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"It's All About Revenge"
Season Survivor: Switzerland
Episode Number 9/14
Episode Chronology
Previous Blood Will Stain Soon
Next Everyone Wants To Get To the Top

It's All About Revenge is the ninth episode of Survivor: Switzerland.


Reward Challenge: Swiss Word Search
The contestants must try to find as many words in a word search puzzle as possible. Whoever can find the most wins reward.
Reward: An advantage at the next immunity challenge and the ability to choose who gets sent to Exile Island.
Winner: John

Immunity Challenge: Flag Maker
The contestants must create a tribe flag for the new merged tribe. After the flags are created, previous contestants will have the chance to vote on their favorite one. Whichever flag has the most votes wins immunity.
Winner: Mark


Day 25

I don't know if this is a normal reaction but I kinda feel sad that Max got voted out.

There is still a part of me that says I should trust max and another part says don't, but what done is done I just need to go on. At the tribal council after knowing the result is 6-3-2 looks like I know who are the people that voted for max, ken and skandi. Skandi receives votes from ken and max, ken receives votes from Arvin, Lincoln and Mark and the rest from Max. I am expecting that skandi will get votes because everyone almost see him as a threat. What I don't get it Lucy and Arvin might not see skandi as a threat. Well maybe because the 3 of them are from Glarus and they want to stick together but if this 3 are the final 3 I don't have any choice to vote skandi to win. To be honest there is something on Lucy that I don't trust. Base on what I hear on the tribal council Lucy don't know the real game and she is still learning to adapt... so I see Lucy as a scary person if she will know how to play the game... If Lucy got voted out, play for the 2nd time and learn how to play the game she will be like a ghost who is seeking for revenge... Because obviously Lucy is like a ghost you don't know if she is there or not... So I don't want to reach the point that Lucy will learn how to play the game Lucy needs to go home. I know it's a dumb move because I am voting a non threat but I wanna prove that I can win this by bringing people who are also worthy to the end.


So, we are merged and we have our first merge victim. Max was doing great, to be honest. Had it not been that earlier slip up, he would have made it further. He was flying under my radar, and probably under others as well. The other mistake wasn't his fault. He was just on the wrong original tribe to begin with. The tribe we decided to end first. Ya just can't help who gets screwd and who doesn't sometimes.


I would be an idiot if I think I am safe in the next tribal council. Only Max and I voted for Skandi. I am sure Lucerne people has voted for Max. It seems to be that Lincoln and Mark are with Lucerne. All that effort I tried to persuade non-Lucerne didn't pay off at all. Now I hope I join Lucerne four to vote them all off. Revenge baby. It's all about revenge.


Day 26

Challenge Results
Contestant Wojtek Mark John
Flag 0e4b8d2532ef3 946271 681241741890916 1103775929 n Switzerland
Vote 6 13 1
Yes!! I won individual immunity! It feels great (even if it's imaginary) in my neck XD.

But somehow I also feel nervous. A few days ago, I learned from Jino that the Valais duo Max and Ken + John, saw us - me and Lincoln - as threats. I find it funny because I'm not doing anything yet so I'm like WTH . With Max gone, I think Ken is hopeless now, plus John is kinda floating around and around. As to me, I'm getting suspicious of Jino, I think he just made that story about the Valais duo and John up.

Anyway, if these guys are smart...they'll think that it's time to get rid of one of the Lucerne Four. They're more dangerous. Especially Jino. I'm sure Ken is in everyone's hit list now...but...he's alone, what else can he do? ...He can just sit trash can for a while, the garbage truck's coming anytime soon, but right now I really think that it's time to break those four.


Day 27

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
Ken (8 votes)
CallArvinLincoln AloisioLucypic
Cal, John, Lincoln, Lucy,
Mark, Matt, Skandi & Wojtek
Lincoln Aloisio
Lincoln (1 vote)
John (1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

You are a treacherous person, I hope this vote helps get you out of here.


Writing your name down is as easy as 1-2-3. I think voting you out is easy as well. Paalam!


Final Words

Still in the Running

Glarus Lucerne
70px-IAN! MANGATAR! pb
S03 Jad bw
Valais Ticino
Holeseditor28 S3 out
S5 Survivorfan13 out
S05 Cancanpiano.joffe381 out
S5 will out
AlPal bw
Al Pal
Lunapic 13694829914959 1
S03 Julie bw
Lincoln Aloisio


  • With Ken's elimination, all former members of Valais have been eliminated from the game.
  • The episode title was said by Ken.


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