Day 14

Okay I'm serious, Jake is one of the stupidest people I have ever met. I tell him Julian is gunning for him, and he says oh that bad. Then he tells Julian that I told him Julian is gunning for him? Um, are you not strategically smart? Your smart at being a dumbass, and it doesn't matter. You both going home.


Now i am sad and what will happened next? i told what was happened with me to alison the true about vote the girls but i said that jake had this idea and all that jake said to topaz about me and i believed that she was loyal but that isnt true know... jake showes a screenshot of alisons conversation and i told him why i want him out and he said that Rayton told him that i was targetting jake since Day 1 and Jake believed him he said me that if i am vote out he migth quit because supposedly he is my friend and when i said to him that i wasnt going to vote for one of the girls becaise i dont wanted a be villain and he was playing on both sides and he told that i am a liar cause i am one who was talking to me and saying that i am feel feel sorry but running to Alison telling on jake , jake please i don said you that i am feeling sorry i said all that was happened with you to Alison because is the true, i said all the true jamie and i know that jake will tell all that was happen and she wil want me out too and now i am the villain i am feel me scraped i know i am going to be out soon but it the life i dont want it but what i can do? nothing now i am liar ,villain and a bad person. :(


It's not technically official yet, but I'm pretty sure we are going to throw the challenge and make sure Jake gets the fuck out of here. Right now I am in a good spot and I will not be raped out of it by some big mouthed walrus clitoris like Jake.


'Now I've fully got to know everyone, it's time to set a plan in motion. Me and Rex came up with the idea of creating an alliance that could dominate the season - me, Rex, Alison and James from Boalemo and Tommy, Sarah and Topaz from Riau. The only downside is that Tommy, Rex and Sarah on the new Limboto are down in members, so I'm trying to make my tribe throw the challenge and then we can get out some of the annoying people in the tribe, like Lucky, Julian and more importantly, Jake.'


I gave my best effort, Casey gave her best effort, but I don't care if we win or lose. This Tommy dude who had to escalate a fight with me should have done a better job at voting Casey off, because if you aim at the queen you better not miss. Now I took Dan's place on this tribe with my bros Casey and Austin. All is good in the hood.


Day 15

You know what? I actually LIKE Jamie. She is the only smart fucking person I've met so far, and of course Claudia is my life. Wow, two people outta whatever number of tees idiots I like. That's bad.


'Most people on my tribe are really starting to piss me off. All of them seem like it's their way or the highway and are overly abrasive. Lucky, Jake and Julian have awful gameplay and are creating alliances with the whole cast - and getting caught out. Alison and James don't really talk to me which makes me think that I'm the third wheel in the old Boalemo and Dennis is allegedly aligned with Lucky, which is so dumb that I'm not even gonna get into it. Although I wanna stay aligned with that new Final 7 Alliance, I really have no solid loyalties to anyone at this point and I pray to god that some chaos happens to spice things up because right now I'm just on a tribe of people I can't stand.'


So I'm not necessarily in an alliance. Hopefully, I will be safe tonight!


So we won another challenge, which is good I guess.

My strategy for this challenge was to just create some chaos. And I was already emotional enough with certain things in my real life happening. I need to get out people on my tribe who could be a threat to me though, and the biggest threat on my tribe is Lucky. He is flip-floppier then a pancake. And hopefully Limboto will be voting out Laure, so all my problems will be gone. And it will be a cakewalk to the finals. >:)