These are the confessionals made within this episode.

Day 23

YAY! Eros went home! Not that I cared that much, but it's good to know that a Hickman wont be beating me this time!


So.... no merge. Way to pull a #Alfons Revival hosts. :( a #Alfons is a twist that sucks horribly and is just there to make me cry. </3 Sigh. Anyway, my alliance with Chris, Maxwell, and Will is flourishing very much. I can see us going to the final four.

On TOTALLY related news, I went to a Survivor casting call and my mom and cousin auditioned and we saw a bunch of people and possible a girl on S29 because she was recruited. <33333



i was not even planning to drop it off actually... i am so pissed that alex went home but then again, i saw it coming.. It irritates me to see "THE VILLAIN CLUB" who knows nothing but to scheme and backstab everybody that they feel blocks their way. we really need to win this next immunity challenge. hopefully, our last tribal immunity challenge before merge.. and i will be so happy to see one of the Vuelta Snakes go home and stab each other at the back... there is no way for us to lose this challenge.. There's so much at stake...


I like the delayed merge, I don't have many connections in the other tribes and my team is strong. We could just not merge and I'd be fine as long as Devolvi kept winning!


Day 24

I think people are gonna see my challenge record from Laos and anticipate that I am good at them, when in actuality, these computer games are hard! I usually dont get the best score! I am going to have a much more difficult time winning these minigame immunity challenges come merge.


Good! I get to avoid tribal again, too bad Regreso didn't lose, I'm not a big fan of anyone on that team.


I found the idol, yay! But... my tribe lost again, which sucks. Obviously the number one choice is me, but I have the idol so I have the power to send either Will or Maxwell home. I just have to figure out who is the best option.