These are the confessionals made within the episode.

Day 6

That bitch in purple hair!! She(Ash) made a smart move and took out Kevin because she didn’t want to be number 4, while Ben did it so he could become closer to me now he doesn’t have to worry about Kevin cutting his grass. And i don’t think Andrei has a clue whats happening, the guy needs to talk to people more and get better at his social game which seems to be a massive part of the Tambo tribe.


Well, it seems like the drama queen saved my life! I'm relatively happy I let her do most of the scrambling because panicking would've seemed desperate, and desperation is not pretty.

Now it's do or die. I have somewhat of a safety blanket with Ben, but it's not gonna keep me too warm if I don't hold onto it like it's my first-born.


So Kevin was voted off after Tambo went to Tribal Council.. I am NOT surprised. Ash told me she was a swing vote and chose Andrei and Ben over Kevin and Taylor, so Kevin went home. Now, the worst part, that me, Gerda, Alejandro and Adam all know about Ash, and so does Taylor, so we NEED Taylor in our alliance, problem is, the next time Tambo goes to Tribal Council, Taylor is a goner. I think at this stage Tambo needs immunity, so hopefully I can somehow throw the challenge without appearing weak, but at the same time give an opportunity for Tambo to be immune so Taylor doesn't go home.


My plan worked! Kevin's out 3-2, and well, Taylor's annoyed. I think he's just worried about his place in the tribe, and luckily, Ben and I are controlling that ;) heh. Apparently he understands where I'm coming from (after I listed like 5 reasons why it happened in the first place) but he doesn't trust Andrei's loyalty. I'm really ecstatic right now, because holy crap I really turned the tables. Ah, I love my social skills and my ability to bullshit my way through anything. I'm feeling a bit more confident about my game now.

Kevin's pissed and bitter as hell and he basically just confirmed that I was at the bottom of the tribe, now I'm really glad I got him out. :) Dear god, poor Taylor, that means I need to get him out so that I stay safe.


I'm realizing now that if/when a tribe desolve happens, I might need some random allies throughout the game so I can be safe. So my next step is to try and get alliances on the daily


I'm juggling with alliances and targets right now. Who am I really with? Who do I really want out? It feels like I am playing a blind game of minesweeper.

Right now I have strong trust in:

They all seem very genuine and very loyal. They are good people.

I have medium trust in:
Sole (I have not talked to him in a while)

I have little trust in:
This game is tough.


Wow, so Kevin going home was a blindside, and it immensely hurts my game. Ash is safe, Hunter is safe, and I seem to be only safe within Zuma lines. Charlie is a moron, even if he has the idol he's FUCKED. He keeps talking to other people how he doesn't want to work with us. He's either 1st or 2nd from Zuma to go. Then Michael is screwy too, because he's with Charles. So we have a strong alliance of 4 with me, Lloyd, Hickman, and Gerda. Then within that it's me, Gerda, and Hickman, in the "Whatever Alliance". I'm closest with Gerda, and I'm really counting on her social connections to get me further as we can call the shots. Supposedly some people seem to be against us, which is fine, but we have a bunch of social ties in this game which I think can help us just in case things switch up. Marish and Alejandro are really close to us, so I think we'll be able to secure numbers. Also, Henzy is with Hickman, and Sharky thinks I'm with him. We'll see. We just have to keep winning, and then take out Charlie.


EW! I'm turning into a hero! I mean, there are actually players that I wouldn't even consider ruthlessly blindsiding. I think Hunter and Ash turned into the villains of this season and I'm in the alliance who's sole purpose is to take them out. Here are the people I don't even wanna consider blindsiding:

Arranged in order: 1.) Gerda - She is one of my Best BFFs Forever in this wikia, even if she plays one hell of a game, there's no way I'd even consider taking her out.
2.) Marish - Marish, there's something about him, but I think we both connect really well. He saved my ass in Mpillo and I never let depts go unpaid, so I'll definitely stick with him. I find it ironic that he was gunning for me earlier on.
3.) Sole - Sole and I connect pretty well, he approached me for an alliance despite my notorious gameplay. I really think I can trust him, I definitely wanna work with him far into this game.
4.) Adam - I trust Adam. I didn't even know him when I was watching his FTC and I was really rooting for him (just because my best friend in real life is also named Adam LOL). But he's a really cool guy, I think he trusts me a lot, so I definitely trust him back.
5.) Taylor - Taylor has shown no signs of wanting to blindside me, I so hope he survives the next TC is his tribe, because I wanna work with him in the late game.
6.) Loyd - Loyd is my idol, I wouldn't bring that up to him in this game cause I wouldn't wanna come off as some creepy stalker xD But Loyd was a HUGE influence in my Korea gameplay. The two of us connect pretty well. I definitely wouldn't consider blindsiding him :))

This is strange. I had close allies in Korea, but I would willingly blindside them in that season. Now there are people I wouldn't consider taking out... I hope my gameplay is working. I've been doing less sleezy stuff cause I don't wanna attract attention. I think I'm doing an okay job being under the radar. But I have a good feeling that Hunter is targeting me. Little does he know that I'm already planting safeguards here.

I planted a seed in Mike's head, saying that Hunter was gunning for Charlie (Charlie and Mike are solid) so they wouldn't work with him. Gerda and Adam wouldn't work with him either, Loyd wouldn't work with him...That just leaves Hickman, really.

Over on my tribe. I don't think anyone is targeting me (god, I hope not). Marish and I are solid, Sole and I are solid, Jhet and I are solid, Sharky and I have sooooo much in common (like we watch the same TV shows that nobody else watches) and Mark...I think he trusts me xD

So whoever Hunter has on his tribe is clearly out numbered. I think it all comes down to a battle of the social game. Hunter is a brilliant rival right now and if I can pull off his blindside, then that moment will be my new trophy because he's ONE HELL OF A PLAYER. I don't wanna seem cocky though, there's a good chance that whatever Hunter is doing is enough to take me out. I just need to convince everyone how devious Hunter is.


The game is getting more intense with every day... the waiting around mixed with the All-Stars atmosphere and the threat of a triple Tribal Council is making people antsy. Kevin's boot really added to that atmosphere because he was one of the few die-hard heroes in this game and now that he's gone, there's one less influence for goodness on this island!

I've planted the seed of having Sharky blindsided with Alejandro and he took it pretty well. In a perfect world Sharky will be gone pretty soon but I don't think it'll happen, especially when I don't want Mark and/or Jhet floating around having just been lied to because then I'll be a target for sure. The Bromance, even though I want no part in it, really has been a great thing. It means I'm insured if I end up close to Adam, Mike or Charlie or even in my own current tribe. But it also gives me perfect leverage to gain allies, save people and throw others under the bus. I just can't wait for my chance to take someone out!


So Alejandro tells me that Sole is gunning for me and Adam. I'm not surprised since I eliminated him from Hawaii, but I'm still incredibly hurt. Here is a guy who I thought I could fully trust and now he is planning to stab me in the back. I thought he wanted to work with me :( I have been telling him all this information which now seriously worries me. At least I know he is telling that to Alejandro, one of my most trusted allies. And at least I am in this with Adam. I trust him a lot.

But after what happened in Dr Panda All Stars, I seriously hope my game isn't ruined. What I need to do here is make sure that I am not the most noticeable figure out there. I need to be under the radar more. At least I am in a better spot here than in DPAS. It seems no one really likes Ash or Hunter so I really hope this means they'll pack their bags soon.


Day 7

I didn't really care about the reward challenge, I'm not interested in being in charge, having power and what have you... So I was not going to spend too much time going through the wiki.

This Immunity Challenge is pretty huge, however. I should be okay, I have Ash on my side... But we can't afford to lose any more members. Even if a swap happens next round. Especially if a swap happens next round.


It seems that I have survived the part which I didn't think I would survive, I totally expected to be one of the first ones out. Let's hope I can continue to survive... I'm not gonna try so hard in the challenge, I don't want a target on my back. I'll just keep talking to everyone and hope that keeps me around.


So I'm a bit stressed and terrified that my tribe might've lost because of me. I submitted the crappiest score out of my tribe and pushed the average way up and I feel really bad because of it. I honestly wouldn't blame them if they voted me off for it... But I brought Ben into a crosstribal with Mike and I, and I think he might be slightly more loyal to me because of it. But idk. In order for me to be okay in my tribe, I need to get Taylor out. Sigh. I really hope we don't go to tribal. I don't think we can handle it...


HALLELUJAH. Ohhh glory. We can finally catch a damn break. Don't care what happens at Mpilo, none of us are going home.


We finally won immunity!!! I'm so frickin happy. We got 2nd because of Alejandro not submitting, but even if he did, we would've gotten 3rd and that is amazing!!! I'm pretty sure Mark is going tonight, but there's a chance it could be Alejandro for the challenge, but I somehow doubt it. Four people will be down tonight, and I'll only have to beat 17/18 more to get to FTC. But I'm not feeling safe for a second, every time I do, I get blindsided. And that is not happening anytime soon, as long as I have a say in it. I'm playing a scared little girl while laughing my ass off inwardly. I have nothing to lose at this point, if I do get voted out, I can successfully say that I did make a move before I went, and that's something to be proud of.


How rude can Charlie be?

Well so rude that he just randomly came in and took my spot in the Immunity Challenge, although we had previously agreed that he was going to sit out this time...

I was rather mad about it cause I had worked on it for hours and my fingers really did hurt. I mean.. why couldn't he just sit out this time?

But since he got a better score, I just swallowed the sour pill. It's the tribe stage, so this would be the right thing to do. Adam did feel rather bad about it, and so did I, but well.. no need to make a scene right now. But once we go to tribal, Charlie needs to be sent packing. Cause he disturbs the peace of the tribe and he also is gunning for me and several others.. But well, we still won so it's all fine.

What I don't like at all is that Mpilo is going to tribal. Ever since the amazing Skandi was sent home, I have been really afraid of losing Taylor and Alejandro. As long as I have them, I know I'm safe, but I know that they are big targets just like me. But so far it seems that Alejandro is in a safe spot so I think I don't need to worry. But should I lose him I would explode like a volcano. Alejandro is what helps me to keep it together. He is one of my best allies in this game and losing him would hurt me a lot.

Still, whatever happens, I do have Adam, Hickman and Lloyd and I trust them a lot. I just hope there isn't a switch. I have a feeling that there might be but.. I am hoping for an absorption instead. That way Taylor could be more safe.


Tambo actually won.. for once we were able to come out of a immunity challenge and not feel on the edge of the game, we all becoming a united front. Besides Tambo winning i think my game is heading the right direction, I’m the Dark Horse in the game I’m the one everyone should be watching out for when they’ve got there eyes on “threats” such as Adam, Alejandro and Uli. I can do whatever i want right now and 2 thirds of the cast won’t know about it; and the ones that do will shrug it off.


Well, i might be playing to hard as of right now, making too many alliances and such which could come back to haunt me.

So Charlie, for some reason, i don't know why, I feel as though he is playing me. He told me he has the hidden immunity idol, but I feel he only told me that to make sure i stick with him. He knows I like power and hes trying to make me think I have it. he's just using me. I could be wrong but we'll see.

Also, I have an alliance with Ash now. and I think she actually trusts me. Before immunity, there was the possibility of her tribe losing, and getting voted off, so im now talking to ben to slowly gain his trust and hopefully get him to keep ash alive.

I still have my alliance with alejandro


Day 8

Well this sucks. I bust my ass off in the challenge and I could still end up going home. Not even in the conventional way where another tribe beat us and we just weren't good enough. But in a way where I may potentially get eliminated just because of technical difficulties. I received an awesome score, which was 8.27 while everyone else was struggling to get less than 9 (in this challenge, the lower the score, the better). So I sent it in, but my shitty internet cost me the challenge. Apparently the message wasn't sent! I only found out 3 hours after the deadline...this is just...bad luck! :C

The worst part is, this isn't the first time my internet screwed me over. Back in Korea, at the final 5. I could have done the immunity challenge but my internet was acting like dial-up and would take 30 minutes just to load 1 photo. So I didn't do the challenge and got sent home...

I have NEVER been the reason why my tribe lost a challenge. I've always been the one who gets the amazing score that surprises everyone and saves my tribe. Now, either Mark or I have to just because my internet screwed me over again!

I'm beyond pissed. Not at the mods, not at the game, but on my own stupidity! This is the worst feeling I've felt in ORG history. It's there right beside getting blindsided by 3 idols!

This was a chance to drain the numbers of Rholi and Tambo down to 8 while we'd still be at a perfect 12. But now, it's at 9-11...It may not seem much but I am SO FRUSTRATED! T_T

At the very least...Taylor has more time to scramble...The guilt of Mark going home just because of my internet is gonna kill me though...


It's a good and bad thing in a way, we lost our challenge strictly because Alejandro messed up, not sure exactly why, probably some.. technical difficulty. But at least Tambo avoids Tribal Council, making Taylor safe. Now.. however, is the worst part, I just realised that had Alejandro sent in his score, Rolih would be the ones voting tonight, and it kind.. annoys me, but at the same time I kind of glad that Tambo isn't going home, and, it gives us a chance to cut off some dead boring weight.


We lost! Our first loss, wow... To be honest, I'm kind of really excited XD. All-Stars has been sorta boring after alliances have been made and we've been winning immunity lately... But now, we've got our games on the line! Exciting! I'm not really worried about this tribal though, i feel pretty safe. Our tribe has already decided for Mark to go. I feel really bad about it, but I mean, he hasn't really socialized with us much individually. So bye mark :(


Day 8 and our first loss.. We would have come second by a long shot if Alejandro hadn't forgotten to send in his score but I guess it's just part of the game. Alejandro is too valuable to lose now over a mistake like that especially when he'll be crucial in ousting Sharky or Jhet if we lose again. Right now, Mark is the catch of the day because he's been a little too quiet for me to be able to rely on him long-term. With his elimination, all Switzerland representatives will be out and hopefully he'll be the first of many eliminations on my road to the Final Tribal Council. Game on.


So several people are PM-ing me and wondering if I'm safe (Or hoping that I'm not). One of them was Henzzy who sent Sole a picture of his conversation with Marish which is actually stirring up controversy. Because Marish was jokingly asking Henzzy to throw the challenge, Henzzy asked Marish if he was gonna throw the challenge, Marish responded with a thumbs up.

Now Henzzy was asking if I am safe, which I'm pretty sure I am. But just to mess with him a little bit, i pretended that I'm on the chopping block because of a rumor that one of our sit-outs convinced me to throw a challenge. I made sure to dramatize it a bit by saying things like "Omg, whoever did that screwed me over" or like "I hate how this person caused my elimination". Just to guilt trip him.

Now, I'm hoping Henzzy will clear up the rumors to take the target off of Marish :)) if not, meh, I got a good laugh out of it ;) SUP HENZZY! :D