Day 19

Oh my GOD! The planned worked flawlessly. I don't feel bad anymore because Will is taking it really well and I'm so glad. The best part is that the guys on Laconia voted out a guy too, which means they wont hate me or think I'm a flipper when we merge.


nice blindside right? so glad that worked out for us. the last couple of days definitely confirmed to me that i didn't want will around for long - he was too smart. the people left, in comparison, have proven pretty easy to manipulate for the most part. which has been nice, but honestly i'm looking forward to the merge, where hopefully it will get a bit more interesting. right now the plan is for me and jessica to get together with hanne and mj at the merge, and then we'll be able to pick who we want to work with from pretty much everyone else. personally i'm hoping for erica and sora, because i know erica is going to be loyal and everyone seems to like sora a lot. everyone else is kind of sketchy - jace is cool but he seems a bit too smart (and also has been a bit rude towards jessica which i am not here for), i'm sure renz hates us right now, missy still makes me a bit nervous just because it seems like she really has no idea what is going on (case in point: after last night's tc she messaged me and was like "i think renz voted with us"), eoin is also a bit shady just because he hasn't spoken much to anyone, and honestly i dont even remember who else is over at laconia anymore. so it would be ideal to have the four of us + erica, sora, and whoever else the others want, but we'll see what happens. at this point we have some pretty good stuff going on, and hopefully it stays that way.

idk why i'm writing a confessional right now nothing really has happened except waiting for the CoT for like 5 years and then crying about immunity idols and listening to jace talk about zoe from marquesas for 5 more years. gotta love it.

i hope tata is having a great day

i hope i'm making coach proud


Day 20

yassssss the temple visit was amazing and our alliance is amazing we have 2 entire idols and i don't have to stay up till 1:30am yasss i am loving this concept


I'm hoping that we don't lose this immunity because I may be in trouble. I've turned from the person who switched up the game, to the tribe leader, which may have rubbed my tribe the wrong way. Even if they aren't targeting me for being a leader or something, I have become the swing vote. I can either chose between voting out Renz and going into the merge with a 4-6 guy deficit, but also have some merit with the girls, or flip back to Renz, either get Amelia or another girl to flip with m,e and vote out Missy. If I can't get a girl to flip with me we will be stuck in a 3-3 tie. This could also be detrimental because the girls may be able to convince Renz to vote me out. I'm just praying we win. I know that testing loyalties is important in this game, but now is not the time to attend tribal.


Day 21

Once again the new Laconia tribe fails at immunity!!! Ugh. I mean it's kinda good were going to tribal so we can get rid of Shannon, because I fully expected Renz to be the one going at the other tribes tribal, so maybe we can use that merge time to get the numbers on our side.

I shouldn't be paranoid going into this tribal but I am, I always am with every tribal. I trust my alliance, but you can only trust them to a point. I mean it's me and MJ and then three girls... they could easily take out one of us and then save Shannon so its a six-four lead of women in the game. The other girls could convince Hanne and Erica to vote me out, since I know Hanne and MJ are close........ So I just gotta put my faith in them that It's not my time and we can make this foursome the final 4.