Day 16

Cass was the other side on my orange in this game. She was my all in this tribe, she can't be gone! I'm angry, I'm scared, I'm miserable right now! If right now I could get my hands in their throats I would yell t them stuff that will break their bones and shatter their teeth. I must survive now.


This is bad. Cass, the first member of the Career alliance has gone, and Ironicaly she portrayed the part of Glimmer, who was also the first Career to die in the movie. Its time to crack some skulls. The tribe switch was brilliant though! We got Emma but lost Joan however, but I have a plan, I will get our tribe to throw 3 challenges and then equality will kick in, then we can get him back. I have got this tribe wrapped round my pinkie finger, and I'm not letting go. I think the next tribal will be a double, so I will get everyone to attack John and Riley, and if its just a single, John. The audience will never see it coming, and neither will he.


Silly Mike, betraying Joan. You just put you, Connor, and Tyson in jeopardy. Since the equality twist is in play, the Oink Alliance is going to suck at challenges and in the process vote out somebody (who we believe will be Sharky) and get Joan, then we will dominate and you three will vote out each other. Coming merge time, it'll be 6 (and maybe plus John) versus everybody else. Now you just put the pieces of the puzzle together and you can predict what'll happen then..


So whenever people give a lot of cocky, arrogant confessionals, the game bites them in the a$$. I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead with the cocky confessionals, because the game has gotten so much more real with Cass's elimination. I'm so glad I decided to join Côte. This is flippin awesome.


This is painful, Lagunes. I really need this challenge so that the others can vote off Joan or Cassandra, problem is we are mostly relying on the Savanes members.

Not only can we not let them know the plan to axe Cassandra to motivate them, but its not as though we had a tribe switch because everything was so evenly matched. Please let this happen, it would be so amazing to hear the reactions of Joan's alliance. I want a win so badly.


Get ready for my villain quote of the season guys.

I am loving everyone's shocked reaction to Cassandra. Between Joan having to reply to my comment about keeping Lagunes together and everyone seeming crushed that their plans are destroyed. Just for the entertainment value, it is fantastic. What's even better is that from Emma, Sharky and Riley's perspective, the Savanes are just going to be decimated without the help of their knight in shinny armour to rally the people against the enemy alliance. I have them in my pocket and now I can work to vote off the people that I wanted gone for so long. So for the future, if I offer my assistance, its always best to say yes. If you don't want my assistance, best to not let me know.


well, thinks kind of took a turn for the worse. I guess I had it coming. but at this point, im 90 percent sure i cannot win, even if i make it to F3. why? lets start from last night.

I voted cass off and she immediately blew up, which is understandable. this though, involved her telling people i was the one who voted for her. so now, i have almost all of lagunes not liking me. they will be mostly jury so that sucks.

secondly, i have a f3 pact with john, which we are planning to take tyson. because he is a weak player, in our opinion. to get to the final 3, i would have to betray sharky and emma. but more sharky right now cause im not even sure if emma is with me after what happened last night with cass... so thats 2 loss votes. i dont think john will get votes from connor or zach as they are his main allies. but the other alliance might give him the votes for him out smarting them. either that or tyson wins. my other option is to stick with savanes and go to the f3 with sharky and emma. in which they are both well liked and non-villains, unlike me. so one of those 2 will win. at this point. im going to keep playing to win i guess, because i do never know what will happen and it is a little to early to tell if i can win or lose. but i really dont think i can…


Day 17

One more tribal council, that's all I need to survive.

Unfortunately, the other alliance caught on to the fact I was actually playing the game. I like to believe it has to do with my quick wit, but I think someone might have squealed. So I've planned a couple of different alliances to keep everyone together. Riley thinks he has a final 3 pack. Emma and Sharky think I have a Canadian alliance with them. I also am trying to guilt Sebastian into quitting so I have some room. How effective it will be I don't know, but I was going to be the first one out for the longest time if the Lagunes went to TC, so I am hoping for the best.


Ugh nooooooooooo not Cass!!!!!!! Why.....Just why... I was suppose too say something a day ago. but i got too lazy and i had a lot of stuff to say. So me,Sam,Panda,Me and Sebastion had too do the horror story for the challenge but of course we had too throw the challenge too safe one of my allies Joan who is really in deep s*** right now. I would do the challenge all by myself but i think each team member has too do a chapter. So i really couldnt do anything about it. Our horror story is about a evil pickle of something i admit it was kind of funny but if people dont know that were throwing this challenge for Joan which Sam said that people know. They better know or i could be like next. Its not very hard to not be paranoid at this moment because all i know that they could throw the challenge so i can be voted off.... but i aint just sitting on my ass waiting for that too happen if i see my name being thorwed around i am not just going to sit on my ass i am going to do something about it... I just hope they are still loyal to me. I would kill to stay for another three days in the game.


So I know we are going to Tribal Council and I don't like it.

Mostly because I know there is a possibility of getting voted out. So its not going to be a epic blindside or particularly crushing, especially since I'm not getting any cash anyways. Though I am invested now and I want to do well, or not let a group as pompous as Joan and his merry men get an easy path to the end at least. At this point, I have to trust my allies and hope I am in this game after tribal council.


Day 18

Social relations are very underrated.

I was nervous about this Tribal Council because I knew this was a Mexican Standoff situation. Either I got voted off or had the alliance totally exposed and magnified my target. However, because I was able to be the one person to talk and interact with Sebastian, I developed an actual friendship with the guy and he was willing to fall on his sword for me to get a couple more days to put something together. I would have liked to have him join an alliance, but I have to play with the opportunities open to me. So hopefully, we get the equality twist into play, get Michael on Lagunes and the dynamic duo can start picking off the fools that we need to.


NOOOO SEBASTIAN! We have lost our first Lagunes due to medical evacuation, and why did it have to be him... He done well though, an inactive beat 6 people! Thats pretty hard to miss, but I think I can say the we are the luckiest tribe ever! We have only been to tribal twice, and both times there was no vote due to someone quitting! Thats pretty lucky if you ask me... Even stranger however, he, in our Careers alliance, he is second to go and was the District 3 male, who died after Glimmer (Cass). Is this a coincidence? If not then it looks like Joan is next, being Marvel. If it comes true I will piss myself! Since I am the leader, Cato, who dies last. But that is a blessing and a curse. My plan however, is working. I have got my tribe to throw the reward and immunity, so now all we need to do is throw the next reward then we can abduct Joan. God. I'm so Sherlock sometimes!