Tribe Profile
Season Egypt
Tribe Type Starting Tribe
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Anubis
Tribe Status Merged with Anubis Day 20
Challenge Wins 2
Lowest Placing Member Raphaphou (20/20)
Highest Placing Member PeaceOut12 (6/20)



Isis Buff

Isis is one of the starting tribes of Survivor: Egypt. Their tribe color is desert yellow.

Infamous for its long losing streak, Isis only managed to win one immunity challenge and one reward challenge before the merge. Despite a supposed comeback at the merge where the remaining players voted out a few members of the rival tribe, the members who made the merge were all voted out before the final five.



AtrainJackErdmanJohnbigozJosh e.
MrchickenPeaceOut14Pedro mangatarLarge 831392
Sinjoh EgyptNobo

Post-Mutiny Tribe

JackErdmanJosh e.MrchickenPeaceOut14Sinjoh Egypt

Tribe History

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  • Isis is the Egyptian goddess of motherhood and fertility.
  • Johan-Amir was the only person from Isis to mutiny to Anubis.
  • Depsite Isis' track record, six people from Isis have returned for a future season in comparison to Anubis' four.
    • However, Anubis has more three-time players than with Isis who only has one.
  • Isis's insignia uses the incorrect Egyptian goddess, depicting the goddess Serket instead of Isis.