Jake R

Jake s21
Contestant Profile

Survivor: Salvation

Tribe(s) Askja
Placement 20/25
Challenge(s) Won 2
Vote(s) Against 7
Day(s) Lasted 8

Contestant Profile

Survivor: Korea

Tribe(s) Goguryeo
► Baekje
► Silla
Placement 14/21
Alliances Korea Alliance
Challenge(s) Won 3
Vote(s) Against 3
Day(s) Lasted 20

Statistics of Jake R
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 28
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 5
Individual wins 0
Total 5
Tribal Council
Total votes received 10
This is my game. Mine. Not yours. Mine. Not your game. My game.


But this challenge is a writing challenge. Thank God I excel in writing. So, we need to win this challenge. Because, I won't give up! Never give up!


Jake R, known as Jake or Snakey, is a contestant from Survivor: Korea and Survivor: Salvation.

Jake was known for creating the Kings of Korea alliance, a majority alliance that was created in order to have much protection. While Jake was seen as the leader, he was blindsided after throwing a challenge to dissolve Baekje and move to Silla.

He later returned for Salvation, but was voted off right after the tribe swap again after numerous attempts to save himself.


Name: Jake R
Age: 15
Hobbies: Drawing, Video games, Learning about aviation.
Pet peeves: Hypocrites, Over confident people (lol the irony :P), When people try todeny what they did wrong.
Occupation: Civil Air Patrol
Biggest achievement so far: Being able to move out on my own and live a perfectly fine life.
3 words that describe you: Manipulative, funny, over confident (:P)
Inspiration in life: Probably myself. I mean, without me, where would I be? I'd be non-existent, duh.
Are you active in any other wikis besides this one? Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki.
How long do you usually use the internet per day? Usually a few hours per day.
How did you find out about this wiki? I love Survivor. I came here a while back, but left, and I'm coming back and going to be more active again.
Have you seen Survivor in real life? If so, what is your favorite Survivor season: I've seen some seasons, but Pearl Islands is probably my favorite.
Survivor contestant you resemble the most: Russell Hantz with Malcolm Freeberg. Strategizing with a great physical shape.
What kind of a contestant do you think you will be?
Favorite Survivor: Wikia season and contestant: Survivor: Egypt and Aaron from said season.
Why do you want to be on Survivor: Wikia? Because I like strategizing, and Survivor, so it's a perfect combo.
Have you ever participated in an ORG before? Yes, on an IRC or Wiki Chat. However, not a Survivor one.
Why do you think you will be the Sole Survivor? Because, I'm the best. I'm the most strategical, the obvious choice and well... I'm awesome. Duh.
What are the 3 things you would take with yourself to a deserted island and why? Hunting knife, Flint and steel, and a water canteen.

Survivor: Korea

Jake was approached by Eddie and Crtha to join there alliance. Jake agreed, but started making other alliances. Eventually, he met Aston on there alliance. They both agreed that they did not want to be goats of Eddie and Crtha. They decided to find some loyal people for a major alliance. Jake said in the confessional his strategy was to make such a big alliance that everyone would be afraid to betray him.

The alliance finally consisted of Aaron, Alejandro, Amir Aston, Cassels, Hunter, Ivan, Jake and Ryan. They made a group chat on Facebook to discuss strategies with each other. They all thought the first challenge was reward for picking teams, where they all agreed to split them up with three on each team. However, this idea was false, and Jake ended up on the white Goguryeo tribe with Aaron and Hunter. Goguryeo lost the first challenge. With everyone thinking Samiah is a sockpuppet, the Goguryeo tribe threw the first challenge. However, Jake contacted Wikia Central and found out Samiah is not a sockpuppet of Ali, which was rumored. However, Jake decided to not tell anyone about this. He kept lying about her being a sockpuppet, where he said in his voting confessional "I'll tell everyone you're real later. But I have a game to win. Bye babe." and voted Samiah out.

As the game progressed, Jake kept talking to anyone he could for more protection. He also ended up getting the Goguryeo Mask of Restrict, which he ended up getting voted out with. When Goguryeo lost the third immunity challenge, the plan was to split the vote between Eddie and Nick, with the real target being Eddie. However, in an unlucky event, Nick self voted again, which led to his disqualification. After this, a tribe swap occured, which put Jake on Baekje.

Jake was now on Baekje with allies Ivan and Ryan. Jake recruited Chal, with him saying in the confessional Chal was just an alternate and an extra number. Jake said he would betray Chal anytime he needed to. However, Baekje won the Immunity Challenge, so Jake was spared elimination. When Jordan was voted out, Jake said to him that he offered to ally with him, but since Jordan refused, he got the boot. Jake said he was glad Jordan was voted out.

Jake said that his plan was to make sub alliances within the nine person alliance, and then pit them at merge, so he could get by in swing votes and avoid drama. When Baekje lost the Immunity Challenge, Jake planned to get rid of Crtha. Jake faked being her ally, and he lied straight to her by saying he would vote Matt. However, Crtha was blindsided, and Crtha said she really trusted Jake. Jake just said it was a game, and they were never really allies. Calling her a "sweetheart", he said he had no regrets and couldn't wait to see the wiki rage. When Baekje lost another challenge, Jake voted Matt, and he was disqualified due to self voting.

In a special reward challenge, Jake threw the challenge to get dissolved from Baekje. He said he threw the challenge to get on Silla hopefully and work with Aston and Alejandro. It worked, and Jake was put on Silla. At Silla, he talked with the Four Horsemen/Byakugan Alliance and they agreed to split the vote against Eddie and Max. However, when Silla lost the Immunity Challenge, Aston and Alejandro saw this as an opportunity to blindside him and switched their votes to Jake, which made Jake the 6th person voted out, and 8th person overall out in a 3-2-2 vote. Jake said he wasn't mad. Jake said he didn't mind getting voted out as long as the alliance got far.

After Survivor: Korea, Jake continued to talk with the alliance. Jake gave no information, but did hear what everyone had to say and never revealed anything. Jake stated he should have played the Goguryeo Mask of Restrict. Jake stated he was glad that the nine person alliance went far, even going as far as saying he was happy with his placing, because he got to watch the alliance prevail. Jake also said that if he played on Survivor ORG again, he'd play more heroically rather than villainous. But known for his great social game, Jake remains as one of the biggest threats in Korea.

Voting History

Jake's Voting History
Episode Jake's
Voted Against
1 Samiah -
2 Goguryeo Tribe Immune
3 No Vote
4 Baekje Tribe Immune
5 Chandni -
6 No Vote
7 Eddie Ben, Eddie,
Voted Off, Day 20

Survivor: Salvation


Tribe: Askja
Hometown: USA
Current Residence: USA
Personal Claim To Fame: Surviving and beating the horrible sickness known as meningitis at the young age of 5 years old.
Inspiration in Life: The Lord Jesus Christ. :)
Pet Peeves: When a baby is crying in a diner or a movie theater. Or when someone is always on there cellphone.
Previous Finishes: 14th place, 6th voted off (not including 2 disqualifications) in Korea.
Favorite Past Moment: Bonding with Hunter and Aaron and overall meeting people who I never really talk to anymore... it seems most people from Korea aren't in the wiki anymore. 
Previous Survivor He Respects Most: Noah from Anarchy and Heroes vs. Villains. The dude felt bad about a glitch when there was no rule about it, and still did an honorable thing. And he's an overall great guy and I wouldn't be surprised to see him in Salvation. 
Previous Survivor He Respects Least: Eddie. Can't respect bullies if they can't respect anyone else.
Why Did You Come Back?: To win, but also to meet some cool people. I'm really here to just try my hardest and have fun! Plus, getting to meet some new people, why not? Sounds like a win win for me! :D

In the game, Jake said he was excited to come back for a second time, mostly wanting to show his skills as a good player. He was announced on the 1st day of Salvation cast reveal videos. He also personally greeted himself to every single player.

During the first days, Jake mainly stayed under the radar and tried to be social with everybody. A small alliance was formed between himself, George, Mitchell and TJ called "To Be Decided". While this alliance never came to much use, Jake was the only member not to make Final 6.

In the first vote off, Jake considered voting for Brian, a fellow Korea returnee. However, he decided to vote Isaac, only in hopes of making him paranoid and an annoyance to others. (The plan didn't work, but he was still an annoyance that season). He talked with Brian, and said he promised not to vote him off, with Brian assuming Jake was lying. Nonetheless, Brian was voted off.

In the next challenge that decided the tribes, Jake scored a lower score on purpose to go under the radar. (It was actually the lowest). He was placed in Askja with Eden, James, and Trace. Jake seemed to bond with James and Trace the most. When it came down to it, Jake and Eden were the swing votes, many people in the cast wanting both James and Trace out. It was agreed James would go first. However, it was revealed James cheated in the next challenge, so he was disqualified. After Ivan was voted out, Jake was the last Korea returnee left.

After this, a tribe swap came, where Jake remained on Askja with Trace, and fellow To Be Decided member TJ. Both felt trust within Jake. Jake also bonded with Julia, Matthew and Szymon, and Ian. Ian eventually gave Jake a fake idol made by Liam. While Jake didn't believe it, he still took it. When new Askja loses the first post tribe swap challenge, Isaac was exiled, who was the first main target. Jake is told he is on the bottom for talking with everyone. When he found out Ian was trying to get Jake voted off, Jake revealed his fake idol to the tribe in an effort to save himself. This resulted in an hour argument in tribe chat, with the tribe trying to decide between who to vote off. After a bitter argument between Jake and Ian, they eventually agreed to let the tribe decide. Jake knew it was him going home, so he told his ally TJ to vote him off if he needed to. In the end, Jake was voted off 7-2, only Julia voting with him. Jake said he was proud of his game and tried to be a good guy, and wished his allies luck.

After Askja lost there next challenge, Ian was voted off because of the fake idol, meaning Jake got his revenge.

Voting History

Jake's Voting History
Episode Jake's
Voted Against
1 Isaac -
Askja Tribe Immune
2 Askja Tribe Immune
3 Ian Ian, Liam, Matthew, Mikey,
Szymon, TJ, Trace
Voted Off, Day 8

Post Survivor

  • Jake has been more of a quiet user, simply not wanting to do anything big due to having no interest in becoming an admin or hosting a season.


  • Jake was the only original Goguryeo member to move to Baekje during the tribe swap, and the only new Baekje member to be absorbed into Silla
    • As a result, he set the record of being in the same tribe with the biggest amount of people pre-merge, with 15 out of the 20 contestants (excluding himself).
  • Jake is one of three people in Korea to be in all of the three starting tribes. The others are Chal and Ryan.
  • Jake is the first person to throw a challenge on purpose to get his tribe dissolved. The second is Reddude.
  • Jake is the third person to get voted out by a plurality. The first two are SoleSurvivor and Atrain73.
    • Tigerd98 from Indonesia would later become the fourth.
      • Tigerd98 was voted off in the same fashion as Jake was; first Tribal after a swap, and in a 3-2-2 vote.
  • Jake was voted out with the Goguryeo Mask of Restrict.
  • Jake is one of two people from the Kings of Korea to not make the merge. The other is Cassels.
  • Jake was the only person who attended both Korea Tribal Councils where a person was disqualified.
    • He is also the only one to successfully vote out both females in Korea.
  • Jake's username Jake R is his name and the initial of his last name.
  • Jake is the fifth contestant to originate from the Total Drama wikis.
  • Jake was voted off a blue tribe in both of his seasons.
  • Jake was Erica's Loved One in Greece.
  • Jake is the highest placing Korea returnee in Salvation. (and yet still 20th place...)