Day 27

Another tribal council, another tie vote, followed by a revote and another non-Huanca goes to RI. This is the most frustrated I've been since the game started, and not because of the self vote by Domca that caused the revote, and her subsequently voting against us. It's my misread that they would vote for me after giving up the "idol" to Aaron. They stacked their votes for Jessy, and I'm kicking myself for not listening to Alf who told me the votes were going that way. And even Aly let it slip that they were going to vote Jessy, but but a little doubt in my mind by saying they were thinking me too. When it came down to it, I couldn't be sure which way they would go, and had to play it on myself. Of course, if Domca could be counted on for anything, which so far she hasn't shown, it wouldn't have mattered and our 5 would be in control. As it sits now, Nat, Alf and myself are a group, the Huancas aren't budging, and there's Domca, Who know's which way the wind will take her on the next vote. I can only hope she doesn't win immunity.

With Jessy and Jossue on RI, there is a strong chance that either Alf or myself will get another clue to the idol, and that is the only chance we have right now to turn things around. I'm continuing to search, and I'm going to have to start digging in the holes I've already dug to find it.

The divide is pretty clear right now, and Aly pissed me off quite a bit, by saying that "at least I got Ryan to play his idol, lmao". You didn't get me to play the idol sister, I played it to protect myself. That's what happens when you make moves and take risks, and Hello! play the f-ing game. You can keep sitting behind Aaron, and not make decisions, I'm sure you will be rewarded 3rd place for your "efforts". As for Jody and Jesse, they are on the same level as Domca to me. They haven't made much if any effort to play socially, and their challenge prowess is on the level of Scout in Vanuatu. Which in a word is, pathetic. The only one of them to have shown an aptitude to play the game is Aaron, and I see a Terry/Aras type rivalry between the 2 of us. We are going to continue to lie to each other and say we are on board to go the final 3 together, our season should come down to the 2 best players, blah blah. I just don't believe he has the stones to actually make a move either. Which is a shame since our season has had so many moments to not look back on pride, that could be the saving grace, or the REDEMPTION for our season. Let the best fight it out and see whose game the jury respects more. I'm still here, I'm not going to stop playing, which is more than I can say for at least 3 people. That's it for now. Apreesh!


Wow, just wow. After Alf told me he had already re-voted Aly I thought we were done, but I just patched up that relationship and we're all good again, but that still left the vote. Did I seriously just get Domca to flip to our side? I think I did. I knew the idol Ryan gave me was fake, and now he wants me to take him to the end? The nerve of that guy! Hell no! He lied to me up and down Peru! He's not going anywhere near the final 3.


Wow one of my plans actually worked! Domca was stupid enough to fall for a fake idol lmao. My plan is to make it the 4 Huanca and Domca because Alf is too smart to expect he is getting no where past 5th place. Once at 5, I plan on taking Jody and Jesse because both are have just sheeped Aaron the whole game. I'm sure they wouldn't think I was lying to them when I say Aaron would win if he went to FTC.


LMAO It's gonna be so funny when people realize I actually did tell Nick that I wanted Ryan and Natalie out. I made that whole news broadcast thing and everything just to prove I wasn't a liar when actually I wasn't. oops


I'm literally dying trolling Jossue and Nick XD They're so bitter that they're out. Oh well. But that Nick said was true. People would be STUPID to not bring me to finals. I mean look at me... I've managed to piss off every single jury member. And I'm sure there's more where that came from.


So I have been a bad boy today.

I faked the clue I shared with Ryan and Natalie. I know its stupid to share the clues and then change your mind, but I want the idol for myself and the option to go with Ryan/Natalie or just go with the Huancas. If I go with the Huancas with an idol in my pocket, I suddenly stand a chance at making a move that put me in the final against people I know I can beat.

Nothing is decided, but yeah… I want my idol and I want to use it the way I want to use it.

The clue I got was “The indigenous people closest to the Andes come last”

What I told them was “The indigenous people closest to the Andes come before the capital”


Day 28

With the duel over and IC up for grabs, it is imperative that either Nat or myself wins. We are working with Alf to find the idol, and I think we've narrowed it down to where one of us will have it before the next tribal. The selfish side of me wants it to be me that finds it and wins immunity. It will make things easier for me, because Aaron still thinks he has 5. Six if you count Domca, he has been counting Alf this entire time. So in his eyes is The Rule of Two against his 6. Meaning that if I have immunity, he will push to either vote Domca or Natalie. If Huancas think I have an idol, they will probably try to "trick" me into playing it for the one who I wouldn't think they would vote for, in Domca, all the while planning on voting Nat, like the last time they voted Jessy because they thought she would be the one we wouldn't use an idol on. So, they would reverse that thinking this time, that I will play the idol on Domca because it wouldn't be expected as they vote Nat (hope that's a bit easier to follow). Of course this all will probably fall apart since the 3 (Alf, Nat, myself) have to count on Domca to at least give us the same number of votes they have. And if we can play the idol correctly, one of them goes to RI. If I'm being honest, I want it to be Aaron or Jody. Jesse is as inactive as Domca, and Aly is such a lightning rod right now that she has no shot at winning. As close as they perceive Alf to be with them right now, that's 4 people that he would've pissed off if he's in the final 3. I cannot and will not vote Natalie out at this point. Everyone else is fair game, and I can only hope that I win this all important immunity. And that I wake up tomorrow with an idol having been placed under my leaf pillow from Ekeko. Apreesh!


I'm close to returning and flipping the tribe upside down. If I return then just expect for chaos because I'm going guns blazing at the Huancas.


Well after Aly and Alf had a little bit of a falling out, Alf decided to flip at the last TC. He did not expect Domca to self-vote. We got realllly lucky managing to get people outside the alliance to even bother going our way in the revote. For the 2nd time it has been realllly close but we managed to get Jessy voted out and now the alliance is large and strong enough to weed out Alf the Flipper.

While I don't think Aly should have spooked Alf, he shouldn't have flipped. He would have stayed safe. In fact, he could have mentioned something and put the target on Aly for freaking him out. On the other hand, Aly should have also come and talked to Aaron, Jody, and I...

Either way, here we are. Aly may have freaked Alf out and should have come to us, but Alf should never have silently flipped on the alliance. That said, it's time for Alf to go. He has proven he can't be trusted. And now, since we can trust him as far as we can throw him, we have come to the agreement that his time has come. We will maintain majority and eliminate someone who may turn on us.

The alliance continues on...

And to top it off, I feel I did amazing on the challenge. The results are very close now. Word has it that Alf got 23000 and everyone is worried about it. I got up into the 25000s. A bit of luck, some time, and some good investigative work is going to win me immunity I'm pretty sure. Fun challenge and right up my alley considering I investigate people and places for a living. Feeling confident I'll take that necklace out of reach of Alf and then be wearing it when I get to write his name down!


Well I think I just came up with the move of the season so far! I got to thinking. And Alf knows if he sticks with the Huancas he is getting 5th, so his best bet is to switch to Ryan, Natalie, and Domca. I told the three guys this and they agreed he needed to go. So the plan is to tell Domca and Alf to vote Ryan and Me, Jesse, Aaron, and Jody vote Alf. So it should be something like 4-2-2 if Alf doesn't switch or 4-3-1 if he does switch and 4-4 if Alf does switch which would suck but I don't see it happening. Glad to see the flipper going. (Hopefully)


Well my plan to take out Alf is in motion! Hopefully one of my plans actually work! Like every other one that I tried to pursue got shot down. PLEASE WERK.


Alf told me his clue to the hidden immunity idol and if Ryan's clue that he gave me is true, unlike the one I gave him which was fake, I should be well on my way to finding this idol.


Day 29

Well, It's a sad day at the Achilnos camp, it looks like my alliance wants to vote out Alf. I don't want him gone at all, he is my friend. I understand that I'd lose to him in the end but I'd be happy to lose to him. I don't know.


It is pretty clear that the original four Huanca are controlling this game. Ever since the tribe switch, Jesse Aaron and I have been very close, and we were very lucky to get Alf on our side. It is a miracle that Jivaro did not vote Aly out, so we also have her on our side. That being said, we are a little afraid that Alf could know that he is fifth place. If he decides to jump ship, then our chances of making final four can be really messed up. He could easily side with Ryan and Natalie (and potentially Domca) and vote either Aly, Aaron, or myself out. That is why we are voting Alf at our next tribal council. We have told Alf that we are splitting the votes between Ryan and Natalie. If Alf gets to the final three, he is going to get the majority (if not all of) the votes. He is a very nice guy, and also a great player of this game. I do not necessarily want to get rid of him on a personal aspect. However, this game should not be personal, and he is the best option to go if I want to win this game.

Also, Ryan and Natalie have been on their toes lately. I am aware they are talking to every member of Huanca trying to get us to flip against one another, but it just is not going to happen. They both questioned me and asked me if I really thought I could win against Aaron, the "ring leader" of the tribe. I think this is funny because they have no idea, that 85% of the time I am the one who chooses who gets voted out. They believe I have not done anything to make myself worthy of the title, but they are more than wrong. At this point, my goal is to get to the final three with Aaron and Aly. Aly is easy to beat because she has pissed off the majority of the jury and just has not played the smartest game. I truly believe I can beat Aaron. Aaron has made a surplus of empty promises to the other side, and once they are voted out and out of this game, they are going to remember that. I never approached Ryan, Natalie, Jessy, or Jossue. Why? Because, I had no intentions on ever working with any of them. All of them, (with the exception of Jossue) talked to me first. I never spoiled my alliance, and I sure as heck did not make any deals that I was not going to keep.Why would I flip, on an alliance I was comfortable with, and gave me the numbers to stay alive? At this rate, I do believe if people are willing to listen to my argument once I get to the final three, I am completely capable of winning this game.


Tribal Council day is here, and Nat and I are in the crosshairs since neither of us won immunity. At least that’s how the Huanca alliance sees things. Aaron let it slip that he believes its 6-2, and told me “out of respect” that they will be splitting the votes 3-3 for Nat and me. I thanked him for the heads up, and went to work looking for the idol, but all along trying to figure out how the voting breakdown would be, who was voting for me, and who was voting for Nat. Turns out Alf and Domca would be voting for me. Alf working with The Rule of Two means he is willing to vote Aaron with us. We couldn’t bank on Domca voting for me or maybe self voting, so a feverish search for the idol took place, in order to negate the 3 votes for Nat, thus avoiding another tie, and potential rock draw. Then a godsend, Domca says she will vote Aaron. This tells me that she finally realized that staying with Huanca, she would be at best 5, and wants to have a better chance at the final 4. I can only hope that she sticks with it. If all goes well, the votes will be 4 for Aaron, and a split for me (1) and Nat (3), and the alliance that believes they are in power will be crippled. If it doesn’t, then Nat and I are the next to go, and I can say I went out playing hard and never gave up. Apreesh!


Aaron has been very good at focusing on splitting the vote earlier in the game and this time its his plan to avoid idols. He somehow still trusts me after I openly went after Aly last time and was honest about switching my vote to Jesse two tribals ago, I feel bad for doing this to him, but I think this is exactly the chance we can use.

Domca says she is voting Aaron (took her AGES to reply, I almost voted Ryan just to stay on Aaron’s good side). So with that, it looks like it could be a 4-3-1 result. And Aaron leaves.

I think Domca can be kept in line if I make sure to keep her close, I am worried she could flip back again next time, but for now, things are good.

Since the idol clue I got was wrong, I had to go through my idol hunting list over again and fix it so that it fit the new clue, I am down to 4 possible sequences, I am excited! Once I find the idol, I will tell Ryan about how the idol clue I revieced being wrong made me think he lied to me about his, I can apologice to him, he needs me anyway so he will have to forgive me. He is an understanding person.

Ryand and I had this bonding conversation last night, it felt like a goodbye since we thought Domca was voting for him and that there was no hope, looks like he is sticking around longer.


I am so nervous about this vote, its the biggest one for my game. If I fail and lose the game because of this vote, then like I said.. so be it. But things are looking good. Domca has told everyone she voted Aaron, so there will be 4 votes for Aaron. And I lied to calm Aaron down, just in case someone has not voted yet and things could change. I did not want to give him any way to change the outcome.

I need to find the idol so I can tell Natalie and Ryan about the clue problems, they keep talking about it and making guesses. I gotta find it!


So, I am sitting here, totally blindsided and in a weird giggly mood. Listening to Aaron making mastermind plans as to how we can still work together and he is currently making up alliance names. Its just a weird hillarious situation. Please let it be rocks and please let me find that damned idol tomorow. But most of all, LET ME STAY. I dont want to go!

But if I do go, its fine, I had a great time and there is of course redemption island.


Well I guess my plan kinda worked. It will probably go to rocks unless I somehow get Domca to vote Alf but I doubt that because Domca is Alf's sheep. So it looks like there is a 20% chance I will go. Gl me.


Seriously, another tie? I am beyond over this. I am pretty sure there is going to be rocks pulled again which is complete bullshit. If i go out because of rocks this far into the game I'll be livid. Time will tell. Best case scenario, either Natalie or Ryan end up going home. Me pulling rocks shows my loyalty to the Huanca alliance.