Day 11

So, we voted off Nathan, easily. Unanimous decision, getting rid of someone who was in the old-schoolers, thus had connections with the other tribe's majority, and escalated a lot of unnecessary drama. However, that drama basically started from Mitch and Perry, it seems. Basically, Perry & I decided that we've got to talk to everyone, and Perry took it one step further: creating a chain alliance ala Rob Cesternino; a fake alliance between myself, Perry, him, Eden and Ted. Immediately, he tells a few people, including Nathan, and Nathan tells Steve. I didn't know about all of this so I told Steve that it was rubbish and that the 5 mentioned had no chemistry (which is basically true), only to be notified on a skype call a few minutes later that Perry created this situation. From what Perry and Steve told me, Nathan has been telling Steve to vote for Perry and Perry to vote for Steve, thus making him an untrustworthy source and discrediting the idea that that 5 are in an alliance, which we aren't because Perry doesn't seem to trust Mitchell, and since Mitchell seems to have ratted him out to everyone and conspired against him quite a bit, Mitchell obviously doesn't trust him (and now Perry's feelings on the subject are solidified due to these thoughts from Mitchell). But the thing is, I'm sort of caught between the middle of these two. However, the thing is, Perry's always been up front with me on these things. Mitchell, on the other hand, isn't even close, coming up with hair-brained schemes to get out my friends without telling me anything beforehand or talking game to me at all. Doesn't seem like alliance material. Besides, Eden, Perry, Tyler, Ted and Zane hold a majority even if I flip on our 6-some, AND one of them goes to exile, it's still 4-4, and even if rocks goes in the outsiders' favor, then it all depends on who goes to exile. 1. Mitchell seems quite untrustworthy as compared to say Tyler and Perry, 2. The outsiders probably can't be riled together, 3. Even if they could, it's not like they could get a majority w/me. So for a billion different reasons, I've got to stick to the Da Bae Alliance as it was named, and continue assimilating and skyping and twerking my ass off to the final 3, pun intended. So, after discussing it w/Perry, he asked what to do and I said basically to nip it in the butt and go for Mitch, to get rid of all the unnecessary drama Mitch creates. Sure, Perry creates a lot of drama, but I think a lot of it is uncontrollable due to his personality, and it isn't done purposefully to harm my game. That may not seem important, but it's valuable to trust in future actions and their intentions. Anyways, I'm still in with the 6some of the Da Baes (or currently in FB chat as Perry and the Platypussies), I'm still going to keep contact w/the underlings, by all means. I've got the Copan bond with Jino from RPG AS, the Mochambo bond with Steve from RSJ (is it Mombacho or Mochambo? who knows :P) and the loose sort of TBD bond w/Steve. I can already see the bitchy clique sort of fracturing, and if one can reel in like Steve, Jino or both, then a majority can be wrestled out from this tribe by my good relationship with Steve & Jino & Tyler, and Perry's closeness to Zane, since Zane & Tyler are close. My MO would be basically Mitch 9th in the tribe, then 8th, 7th and 6th being for Steve and Eden/Ted, I don't care about the order all that much. Now, the trouble will be to tell TJ WTF happened with Mitchell. I guess I can pull the whole the entire tribe wants him out and I'm on the outs and I need you card, which he very well might be using w/me atm. He's got the Súlur tribe convinced that he's on our side of the aisle, ready to flip when the next swap comes. Whether that's true, idk, but I hope it is and that I can rope him in with the whole TBDs stick together thing. There's quite a lot going behind the scenes here, and I hope you all are paying attention here because it's about to get real rough I think XD


So, we won immunity! It was awesome not going to tribal, but my buddy and one of my final twos left, Nathan. That bums me out. Most of my Day 1 allies are leaving.

I've realized Perry means nothing to me, as he is much more aligned with Eden and Ted. Which means I will lead the charge to vote them out.

I hope we can come and step up and win this challenge again, because I want Sulur to crumble for what they did.


In my seasons, the tribes are always equal in immunity wins. It was that way in Turkey, even after I left, and it is that way in Salvation, even when we had 6 freakng tribes! The hosts should be worshiping me. I am an equal opportunity charm. Well I am in the feminist club at school, so perhaps that help. Though I wouldn't mind if Askja went on a winning streak.

TJ was very open about what Exile Island was like. From the info I have gathered from everyone who has gone but Isaac, which is 3 out of 4, 75%, a C, you have a 3/144 chance of finding the idol for your tribe. No one said winning Salvation would be easy.

We wake up on Day 11, find that Nathan is gone, no biggie and no offense to him. Our challenge is an interesting one. I am not usually fond of flash games, but I love the soundtrack of the game, Robot Unicorn Attack. I was evening singing along while I smashed into a star or fell off an easy to reach cliff.

I need to do well in this challenge, prove to my tribe I am an asset. Sure I got a point at the last challenge, but that is only because George's picture of me was total uncanny valley. Once again, no offense. I have been targeted twice, and someone who voted for me is still on this tribe. I need this.

–Ian Isaac, the person who doesn't interact, can't do challenges, and just overall is kinda annoying thinks he can make our tribe decisions. He's leaving if we go to tribal tonight. I will make that my duty.

Also you are really shady in saying that we want to change from Steve to Zane when Steve was perfectly fine. Really showing your allegiances. When I said it, it was more a "what the hell it doesn't really matter" statement, but his was more of "I want my ally to be safe" statement. Now he can add shadiness and untrustworthy to my shit list of him.

I feel so evil when I talk about people like this. I like being snarky, and it's just a game. If people hate me after this because I voted them out and ruin their chance then whatever. But you won't be taken seriously if you take what I say seriously.


Hurray!!! I improved my placement from last season. Im so proud of myself, maybe it doesnt seems to be a big deal, but for me it really is. Firsr of all i survived stage of tribes of 4 people. And now my placement. Plus, im having so much fun playing in this season. Even tho if lately i had a lot of personal problems and my org facebook was took down as well for while.

Anyway, something sad had to happen too. Sad and good at once. We lost challenge and we will face TC. Bad side of it its ofc losing a member but the good side of it itsthe fsct that its Ian's tiem to go. When season started he was one of my tatgets. Lately him and Liam had way too much of control in game. Ian needs to go, i talked with Trace, Matthew and TJ days ago about it and its time to make it happen. Its a great day for blindside


Now I can say I made it further than I did in Anarchy! It's day 11! But it's far from the main goal being day 39. A month to go lol!

Immunity is some crazy flash game with a robot unicorn that plays some song I still can't get out of my head! I even Shazamed it! But anyway it's a fun one but it has it's bad glitches I have no control over. I didn't have much time so I submitted a score of only 23,150. Some of my tribe mates could get a score around that range while a few have been able to get much higher. But one person on my tribe has me very worried about their performance in this challenge. Guess who. It's Isaac... His story this time is how he cannot access the challenge. He's gonna not submit he says. That zero can really hurt us. I really did reach out to him and tries to help solve his problem. I think he appreciated my help and we even attempted a short conversation. Just hope he sees me as an ally to him, because he's been on Exile once and could have the idol. he even has a chance to go again this time. I just hope that other tribe has players with the same problem.


Day 12

I actually couldn't do the challenge today very well, but I don't want my tribe to think I'm weak, so I told them I sent in the wrong score, as to why it looked so bad, when in reality I was horrible at this game XD

We exiled Isaac, because we hope to get him to flip to us in the event of a swap.


-Well we lost and Sulur just straight up beat us. We're going back to tribal and it seems certain that Julia is gonna get the boot tonight. Hopefully all goes well tonight as I trust the people on my tribe and they seem willing to go with the plan. Sucks to have Isaac on exile as we would have easily spared Julia in favor of Isaac.


We got back to our winning ways and won the challenge, which is good for me because I'm totally lost on what's going on in the tribe. Everyone keeps telling me conflicting things and I don't know who to trust. Also Nathan gave off the impression that he actually thought I was going instead of him, so either he's just putting on a show or several people in my tribe told him they voting me.


Isaac. God Dammit Issac. Every freaking time.

So since once again Isaac is safe, we have to go with our backup plan. So Julia is going home tonight. While it wouldn't of helped her, I wish she was more open to talking. I would always try and open up to her, but she always seemed so... indifferent. I get the feeling a lot of fans will hate Askja after this vote lol


I'm upset. Sulur sucks. This game can't be fun anymore if all they do is crush my spirit. I don't know what their plan is but we're just gonna keep voting off their potential allies until they sacrifice Isaac.

And that brings me to the other reason why i'm upset. TJ is playing too hard. He wants to blindside Ian. Like, thanks for growing a strategic brain now.

I'm upset over the plan for multiple reasons:

We just made the alliance and now Syzmon, and possibly Trace and Matt want to betray it. I know the fact that Liam and Ian are dangerous but Julia is an outsider and is equally as dangerous.

Two, I didn't come up with it, but I always had the plan to blindside Ian in the back of my mind. I think I'm jealous that TJ is starting to grow into a better game. Jealous enough to turn on him? Time will tell. But I had everything in control with the whole "vote Isaac, if exiled then Julia" plan before results were revealed.

Three, Ian is being targeted for being a challenge threat. As apparently the only one who remembers their season, voting out the physical people early leads to utter failure. I don't want Askja to be Isis 2.0! Have we not forgotten the load of all loads Isaac is still here! But oh nooooooo, he's getting the most free ride ever to the merge.

I want to try and turn it back on Julia, but the damage is done. :/


Well, we lost. Again.

I really hate losing. Every time that we lose I get super nervous. I'm afraid that my tribe is going to somehow come together to get rid of me every time that we go to tribal. That's why I need to be proactive when it comes to making strategy.

What I planned on doing was piecing together the people that aren't tight with Liam and Ian and taking one of them out. I figure that if there's any time to take the power back of the tribe, now would be that time. Liam and Ian are just too ignorant to realize that their constant talk of how good the alliance is is only making it harder to stay for everyone else. I'm playing for first, not sixth, fifth or fourth.

Luckily for me, the wild card of the whole operation, TJ, actually came up to me before I even proposed anything saying that he wanted to take out Ian. WELL DAMN. It's like we're connected or something TJ, because I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING. He then went on and on to tell me how Szymon and Mikey were already on board. Which is great. I have a tight 3 with Szymon and Matt, and we all agreed this would be good. We also told Julia to vote for Ian, so that's already 5 there. It could even be 6 depending on whether or not Mikey votes with us.

I feel kind of bad in a way, because Ian is a nice guy. But the truth is that I can't worry about how people are going to think of me if I vote them out this early in the game. I need to stay focused on creating strong allies who I know won't backstab me, and I feel like I've already found a few of those.

I know that doing this will burn a HUGE hole in my relationship with Liam. But I'm prepared to repair what I need to going forward. The sad truth is that Liam will most likely need to go next, unless Isaac blows the challenge again. Then I don't know. Isaac is dragging us down, and I can't have that.

Just little old Mr. Alliance Wrecker over here. Wish us luck!


Well we LOST! And to make things worse Súlur sends Isaac to Exile Island and now he is safe from the vote. Because we all just know that Isaac completely deserves to be safe because he tries sooooo hard for our team. Smh I can't get mad at Isaac for being sent there, but Súlur is really getting on my nerves by pulling off that move. I can't blame them for it, but still. But the way some of there tribe celebrates. They make fun of our team. I don't play that game. Well actually it's just Perry who does it publicly. I can't wait until he is gone. There's a few people on that tribe I can think of that just need to go away lol!

Now people are getting underway discussing who to vote for. That HellaGr8 alliance I'm in wants Julia out. Which I really wouldn't mind that. But I'm more loyal to Trace, Szymon and even TJ. Trace and Szymon were discussing that now is the time to take out Ian. And even TJ comes to me and wants Ian gone. Trace and Szymon are even confirming that TJ wants Ian gone. With Ian being gone we lose a sneaky player in this game. When Jake revealed to us about that fame idol Ian made, that raised a red flag to me as well as my other tribe mates. Plus Ian puts TJ on the spot by asking him in front of everyone if he found the idol! TJ even says that Mikey is on board. Mikey I don't know too well and he's in that HellaGr8 alliance too. So I told Julia about the vote and how others want to vote for her. Others apparently have messaged her too after I told her to check for them. She says she's fine with Ian going. So the vote should be 6-2 at worst 5-3. Hopefully it ends up being Ian. I don't look forward to having to deal with Liam probably being mad. But it's part of them game and I have my excuse ready to go for him. I just sure hope if we lose again its a time when Isaac is not at Exile. Just gotta hope he doesn't find an idol and plays it. So I'm not gonna upset this kid at all while he is here lol! Like I said, I just gotta be low key at this phase of the game. I'm starting to get a good picture of where people stand in this game. At least on my tribe. That's a big plus I can use to my advantage.


I love how mad Askja is getting that we keep exiling Isaac. I would love to see myself in the finals with him, like seriously, who is going to vote for Isaac?


And just like that, SÚLUR! WINS IMMUNITY!!!! :D I'm so stoked we won, naturally, not just because we're up in numbers again but we proved once again that our extra effort, that extra fighting spirit we have is helping us to win. I could have submitted the 28,670 score, as I was stuck on that score for about 2 hours, with school the next day and 4 days of school behind me, with a wave of fatigue setting in from them. But no, I stayed up, tried hard and submitted 44,280 instead, I am trying like hell to compete in every challenge I can (until the merge, I've thrown challenges in the merge and I see no reason to stop doing so if I'm in a good spot, which I'll try like hell to do :3). Aaanyways, I found some interesting things in the game today, and I didn't expect any of it. Firstly, I found it weird that I was selected to go to exile by Isaac. I find it strange that after RSJ, after the times I've betrayed him, he still trusts me enough to take me to exile and tell me certain things about his position on the tribe. When I was on Hekla, I was tight-lipped, as I wanted to assimilate as much as possible. I tried as hard as I could to tell as few people as possible about my spot at Hekla, because if Liam learned that I felt as if I was on the outs, then he'd know that I never trusted him and I'd be a goner. Loose lips sink ships, folks. I make sure to talk A LOT about non-game stuff, be kind of bitchy to who I need to be bitchy to, be quiet and aloof to those who are quiet and aloof, basically move my personality around to fit the person I'm talking to, so people trust me without me, you know, actually giving any of my information away. People don't know my actual personality and won't know it until I've tricked them into getting voted off, the personality that I project is real for those I get along with well. For those whom I just don't like, I have no reason to give them any reason to think of my true thoughts for them. For these individuals, every emoticon, every word is calculated to fit the mood of the conversation, to fit EXACTLY what they want to hear at all times. They don't know me in real life or how I really am, so why should they know if it'll hinder my game? I can easily force myself to get along with people even when I don't, that's why I survive the tribal phase so easily in most ORGs: fit in, get along with people, win challenges, talk my way into new alliances at a slow and controlled pace. I was on a skype call with Tyler and Ted, and the subject came up about who's a Hero, who's a villain. Immediately, Ted was referring to me as a hero, and Tyler agreed! It took SO MUCH FUCKING WORK TO HOLD BACK ALL THE LAUGHTER XDDDDDDD Ted, if you were genuine, then you suck at reading people, I may be nice and friendly to you all but that has nothing to do with my gameplay ;D If you all think I'm a hero, I'm just the nice and naïve guy who just wins challenges as I project to people, then y'all have another thing coming ^_^ Anyways, that's pretty long for a confessional, now to start on episode 6 which we're currently on XDDDDD