Season Survivor: Cuba
Founder Taylor
Members Remained Loyal:
Taylor (Day 11-33)
Cesar (Day 11-30)
Jeremy (Day 12-27)
Yaniv (Day 11-24)
Zac (Day 11-25)
Max (Day 20-24; 30-33)
Brian (Day 30-33)
Jastine (Day 11-18)
Day Formed Day 11
Enemies The Shepherd's Herd
Lowest Placing Member Yaniv (10/20)
Highest Placing Member Taylor (7/20)

JCTY was the minority alliance of Survivor: Cuba.


The alliance was created after the Day 10 tribe swap. After the tribe swap Taylor decided to talk to Yaniv for more options outside the original tribes..

On Day 11 Taylor struck a deal with Yaniv to begin a secret alliance. They decided on bring in one original Havana and one original Cardenas member; Zac and Cesar.

On Day 12 Taylor began to have doubts on Zac and decided to expand the alliance by bringing in Jeremy leaving only Zachary and Max not knowing about this alliance at their camp. The alliance, however, never had to vote anyone out due to the extensive winning streak of Havana.

When the tribes finally merged on Day 22, the alliance's primary target was the leader of the opposing alliance, Alfons. Thinking they had the majority with Max's vote, the alliance targeted Alfons at the first post-merge Tribal Council. However, Zac and Max both flipped and helped vote out Yaniv in a 6-4 vote.

Down in numbers, the now dubbed JCTY alliance tried to get Brian and Noah to flip on their alliance by voting out Alfons, but their target shifted to Zac after he won immunity. Their efforts failed however as Brian and Noah stuck to their alliance and voted out Jeremy.


  • The alliance was named by Alfons using the first letter of his enemies names. As the numbers began to fall, Alfons put strikes through their initial.
  • Yaniv is the only core member of the alliance to not return for Survivor: Generations.
    • All three members of the alliance who returned for the season were voted out by Day 8.