In the Buff
Official Buffs of Survivor: Cuba.
Survivor ORG Challenge
Description A recurring immunity challenge.
Appearance(s) Laos
Cape Verde

In the Buff is a recurring immunity challenge that originated in Survivor: Laos.


Each tribe (member) is to create a buff for their current tribe (and opposing tribe in Cuba) using creativity and imagination. Once collected, the buffs will be voted on by a collection of anonymous, impartial judges, and they will declare the winner by judging in 4 categories; visual appeal, theme, creativity, and a convincing write-up. Whichever buff(s) the judges decided will win immunity and be the official buffs of the season.

(Note: In Survivor: Cuba, although Cardenas lost the challenge, they won in the visual appeal category, thus being the buffs for the season.



Episode Challenge Type Winner
Survivor: Laos
Final Confession
Individual Immunity Ckarimalis
Survivor: Cuba
He is a Parasite
Tribal Immunity MeTaylorRandomJere90Large 796251
Lspie1Large 796253LiamJessica, Survivor CubaPepsatar
Survivor: Revival
Can't Save Me From Rocks
Individual Immunity GerardVuelta


Large 831392

Other Appearances

This challenge appeared as one-third of a tribal immunity challenge in Survivor: Egypt. The challenge as a whole was won by Anubis.

In the Buff also appeared in Survivor: Nepal as a sub-challenge in the Nepal Pentathlon, which was won by Chitwan. It appeared again, alongside Flag Maker, as one part of an individual immunity challenge. It was won by Charley and Dallas.

In the Buff appeared during Face-Off as part of the inaugural immunity challenge of Cape Verde. Alto Mira ended up winning the portion, scoring a perfect 100 average.


  • CK, Duy, Jastine, and Luke are the only contestants to compete in this challenge twice.


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