Contestant Profile

Survivor: Archetypes

Tribe(s) Riza
► Hizoku
► Makeinu
Placement 14/24
Challenge(s) Won 5
Vote(s) Against 6
Day(s) Lasted 19

Contestant Profile

Survivor: Sichuan

Tribe(s) Leshan
► Ziyang
Placement Sole Survivor
Alliances Jexa
Challenge(s) Won 6
Vote(s) Against 0
Day(s) Lasted 39

Statistics of Jessyx
Seasons competed 2
Total number of days 58
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins 9
Individual wins 2
Total 11
Tribal Council
Total votes received 6

Jessyx, also known as "Jessy", is the winner of Survivor: Sichuan and a contestant from Survivor: Archetypes.

Starting off on one of the worst tribes in ORG history, Jessy's strong social and strategic game managed to keep her in the majority all throughout the tribal phases of the game and this didn't change once the merge hit. Jessy also formed one of the most powerful female duos in ORG history with fellow Beauty tribe-mate Alexa. Staying in the majority while also remaining a non-threat kept her from receiving any votes cast against her while also allowing her to be in control of every vote and being able to vote correctly at every single tribal council she attended. Ultimately her strong strategic and social game was able to win over the jury awarding her the title of Sole Survivor.

Because of her prior success, Jessy was selected to return as a Leader for Archetypes. Unlike her previous time, Jessy was unable to keep her temper in tact (which lead to a confrontation with Emma) and became extremely cocky. Jessy's undying desire to be the one in control ended up sending her out the door in a 5-2 vote, placing 14th.


Name: Jessica Tilling (16)
Current Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Personal Claim to fame: Getting my American citizenship! I was born in Australia originally and have lived a majority of my life in the US without fully being American, but in the last year I finally became a United States citizen!
Inspiration in Life: Paris Hilton. She's been stereotyped and perceived as the dumb blonde girl by so many people but she's ignored that and moved past it to have accomplished so much success in the world.
3 words to describe yourself: Determined, charismatic, and adventurous.
Hobbies: Yoga, soccer, painting, attempting to win board games, binge-watching television, and going to a lot of social events!
If you could have three things on an island what they be and why? A strong man to do the heavy lifting work for me, a camera to capture all of the memories, and maybe a yoga mat to feel balanced throughout the craziness of the game!
Survivor contestant you are most like: The annoyingly typical answer but, I'd say a mix of Parvati Shallow and Michele Fitzgerald. They're both very down-to-earth and sociable women, and I think I see a lot of characteristics of my own in them.
Reason for being on Survivor: I've loved the show ever since I could remember so I thought I'd take on the adventure myself instead of watching it!
Why do you think you will be the Sole Survivor: I think that I have a lot of potential and a lot to show, this is my first time on an ORG so being a fresh-face can help me in some ways. I'm very determined and I like getting what I want, and I want to win Survivor so let's hope I can do it!

Survivor: Sichuan

Voting History

Jessy's Voting History
Episode Jessy's
Voted Against
1 Julez -
2 Loren -
3 Marks -
4 Leshan Tribe Immune
5 Leshan Tribe Immune
6 Sim -
7 Mai;
8 Priscilla -
9 Yasmin Individual Immunity
10 Jake -
11 Aromal Individual Immunity
12 Vanne -
13 Erin L. -
14 TSN -
- -
Jury Votes
for Jessy
Alexa, Erin L.,
Jake, Vanne, Yasmin
Sole Survivor, Day 39

Survivor: Archetypes


Tribe: Riza
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Current Residence: Chicago, IL
Personal Claim To Fame: Winning the first ORG I've ever played, being Sichuan!
Inspiration in Life: Kesha, she has been faced loads and loads of criticism throughout her life and through all her struggles she keeps fighting on to pursue what she loves to do.
Pet Peeves: Arrogance, hypocrites, people who aren't straightforward, and people who lie without reason
Previous Finishes: Sole Survivor of Sichuan
Favorite Past Moment: Winning Leshan's first immunity on Episode 4 after a huge losing streak
Previous Survivor-ORG Contestant You Respect Most: Alexa, very good player and deserved Player of the Season for Sichuan!
Previous Survivor-ORG Contestant You Respect Least: TSN, could've made the finals but was dishonorable
Why Did You Come Back?: I love Survivor and being given another chance to play the game again is an offer I could never pass up on!

Voting History

Jessy's Voting History
Episode Jessy's
Voted Against
1 Riza Tribe Immune
2 Riza Tribe Immune
3 Brittany -
4 Riza Tribe Immune
5 Riza Tribe Immune
6 Emma Emma
7 Miguel -
8 Hizoku Tribe Immune
9 Emile Ash, Chris, Claire,
Emile, Matt
Voted Off, Day 19



  • Jessy is the seventh winner to have no votes against her at Tribal Council, following Hickman, Gerda, Lloyd, Rebekah, Miguel and Chris.
  • Jessy celebrated her 17th birthday during Day 3 of Survivor: Archetypes.
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Sole Survivor Titleholder
Succeeded by

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