Day 22

Ok well james was blidsided , i though that laure was going to be out anyway he didnt vote for laure , i though he just wanted create conflict between laure and me, i was the only person who voted Laure ahahhah oh its really embarrasing ,James changed the plan to vote laure instead casey and him didnt vote for laure well... casey was so smart to voted him out and jamie,dennis and laure vote to him too and alison didnt change her for casey, id would like be part of the plan.


James was voted out.... Do you see a pattern?

Tommy got into a fight with me... He got out. James got into a fight with me... He got out. I don't even have to do dirty work, I can have people do it for me. I'm running this game.


So I'm pretty much set for merge. I formed a final two alliance with Jake called the a Enforcers. May the force be with you!


This fucking sucks. Not because James got voted out, I couldn't really give two monkey shits about that, but the fact that Jamie flipped like whore and things didn't go the planned way. I see no logic in your moves Jamie, are you fucking stupid or something? Purry was a bitch but she told me to get you out, and girl you are number one on my list now.


Now its time for the reward challenge and i dont wanna be sit out, something its happened and alison ofered me be and alliance but i am with jamie 100% so... how its going to play alison alliance and see who will they vote because i am not 100% trusting to alison she also doesnt want laure out and the plan that she want jake in the alliance just dislikes me and i dont know really what side really like me with hem i am just need wait but yeah i am feeling me sad to be two alliance that reaaly trust me but i am with jamie 100% she is just a nice person.


The dust has settled after the James vote and I'm super glad I made the move. I have lost all my previous allies but gained new allies in Casey, Jake, Lucky, Laure and Julian. James may be mad at me as well as Alison, Rex and Sarah but I don't really care - they had 0 intentions of sticking with me until FTC and I need to put myself into a position where I can get to FTC. Alison is acting like everything is fine, but if we go Tribal Council she should be voted off, and I'm even considering throwing the challenge to eliminate her (although, James threw it at the last immunity challenge and ended up being voted off - but since almost the whole tribe is under mine and Dennis' control, I don't see that happening). I know that of course I'll be targeted by Rex and Alison since I broke the almighty Boalemo 4, but it was a stupid alliance with stupid people in it who think that to win you need to be loyal to the end. You don't win this game through loyalty. You win this game through using the loyalty to get yourself further, then cutting it loose.

I'm sure that I'll be able to merge though, since Dennis and me have Casey believing she is equal in our alliance and Laure is allegedly 100% loyal. Julian also thinks that I'm his Final 2 (which I'm still considering - he won't get any votes at FTC) and that means that almost everyone thinks I'm with them to the end. At this point I hope to stay loyal to Dennis and Julian but no one else, and I hope to betray people and have fun with the gameplay all the to the FTC, but I know after my most recent move, I'll be the number one target to a lot of people.'


*moonwalks to the camera* This is soooooo awesome! The plan actually worked and the power shifted. Jamie and me were freaking out when the results would be posted. After it we celebrated our great blindside and making the jury. So we kinda pissed of the first jury member, one down 8 to go I guess. The merge is waiting for us, I thought it would be this round but i guess it's next round. Alison is kinda trying to safe herself "I was gonna take James out anyway" "I voted for Laure btw".... yeah right Ali, you know this ain't working.

Right now everyone seems to be busy for the merge, make sure they will be safe. There's like 3 top 6 alliances being thrown around...and i'm in all of them. We have Rex, Alison, Sarah, Claudia, Julian and me as 1. Jake, Lucky, Casey, Jamie, Sarah and me as 2. Probably something with Laure 2. I don't know anymore. With the jury starting at 12 we kinda know it will be a final 3. All I care about is getting there with Sarah and Jamie. I fully trust them and that's the most important thing. I'll just join every alliance and at the merge i'll decide with Jamie and Sarah which way to go.


So the reward ties, and frankly I dont care if we win or lose the reward challenge.

It'll give us a small advantage in the immunity challenge. Who cares? Either way one of the duo goes home. On our tribe, we have Claudia. On the other tribe, they have Alison. Claudia and Alison know eachother outside the game, which creates an inseparable duo. Now I'd prefer the other tribe to lose so we could continue to use Claudia, because if she doesnt have her friend she will blindly follow me and do whatever I say untill I need to vote her out. What? Every game needs a villain. This time it just happens to be me


I don't even know where I am, or what's going on

I was so onboard with James and Allison to vote Casey's ass out, but they were so bad about it. I said 'Casey is my friend and I should be aligned with her because I want to work and trust the people I know, but if you have the numbers I'll go with you because I'm backstabbing bitch' but like what the hell? James is such a self important dude who thinks his the coolest, while Casey knows she sucks and I want to work with low self esteem city.

I am worried about Casey cause everyone who has played with her says she gets paranoid and makes rash decisions, but I'm paranoid constantly, so I think our bat shit craziness cancels each other out so I totes am done doubting her.

Jamie is cool but like I called her sneaky today and she thought I was mad at yelling at her. She shouldn't be so sensitive, but sensitive is good because that means we can intimidate her into doing stuff with us.

Oh another reason I didn't work with James was because that Rex guy was in his alliance. That guy looks like his 40. Ewwww.


Day 23

Okay, this is fucking fantastic. This "alliance" of six actually trusts me. Haha, I trust no one except Claudia in this game now. After Jamie's little flip, Laure being batshit, Dennis being buddy buddy and voting with Casey, and Julian telling Dennis about the alliance, I don't care about any of them. Sarah and Reks seem alright, but they are mainly shields to get behind later in the game. If everything goes as fucking planned, Casey better be packing her dildos and getting the fuck out of here.


"we lose the inmunity challenge and was fault ,i didnt submitt the score cause i was busy doing homework but i accept that ,i didnt contribute nothing at challenges,my sociality isnt the best and probably i dont deserve be her , i wont return for another season but i am happy and iam still here so i have to do the best for me"

"we are agree to vote alison out yet and hoping she goes also she told to casey that she is voting me to makes her feel sabe but dennis told me that she didnt buy it so ... problaby alison is gone but everything can happen"


Did we lose? I'm so shocked ;). But seriously, I'm feeling confident going into this tribal that I should come out and stroll into the merge with a majority of people on my side. My only qualm with voting Alison this tribal is that she also wanted to throw it and there are two reasons why she would do that: A- She's so stupid that she believes she's safe, B- She has some form of safety like an idol. Seeing she's never been to Exile, and I doubt anyone would play an idol on her, I'm gonna think A is more likely. But in no way am I going to tribal thinking I'm 100% safe because anything could happen.

Dennis is the only person I trust fully in this game and I need to ensure we're both safe which is why we have multiple alliances set up for merge. We have one with Jake/Lucky, one with Sarah and one with Casey/Julian/Laure, but I'm 90% sure that Jake/Lucky will flip when they have the chance and Sarah is more with Rex than us - which is why we need Rex to go and we need to blindside Lucky the first tribal possible. Hopefully this merge will be exciting and hopefully I'll survive to see it!'


With the merge in mind we move in to the 9th episode. At the reward I just wanted to win. I was killing birds in my sleep, eating chicken all day, tried not to break my laptop out of frustration, but in the end I won and I was a happy birdy :). Before the immunity challenge we decided that we should throw the challenge again. Well, Jamie wanted to throw it first, I was hesitating because I hate losing. Then Alison came to me and said: "we should throw the challenge to get casey out". I don't know what she's thinking but, okay if you really wanna be on the jury, I guess we should throw it. I kinda felt annoyed and decided I would be the sit out. Julian complained before that he was always the sit out, so I thought "let the kid play".... well he got the chance, and he blew it. He didn't even submit anything. Nice going, Goelian.

Strategical there's not that much that happend. Alison is trying to safe herself and is failing at it, we try to not let alison come in their heads. I talk to Julian, which is really hard because we can't understand about half of the sentences he's making. Jamie and me agreed Casey should talk to Laure because we already have to deal with Julian :P. Jake is also talking to me and I made a little mistake there. I told him who are in the other top 6 alliance. Later that day my little beyonce was talking to me that Jake knew about it. Damm you Jake, I can't tell you anything! Now I need to do damage control on Sarah after the tribal ( because I dont want her to talk to alison about it) and pretend im not mad at Jake. This game is haaaaaaard.


Vote confessionals

Please.... please just shut the fuck up and go home <3


" i am so sorry Alison but i am with jamie and dennis and i trust them more than you and you just need me to have the numbers no because you really want me"


I'm sorry that I'm voting for you Alison, but you were part of the alliance that I flipped from and you created an alliance against me. I just hope you're the one going tonight.


I'm sorry Alison, it's just the best move for me right now because you are on the other side. You wanted to throw the challenge yourself, even when you knew we don't trust you at all. I would however still like your vote at the end. Hugs and kisses!


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