Day 27

That whole Claudia thing was so weird. At least, someone left so it got me farther in the game.


"Rex started talk to me and siad that wanna make a final 2 alliance . i am really felt me unfortable because i can´t promise final 2, i am with Dennis and Jamie and i dont wanna broke his feelings cause he told that doesnt trust antibody so.. i am the only person who didnt work with him and i told that to jamie and she that just tell him that i wont vote him out but sadly at some point of the game i need vote him :("

"Wow "Claudia" was disqualified she was a several sockpuppeter who played as Alison O.o i am really surprised and i am so disapointing to Claudia if is her real name -.- and Alison doesnt exist... Finally Claudia is gone and her sockpuppet : Alison, now i need forget it and continue play the game."


OMG yesterday was such a shock. Alison was a sockpuppet, well a blindsided sucky sockpuppet to be precise. It's a little disappointing because this season is going so well. In the end, for my game this seems kinda good. I wanted Claudia gone this round but I didn't get the support from my alliance, but I still got my way.

Because everyone is focussed on getting Rex out this is still a kinda safe round. As long as he doesn't win immunity. Though Jake already got some plans when he does. We all know Jake talks too much, so I knew we only had to wait. If he tells anything about voting out me to Julian, Sarah or Jamie, I will know it 2. And he did, he told Jamie that if Rex would win immunity, they needed to choose between Casey and me. So i'm gonna do what I did when James and "Alison" turned on me: Make a counter alliance. Well Jamie was already busy with forming it because she's scared that Rex wants to blindside her. I called it "the cookie squad". Because...who doesn't like cookies? Jamie, Julian and me were already locked. But with Jake also wanting Casey out this is perfect to secure Casey and Laure with this alliance.

Oh also, I have a another new plan. Operation Idol-out-my-own-alliance: If the cookie squad stays intact we vote out Rex, Jake, maybe Lucky. But when Sarah her name comes up there's gonna be something going on. I know Sarah got the idol, so of course I will tell her that she needs to play it. Then I will try to get her to vote out Casey. If this works, I would get Casey out without any blood on my hands and with the idol flushed.

By the way the reward challenge is awesome. The only question I thought about was the red/blue one. She didn't wear any red clothes on all pictures i've seen of her, but she did wear a blue dress. Hoping my logic doesn't fail.


'Today I heard that Rex created a new alliance called the 'Bandits' against me, so I can't waaiittt until I see that alliance on the wiki and the enemies will simply say 'Jamievdw101'. But whatever, I was there to comfort Rex when he felt down but if that was all a ploy then I have no problem voting for him.

At this TC, I really wanted to vote Lucky and blindside him but because of Rex's crappy gameplay it's really hard to not vote for him. Jake and Lucky are unpredictable and Rex is quite predictable so I might keep him and vote one of them but I don't know. It's risky. But I guess Rex will always be the scapegoat for as long as he's around, which is never bad. I'm just torn - I want Rex out because he pisses me off so much but Lucky's a smarter option.

The Cookie Squad was also created today which consists of me, Dennis, Casey, Laure and Julian - the old Riau which is so boring but the others have all given me reasons why I shouldn't be aligned with them. My only real loyalties lie in Julian and Dennis though, but Dennis is growing to be even more of a threat. He is a challenge beasttttt and although I love him as a person I may need to cut him loose near the end of the game (if I make it that far). I can't go to the end with someone and expect to lose because I came here to win and if that involves stabbing Dennis in the back then I guess that's what I gotta do.'


"I wasnt good at inmunity challenge, i just guessed three lies -.- embarrasing for me"

" So like Rex win the inmunity challenge,it could be Lucky 100% well i hope,and he just asked who we would vote and i said Sarah obviusly lying and Duh obviusly he knew it becase he and Jake want her out but fortunately it wont be cause thanks to "The cookie squad" alliance and i hope nobody flip"

"I don't want hurt Rex when told me he was secert alliance with me ,he want i take him to the final tribal council, he is so desesperate... :( i don't know why i'll do cause i can't promise him a Final 2"


Day 28

'It sucks because I really wanted to blindside Lucky this TC but Rex is so bad at the game that everyone wants to vote him. I need to convince people that Lucky needs to go because Lucky is unpredictable and the further you let him progress in the game, the more dangerous he gets. I'm also wary of Jake, Sarah, Rex and even Casey despite being closely aligned with her, but Lucky the most. Lucky and Sarah also failed to tell me when Rex made an alliance against me which is a HUUUGE red flag, which is why I want Jake to stay. Jake might even be a good goat to take to the end but I'm not sure that I could get away with voting out Dennis, or that I could live with myself. Him and Julian seem to be the best Final 3 but I still get the feeling I'd lose. No doubt Dennis would have Rex's, Sarah's, Lucky's probably, and I might have Jake's, Laure's, Casey's and James'... For all I know I could have Lucky's and Dennis could have Laure's and Casey's so it's a tossup and either of us could win. It's just hard because I'd like to know going into FTC that I'm gonna win.

I'm still gonna hopefully push for a Lucky blindside, obviously in the case that he doesn't win immunity, but it'd be so great for him to finally go. He's risky, and once he goes I'll feel a lot safer.'


'Rex winning immunity sucks. He was an easy vote for Jake, Lucky and Sarah. But for everyone out there - Rex did NOT save himself. The plan was to vote Lucky regardless so... Rex didn't need this immunity.'


Are you there Joan, Jessy P gangsta, and that one guy

it's me, Laure again, here with an confessional

I'm in some alliance called the cookie squad, it's got Jamie Dennis and Casey

and I like it cause everyone there is funny, and because they are funny and actually good at this game I want to stay aligned with them, no silliness, no hijinks

I kinda forgot that Julian is in our alliance, so I asked in the alliance chat his part of if anyone knows which way he is voting but I made a nice save

The plan is for all of us, the new riau group to all vote out lucky

I won't feel comfortable until his gone because I'm pretty sure him, Jake, Rex, and Sarah are all together and pretending to be at odds to throw our votes in different directions

Shout out to Wes for making me some lucky charms parchment, though last time he made me a parchment I wasted it because Tommy didn't go home @_@ lame

oh and like there was some mysterious chatroom we were added to where lucky got all communist on us and demanded screen caps of our votes. Dennis was in the chatroom so I wanted to ask Dennis if we were aligned with Lucky now and I asked it in the main chat. Curse you facebook you're too hard for me.

Like whatever, I'm an American unless he has a search warrant I am not giving him shit, but unless someone is screwing with me he has a right to be paranoid. It is possible someone is screwing with me because Lucky knew his name was getting thrown around, but whatever. Snitches don't get my jury vote. Fuck da police.


"Jake told me :I was told by almost everyone to vote out Sarah like iy wasnt his idea but clearly i said yes to him to make him comfortable but i am not agrew with that"

" Dennis and Jamie are good players and good persons and i was doubting about if i dserve be here or not, My social game isn't the best , i m like floater and didnt contribute nothing when i was in Newriau tribe so... i propuse them vote me out at F6 or F5 or when they want, i just think i don't deserve be on the FTC and they told me that i deserve it cause my social game isn't bad and they really like me that makes me happy :) and find me entertaining as i don't find on myself so...if a person needd wins this season is one of them so...i 'll think about i am saying if i deserve be here or really not."


I'm so nervous for this vote...


Voting Confessionals

I had planned to blindside you regardless of Rex's immunity win. It just sucks that it couldn't be more of a spectacular blindside.


I hate that I'm actually doing this.

All the votes I've sent in so far were for people I didn't really like. And now since the one person I don't like has immunity. We have to vote for his second in command, who happens to be someone I really like. All this game I've been playing with my head, but its the first time where my heart has stopped and said to me, "What are you doing ass hole?" But she will win, and I don't know when she will strike at me. My vote is for you; Sarah.


you are so fake!


"Lucky,sorry but you are completly untrustworthy and you think you are controlling this with Jake but it isn't true."


Lucky Lucky Lucky, your paranoia is becoming annoying and you are a threat to my game.
  1. Blindsidewar #CookieSquad