Day 28

Very impressive move by Emma. I'm interested to see what Connor said to get her to play the idol, so I'm gonna explore into that. Unfortunately, Connor was the person I wanted to sit next to at the F2. Now I have to go with my backup plan.


Holy mother of cows. Connor left with 4 votes, but I got 5... Emma used her immunity idol on me and saved me. I can't thank that hoe bag enough. Didn't I say these Idols will be the death of me? Well. Now its saved me. Irony is a delight. But next time I might not have an idol to rely on, and now the alliance votes are 4-4, And i'll be damned if we have to do purple rocks, I mean, I only found out what it was a few hours ago... But we may need to, and i can see this happening. So it looks like I just need to soak up these votes and get on with it. Or I will be gone next


So after everything I've done against the Oink Alliance, more commonly known as the Careers, they are still willing to keep me in the alliance. And this time, I'm really considering it. I think I can go further with them, but I have a better chance of winning with the others. Joan even said when us 5 our left, we should use a randomizer to decide who to vote. It is stupid (sorry Joan), but they're doing what they can to convince me. The reward/Immunity challenge is gonna play a big factor in deciding my vote.


Day 29

Sharky won Immunity, and possession of Idol Cave. That keeps me square in the middle. Had Justin won, the 4 of them plus 3 idols would've been impossible to go against them. But now, factoring in the different idols everyone has, it'll be three votes for Tyson, and three for Sam. I get to choose which of them goes, so I have all the power right now.


Day 30

Well my plans of idoling out Mike didnt work. Well that so that escalated quickly and i knew that Sharky could be lying about voting with us and i knew that Sam had a target on his back for awhile. It took me a long time too debate about what should i do. Also when i was looking thought my messages on facebook i decided too scroll up and look what i saw... Mike saying that he want tyson and zach gone. This is the prefect chance too get him out of the game. I hope the screenshot thing works. This could be the best blindside ever or this could put a bullet in my head.


I was all ready to send in my vote after basketball practice, but Tyson left me an email saying "we really need to talk". So I may have to wait till tomorrow morning to send my vote. I have a feeling that the vote I was about to make may not be my actual vote.


This is the worst thing ever. I just want too.... Ugh i dont want too say it i dont want too seem like a bitch but justin oh my fookin god has just basically voted me off and ruined everything oh well the careers are so dead now! I am also upset that i just started too talk too Tyson. ON THE DAY THAT I WILL PROBABLY BE VOTED OFF. sigh ugh i should have aligned with him. I am so upset at the moment but there is nothing i can do now except watching myself getting voted off. I am really pissed. Like that Tyson pulled a Laura B on me by telling me that i am next and that he is voting me off. I tried everything and it didnt work. I failed, I tried and i went down in flames there is nothing that i can do now. I was Laura B'D instead that i am getting the boot instead of Tyson... Oh well Tyson and Zach better grab a life vest soon ;)


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