Day 31

Last night, I was pissed when Trace was eliminated. I was super angry. And I don't know why I wasn't so shock, because in the back of my head I was actually expecting it. I guess it's just because they lied very well... especially Charlie. I still don't know why that guy is still here... He's a liar, you can't trust him. But whatever. Now I have my back against the wall... All I have is Ash... And if I don't pull any strings or win some immunity, I'm gonna be the next one to go... I just feel so defeated... Like, I've worked so hard to get to the top from the very beginning. And to stay on the top, and then immediately be knocked down to the bottom, it's scary, and it does not feel good. But I'm gonna keep fighting to get to the top again... There might be no way to take control of this game, but I can definitely take control of MY game.... Someone wish me luck.


Everything should be back on track now. Trace went home as planned last night, and that should mean that us remaining Khaptads have a few straightforward votes ahead of us. But they're like cockroaches that just won't die, and the Survivor gods seem to be pulling for them in this game, so who knows.

But personally, I think I'm in a pretty decent spot. Unfortunately, I got a little blown out of the water at last night's Tribal with all of the likeability talk. But I do think that I'm still in a solid place. I've got my original alliance that's sitting strong, and Charlie has come to Dallas and I about bro-ing down. So either way, I'm in the majority of the remaining Khaptads, because unless they've been working at it really hard, I just don't see Charley and Charlie working together. But on the other side, Ash has come up to me and is trying to get me to side with her and Jhet. She's waving hidden idols in my face and telling me that they've got nullified votes up their sleeves - even though the covered items have yet to be revealed. I don't buy it for a second, but the fact that I'm at the centre of a lot of the intrigue could really help me. Knowledge is power - I know it's trite, but its accurate. But all this attention could damage me, too, because I'm going to be forced to betray someone's trust, and the later in the game you leave it, the more likely they'll be bitter at the final vote.

So with this auction, I'm just trying to get what will help me most. The cursed idol will be a real deterrent should anyone try to vote me out before my time. And if i can get that extra vote for the next Tribal, then that gives me a lot more leverage to make sure that I can make the best move for my own game. The funny thing is, I don't think many people suspect that I'm as aware of this game as I am. Showmanship in the strategy might get you fan favorite, but playing smart, silent and sneaky could pay off in the end.


Day 32

Day 33

I really don't like Charlie. I can't find a good word to describe him, except for irretating. And it really sucks that i have to work with him, and it just sucks more that he also has a disvantage. You know what else sucks? Me, Dallas, and Ash are planning on blindsiding him tonight, but I also want immunity. I guess it's a win win situation for me, but if we win, I do want to keep Ash. So basically... Charlie is making my whole game way more complicated. To add to that, he's intolerable. One thing that he does is that everytime, he's rooting for something against me. And when he roots against me, he implies that i suck. HE MAKES ME WANT TO SPIT (Dawn quote)! Haha, but you know, I want to be nice to him. Because I need him on his good side, and he needs me on mine.


This is possibly the most important challenge of my game. If Ash and Des win, then I am going home. I know this because I am the only person who can possibly go home.

Here is the idol situation: Dallas plays an idol for himself. Charlie (who has told me he has an idol) plays it and saves himself. Ash has immunity. Des has immunity. Jhet gets the idol Ash won in the challenge. I have no idol. I can go home because there are a whack of idols floating around. And there is nothing I can do about it. If this sends me home, it isn't because I have bad game play, it isn't because I did something wrong, it's because I couldn't possibly do anything.