because I'm like her only real ally at this moment, Jamie already risked to much and we got a final 2 deal and Laure isn't working with James because why would James let us vote for him? Then she would have said: I'm voting for Julian and tricked us.

So the plan is: Casey, Jamie, Laure and me vote James James and Alison vote Casey Julian votes either Laure or Casey (depending on if james is lying or not)

On the facebook Jake has a newfound obsession, he's called James. god ::). He unblocked me and apologized. Well I'm good with it, ....but I still vote you out once the merge get's here.

Hoping I will survive, still not 100% sure


It kills me how desperate these people this season are. You tell them they are going to get backstabbed, they flip out and come to you. Kind of like when Jake lost his shit about thinking he was next to go, and I gave him the idea to make the fake screenshot. It's simple. If they had any sense, they would have gotten rid of me a long time ago.


I've come to the decision to vote James. I came into this game and was put onto the Boalemo tribe and I immediately bonded with everyone, which is great, but I can't stick with them forever. I was placed on Boalemo for bravery, and I need to honor that instead of being loyal to an alliance till the end, when the likelihood is that in that alliance, I won't make FTC. Back on the original tribes if we went to TC again, I would've been voted off and that tells me I'm on the bottom of the Boalemo alliance still. Alison and James are dictators on the new Riau tribe and that's not something I want to be associated with. Furthermore, the merge is around the corner and if we merge with a lot of Boalemos then that puts a target on my back, and that's something I don't want. James has also (foolishly) shown he's very experienced in these, and he's shown he's a great player - that is nothing something I want in the merge. Personally, I've grown to love James and we have a lot in common, but if I want to succeed in this game then I need to turn on him before he turns on me.

I'm just praying this vote goes to plan, if it doesn't then I'm screwed...