Day 36


That girl is just unbelievable. I dont know what I want, I dont know if I want her to come back. This ruins the chances of Ryan going home unless I screw over both him and Natalie.

I dont want to screw over Natalie but.. We dont have an alliance.. Which makes things extra hard. In one way, it would be easier to go to the end with Jody and Jesse, which I expect might happen. They are less liked, people dont want to see a Huanca winning the game and if I go with them, I might even get Huanca jury votes added to the other jury votes.

On the other hand, a Ryan, Natalie and myself final 3 would be more fitting in a way, I just dont know yet.

As always I will consider all options. It makes it safer knowing that I have the idol which will keep me 100% safe at the tribal council coming up. I will fight so hard for the immunity at final 4, I dont know for sure that either side would stick with me. But my chances improved with this, especially if Jesse returns.


The final duel, here we go, against my fellow comrade Jesse, and "unworthy" player Domca. I think I can do this, if it's an endurance comp, I know I can. I'm not ready to leave the game yet! I deserve this! If I can win my way back, I know I can make the final 3 and then I can win. It's so close I can almost taste it.


Wow, what a crazy turn of events at the second tribal last night. The unlikely 4 person alliance of Domca, Alf, Natalie and myself were able to vote Jesse on the first one, but Jody is still here after Domca incurred another self vote. Now she's back on RI with 2 former Huancas, and I don't like her chances at making it through. Thinking of the jury, it might be a better plan for me to vote with Jody and the RI returner to get to the final 3 as that would leave only 2 Huancas on the jury, and they may split the votes, leaving the others up for grabs. Of course this means having to stab Alf in the back, but I've been looking for a way to do that for the past few days anyway. It would be difficult to cut Nat's throat though, she's been with me since day 2. Alf keeps winning the challenges and since he's got the idol, the last time to get rid of him will be at the final 4. That will be the most important immunity in the game for me to put myself in a good position to win, but if Natalie wins, it's just as good because if we can get the remaining 2 people to split their votes, Natalie and I can vote Alf, and the biggest challenge to win the game (according to Jody) will be gone. We just need to see who comes back from RI now, and go from there. Domca being disqualified didn't help our endgame plan, but if she wins her way back a second time I can use it to my advantage and drag her to the end with Natalie. But something always seems to throw off my plans, and the jury may think that because the plans didn't work due to wonky circumstances, that I didn't make any moves worthy of winning. Some clown did tell me that "it's only a move if it works" and that line of thinking shows me how that individual would vote. That, however, is a story for a different day. Apreesh!


Well Redemption Island kinda sucks. I was really hoping to win the first challenge in the two-challenge day because I knew I had the 2nd one on lockdown. While Alf flipped and betrayed us all, part of me can't blame him. It's good playing and he's pretty sharp. He did what he had to do to survive. Now we'll see where he goes with that...

Now it's just a matter of either Aaron or I getting back into the game. If Alf switches back over to us, which he has certainly been thinking about (he may be lying), then Alf could see his way to the F3 with Jody and either myself of Aaron.

Now it's a matter of winning the duel. I've made my posts on time and every time. Domca and Aaron have fallen. Time to get back into this with Jody and Alf. Ryan is set to go. I'm sure Alf has already had suspicions we wouldn't take him to the F3, those suspicions will be proven to be correct. While he played well and did what he needed to do to get as far as possible, it is time for him to leave as 4th. Natalie, while I don't know her, never betrayed us. She didn't really get the opportunity but Alf did and he followed through. Even without the opportunity it still sets up Natalie to go to F3 by default. Works for me. No idea who would win and it isn't much of a concern. I'd be thrilled just to make it to the end!


Day 37

So.. Um.. How many times can I break promises to Huanca people before it gets really bad?

I do want Ryan out, sure. But I also want Jesse back out again, I want to win the final immunity challenge as it would be the only thing that would secure my final spot and Jesse is the biggest competition in challenges, I dont think he would win in the final, but I dont know if he would stick with me to the end either.

I dont want to do anything bad to Natalie, she is my favorite person of this whole game. We have gotten so close, but we are not alligned, I really wish we were. She is the person I want to stay in touch with the most after the game, I love her sarcasm, her kindness and her intelligence. If she is in the final and I'm not there myself, she would be guaranteed my vote, her game is majorly underrated, there is no big difference between her and Ryan game wise, but still Ryan is the bigger jury threat.


My chances of winning are greater against Jesse and Jody then they are against Ryan and Natalie.

I have locked myself down in a final 3 with Jesse and Jody and will stick with it. Unless they give me reason not to trust them. Jody is dumb enough to be loyal to me and Jesse is playing the honorable game and wants a strong final. Natalie and Ryann STILL makes no deal with me. I can't feel bad about voting Natalie out if she won't allign with me.


Hoooollllyyyyy crap!!!! I'm thrilled to be walking back into camp. This was the most important challenge in the game and I couldn't be happier. Yeah, I'm sure I'm considered even more of a threat now that I've won 3 challenges, one of which brought me back from the dead. But this is a good thing. It solidified Alf's decision to come back to Jody and I. Between Alf and I we have won 5 challenges. We're strong and can go to the end.

Alf is on board and Ryan is next. Little does Alf know, I still remember his betrayal of the original alliance and I do intend on avenging the loss of Aly and Aaron...


Oh, Domca. I feel so bad for you. All the time you spent doing the duel and the one hiccup you had so early on it cost you. She really impressed me with this duel, showing how much she wanted to stay. I was able to finally have a meaningful conversation with her, encouraging her not to give up, and reassuring her that I would do whatever I could to take her to the final 3. It could've been taken as playing for her vote, in the event I get to the end, but I absolutely wanted to sit with her in the end. Jesse coming back in the game is bad news for all of us from a challenge perspective. Between he and Alf, they are the biggest threats to win this next immunity. Jody is the obvious boot if Jesse wins however. As safe as I've tried to make Alf feel, he would be stupid to sit on the idol if he doesn't win immunity. I am definitely looking at how the jury will view the game that each of us has played, and it may not be a bad thing if Jesse or Jody are in the end with The Rule of Two. I don't get the impression that either of them are held in high regard being as they haven't made a move of any importance throughout the game. It's been pointed out that they are seen as followers, sheep, or in the context of a final 3, a goat. Taking directions from a leader isn't playing the game in my opinion and that's what they've been doing. The only thing that worries me is that the jury may see an immunity run by Jesse worthy of winning, which is a joke to me. This isn't Nicaragua, it's Peru! I know it's easy for me to sit here, still in the running to win, and say I would vote for whom I thought played best. I don't know how I'd feel if I was sitting on a juror's stump, and I hope that I won't have to. I really want to win the next 2 immunities, so I can dictate what will happen, to have peace of mind knowing I can't be voted out. These are the 2 most important ones in the game and I have got to dig deep and pull it out. My confidence in my game is high, but it would be nice to have a challenge win or two on the resumé. It's about time for my challenge luck to change. Win or lose, I must not be distracted or lose focus on what's at stake. If I want to be the winner of Survivor: Peru, I've got to look out for myself and do what's best for my chances, and finally make that selfish move that I've been waiting all game to make. Apreesh!


I'm still in awe that I have a clean slate in this game and I'm feeling great! Even better is that Jesse came back from Redemption Island. If Domca were to come back, I'd most likely be the first to go, and if Aaron came back it would be difficult to beat him in the end. That being said, I have a plan to work with Jesse and Alf this round to blindside Ryan. Alf said he wants to work with Jesse and I. Everyone knows that Alf has an idol ( I think) and he has to play it this round. If Ryan goes home, then my goal is to work with Natalie and Jesse to get rid of Alf next. For this to be pulled off, every single card has to be in my favor. Which includes making sure that Jesse does not get immunity. Oh well, I'm super happy to still be here! We'll see what these next few days have in store!


So its about time I have done one of this babies. Hmmm....what to talk about . Lets start with the fact my closest ally is really starting to get on my nerves with the constant disappearing so we can never talk. And let me tell you its getting old really quick. And the whining about Jesse wont talk and Nick said something bad about me it has gotten to stop my goodness. Yes, I know that I have whined about my name getting written down and Jody calling me a sheep but it was all an act to keep my appearance up. Cant let people in on what is really happening. So i have made a new friend, Alf do I completely trust him Hell No, I'm not the fool that people think I am. I find it hilarious that Jody thinks I have no strategy, cracks me up every time . Well Jody I got news for you, everything is not what it seems. I have using Ryan and now Alf as protection for my moves letting them getting more blood on their hands went I laid down the groundwork. So maybe and just maybe you look at the bigger threat. Maybe playing an under the radar game maybe my downfall but its the only way that I see as smart to get here. I only want the people that are in my alliance to know just how smart of player I am and have both Alf and Ryan wrapped around my finger. Even when Domca was in the game I was in the best position to get to the end. Both Ryan and Alf wanted to take me so just in case, gave Ryan the proof he needed to come up with the conclusion that Alf should go. And for Alf I mentioned how someone came to me and mentioned that so consider talking Ryan out. Thus making it look they came up with the idea.


Holy crap! This has got to be the most amazing last two challenges. One brought me back to the game, one is taking me to the final four. Couldn't be more thrilled to be back and then win immunity JUST IN CASE Alf doesn't play ball. I definitely feel like he will and we'll be dropping Ryan. But he has flipped before and can't be trusted. It's definitely super nice to know I'm safe tonight. Even better is the fact he MUST use his idol tonight. That paves the way to send him home next. It's perfection. This couldn't have gone any better!!!


Day 38

Ahh... This is hard emotionally right now. Natalie has become my closest friend from this game and I am upsetting her and hurting her right now. I told her about what my plan is and I felt the need to explain and apologice. I dont think she deserves the blindside shock, she deserve that I as a friend keep things straight with her.

Natalie is hurt and I understand her, I would have felt hurt too in her position. All I can do really is try to show how bad I feel, because I really do feel bad about her. I am not betraying any alliance, but she feels like it and I feel the same, I am betraying a friendship, which feels worse than betraying an alliance.

But I am playing with my brain, not my heart.


I've got to say that Ryan coming to me and asking that I give him immunity was pretty far out there. I mean, he actually had the nerve to do it! In the process he tells me that he'd vote for Alf over me to win the game because he would rather vote for someone who has strategy instead of someone who wins challenges. Really??? You're asking me to give up my immunity to you and then you straight up say you wouldn't even vote for me to win given the chance as a jury member? That's pretty poor selling technique...

And how funny is his attempt to say Jody's plan was to vote me out if I lost immunity? And to say that right alongside the fact that Alf is likely to get the most votes to win??? Jody knows that Alf is a threat to him when it comes to winning. It's well known that I'm disliked. Why would Jody vote me out and risk having Alf turn on him again? That's a terrible idea. Right now I'm the best person for anyone to go up against in the end because many people have a problem with me for some reason. It's an easy win to take me to the end. I MYSELF don't think I'll get many votes, but stranger things have happened.

Either way, it was quite an attempt that Ryan made. I allllllmost feel bad for him...


Could this have worked any better? Ryan was the only person in this game who I felt was standing in my way of the final three. I genuinely believe that there is no way that I am NOT making the final tribal council. If I win immunity, perfect! If Jesse does, awesome! He, Natalie and myself can totally vote out Alf because Natalie has no other options, and I'd rather be sitting next to her at the final tribal. However, if Alf does win immunity (which is highly likely) I really do not know who I would vote out. I have no problem backstabbing Jesse if it means my chances at winning were better. At this point I have zero clue who will be at the final tribal, but I have a strong feeling I will definitely be one of them. That being said, there is no evidence that the final tribal council consists of three people. The last challenge post is very vague. We'll see!"

On a side note: "I don't get Natalie at all... She's like talking to a seven-year-old boy. They do not have anything important or interesting to ever say, and when they do say something, it makes absolutely zero sense.


Holy shit. I cannot believe I am voting for Jesse tonight. He is not going to see this coming whatsoever. Jesse plays this game with his heart on his sleeve, and he is not one to hide his emotion. In other words, he is gonna be so fucking pissed off. I'm so excited! It is the best move due to the circumstances for my game, and what I have going for me so far. This should be interesting.



I was not sure I would win at all! But YES! Final 3! Omg I can feel the win getting closer and closer.

Since "final challenge" was not even mentioned once in this, its obvius its a final 2 and not a final 3. I wish it was a final 3 as that would mean I have pretty much won the game. Final 2s is a bit less exciting and harder to get to, so I dont personally like it at all, as a player or usualy as a viewer on the actual show but eh. I wanted to be in this game even if I knew there would be redemption island, my least favorite twist ever, I can deal with whatever.

But if I get 3rd, I will not be happy! xD

I want this win so bad, I have worked so hard and I can almost feel it, I can see the light in the end of the tunnel and I want to be the last man standing.

Coming into this game, I actually expected to be mediocre/bad at challenges and have to rely 100% on my strategic/social game, but I can see that I really need to rely on my challenge skills that I didn't even know I have. I dont know how smart or dumb these guys are, Jesse is saying he wants to be in the final with me, so the question is "is he smart enough to play me and get rid of me if he gets the chance?" or "is he really dumb enough to go to the end with me?"

I dont want to sound cocky, but we all know I got this game in my pocket if I go to the final against any of these guys. Everyone says it and knows it. Except for maybe Jody, he is a bit delusional at times.


I was going to poke at Jody to see what he is thinking and he is for sure playing like its final 3 and not 2. He wants Jesse out as a bigger jury threat than Natalie!

Omg, this is just wow.

I.. Will give an update tomorow. Thinngs never stop being crazy and right now I'm loving it.


Okay, so I now have a final 2 deal with Jody, which is great. So if Jesse leaves now, I'm going to win the final challenge and take Jody with me to the final and win. He is a goat, not as good of a goat as Domca, but close enough.

I am glad I dont have to vote Natalie out, it would be easier to give her third, she would understand that more.

Jody is.. I dont know, he is..... changing. He is telling me about how Jesse hates me and talks shit behind my back, I dont know if its true or not, but this is a weird time to have this conversation.

If Jody just made sure its a tie just to make me look worse, I will applaud it... and show Jesse my conversations with him to turn his rage back at Jody. Seriusly, Jody is fishy.

I hope things go according to plan.


I need to work hard and make sure I win this final challenge, I have been on a roll and really not bee possible to vote out for a long time now and I would like to keep it that way. Natalie is my friend, but I'm sure she would rather go to the final with Jody as she would win then. I'd vote for her.

I think if I vote Natalie out, I still have her jury vote secured. Not that it matters too much, I'm pretty sure I got Nick, Jossue, Jessy and Aaron's votes for sure. Aly probably but I'm not 100% sure and Jesse just messaged me a long message including "fuck you!" and "I'm voting for anyone but you!" So well. And Ryan... I dont know, I'd like to think he would vote for me to win over Jody, he didn't take it well when he was voted out.

Anyway.. Back to flappybird :|


OH my god.

Oh wow. I dont think I have felt such relief in this game until now, I know I'm in the final and that means I am likely to win. I can win this, oh my god.

So the question is, follow my heart and take Natalie or follow my brain and take Jody? My brain has won over my heart so far in this game, but, we will see soon enough.


Day 39

This has been a crazy day in many ways. Winning immunity and going to the final two with Natalie, which I never thought I would by the way. I always expected to go to the final 2/3 with Jessy, Domca, Jody or Jesse.

But Jody has friends from the original Huanca tribe, those people loves the guy and he is more charismatic and has alot of charm that he didnt shot to me before now. He started playing when he had to.

Natalie on the other hand, though she was a pair with Ryan and they made decissions together, was under the radar and not necesarily as much by purpose, she just didnt have the same social game. She has also not impressed the Huancas. The Jivaros are voting for me, so thats settled already and with Jody gone, I most likely have Aaron and Jody's votes too.

So Nick, Jossue, Jessy, Aaron, Jody and Domca might all vote for me. Ryan will probably vote for Natalie and I think Aly might go either way. Jesse too might go either way, but well, after his main reaction to him getting voted out which was telling me "Fuck you" and "I will vote for anyone BUT you" he calmed down and then suddenly understood it was all game, I dont know.

But I think I got the win in my pocket. I'm however not going to celebrate until its over.

This game has been nuts, so much hard work and so much fun. Loved every moment of it.


I just realized that the winner result will probably come at a special day for me.

May 17th is the Norwegian constitution day, like 4th of July in America. And May 18th is my birthday.


So the jury questions has started and I feel things are going well. If they vote for who played the best game, which is the jury's job, I am winning this game.

I am pretty honest in my answers, I want them to know how I played and that I am proud of how I played. I got nothing to hide really. Though it would be nice if the fake idol clues I shared with Ryan isn't mentioned. But its not a big deal.

Nick needs to calm down lol

I am sad about seeing Natalie so sad and beat down, she acts like she is giving up already because of the support I am getting and the lack of it for her, I wish she could take it better, I dont like seeing her like that.