Day 1

I am surrounded by idiots. I might not have dumbed myself down enough. Jesus take the wheel.


I am a beauty apparently which is really cool. Everyone on the tribe are extremely nice & social which is awesome. Only sus thing is Max who literally formed an alliance with Jenna and I 10 minutes after the game started? Shady? 👀


"Nadine's First Day

I woke up a bit late for the first day, but I took my chances and socialized with whoever was on that night. I liked talking with Hannah the most because of our similar interests, and I got to talk with Chris and Taylor with as well.

I think Keaton is a really interesting player based on the tribe chat, so I would like to ally him and go far with him and Hannah. Not sure about others. This is worth noting that this is a tribe of Brains, so I'm being careful about how I go about things.

For now I'm taking things slowly and easy, though I'm a bit afraid I might have been standing out too much!"


Most of us have gotten a chance to meet by now and I'm really surprised- everyone is very outgoing and this tribe is so diverse. That being said I need to continue to be friendly and stay on my toes because I don't want to be the odd one out if we lose a challenge.


I'm happy I got into the Beauty tribe. Sure, brains and brawn are very useful to have in real life, but when you have Beauty, you basically have all 3 of them.


"When Alliance Chat Shows Entire Chat History



Also they didn't see that the chat history was shown to everyone so I saw I was added as a 4th member and you can even see who made that alliance LMAO I SEE YOU CHRIS......

It's okay I'm working on it already!!"


Day 2

So, the first challenge is starting. My tribe seems pretty active, so I'm hoping we'll be more like the Koah Rong Brains and less like the Cagayan Brains. It LOOKS like I'm in a decent position, since my tribe is pretty lit and I'm in the Bob's Burgers majority alliance. I just hope my tribe's as strong as it looks and the alliance is actually legit. Well I'mma just be negative and say that on a scale of one to ten, my confidence level right now is about negative pi cubed.


I don't want to see any birds in my life ever again. Especially grey birds.


So we're already losing this challenge. Like I assumed we would. I almost want to lose every challenge because everyone in my tribe is a complete fuckwit. I think it'd be funny if they all walked out one after the other. I don't know, I don't really care. I just think I can have my way with this tribe. For shits and giggles. ..for the next few tribals until I'm the only one lef


I'm so excited! Our tribe has such a good dynamic! Hopefully we don't lose because I like everyone right now...


So our first challenge is not going as well as I'd hoped. We are such a diverse group of people and cover several time zones, so I though we'd be good. Unfortunately we are really not communicating as well as I'd hoped. If we do end up going to the first tribal of the season I will be very nervous because nobody wants to be the first one out the game.


Okay. What the fuck. Like we had a head start and now we're behind all the other tribes by over 100. how. like i can't say that much just bc i've been at school all day but i'm making an effort by trying to post during one's online, and we're probably going to lose this challenge and have to go to tribal and i honestly don't know what's gonna happen. like all these people are super nice, maybe not the most talkative but good people. I haven't really made a formal alliance or like really bonded with anyone yet so...idk

–Ting Ting

Already after one day of being here, I cannot believe the amazing connections I've be able to make, I'm already in a tight trio with Elmo and Jenna, and the three of us are honestly going to go as far as we can with each other. I've also made good connections with Emily and Alexandra as well, things are going so well for me so far, and I'm 100% confident I'd be safe if we went to tribal, but right now though myself, Elmo and Jenna really need to pull in a fourth person, the question is though, who?.


Day 3

"Knock knock

Who's there? Europe Europe who? Europe for elimination and we aren't 'cause we won the challenge! "


Still feeling the afterglow of our huge come from behind win, a lot of times out here we're so concerned about our individual games rather than what we can accomplish as a team. I genuinely like every other player on my tribe and hope we can keep the good vibes going; also I'm not the first boot HAHA!!


We won our first challenge and I'm so happy, the beauty tribe is awesome. We all participated in the challenge and it was definitely a team effort, so I feel like it was a well deserved win. I really like everyone on my tribe, Alexandra and Jenna are super funny and really nice, and I've also talked to Junior and Elmo. I just hope we can keep winning because the most important thing right now is keeping our numbers up.


"Wow I'm at the brawn tribe. I'm so surprised :))). I think I'm the brain. But it's so good because everyone sometime think that the strong one is not smart. I will use the brawn to be a shield in the swap and the merge. Everyone in my tribe seem not easy to talk with. I have tried to talk but Sian still didn't reply me. Tyler is the only one who is good at social, I feel everyone like him.



"I just figured out that I had the different timezone with all member in my tribe. OMG like they are the night and I'm the sun. It's not good, babe. I don't like it because it make me feel more paranoid when I cant talk with anyone when I wake up :(((.

About alliance. Now I'm trying to connect with Tyler and Danielle, I feel they like each other so I have to be on that relationship. I asked them to be together and they are very OK to create alliance. Just wait Danni online in the same time with us and I will create it. After that we will decide who is the number 4. Im sure it's not Sian. Beside that, I had a secret alliance with David. I used to play with him in Kodiak so why I don't use the old relationship to create alliance. I won't mention David with anyone, he will be my secret, I hope he think the same way :))."


"We lost the challenge. I had this feeling when I play the challenge. My tribe didn't care and Bradley didn't help anything. I feel everyone is mad at him. Poor him. :(

I just noticed this season had 11 girls, and 10 boys. If we swapor merge, the girls will dominate for sure. It's so possible to form a girl alliance, so it will be very dangerous. So I just had an idea, I come to Bradley and give him a reason to tell with Tyler and David about the girls. Im totally honest with him that he have to fight for his live. Honestly, I want Sian out more than Bradley but I can't fight for him, I just can help him in secret. I'm a ring leader. if he is successful, I will control this tribe, if not, I'm still in the safe situation. Tyler, David seem trust me because I tried to use a flirt card in this game lol. I will take care of Danielle more.  :) ".


Tribal.... Oh no! Bradley is not successful with my plan. Poor him I have to vote him with. Tyler and David want him out, they don't want to make the girls angry. I understand they all don't want to play hard and just go with the safe vote . So sorry a handsome boy :((. I will try to take out Sian in the next tribal, make sure the girls can't dominate this game.


"We won the challenge!!!!!!!!!! YAY @ BEAUTY TRIBE!!!

I've started to talk with everyone at least a bit and currently I'm trying to find the tribelines. From what I've gathered: Nobody really trust Emily (because she asked everyone for an alliance). I hope that Max would get more active because he was my buddy since day 1 but people don't trust him cuz he is not online!! I feel the best with Jenna. Jenna and I formed an alliance called Duality. She posts the the chat with iconic pictures and gifs, what a legend honestly. Alexandra and JR are cool too. Right now I'm talking to Alexandra about the game and how I do not trust Emily. She wanted to form an alliance between the two of us and Jenna so that helps my game tremendously! At the moment my objective is to stay on ppls good graces and socialize with people, that's the thing I'm best at. Also I really hope swap is in distant future because right now I'm sitting pretty!

Honestly the thing that could screw me up is swapping to a brawn majority because their tribe have two people who I've voted out in my previous ORG and I have no idea how they feel about me (Rin and David).

Anyways, I'm going to try my hardest to not flop early because I really want to at least make the merge. So I'm praying to Survivor Gods and Goddesses that I don't get swapf*cked or idoled out!"


Hey guys! Alexandra here with her first confessional ever. So far, the beauty tribe has really been getting along and we really put the pedal to the metal to get that immunity. However, the one snag I was feeling was that Emily seemed a little too eager to align with me right off the bat. It was literally ten seconds of introduction chit chat MAX and then all of a sudden she's trying to form an alliance. I'm thinking, "girl, at least buy me dinner first." Then Jenna and I are talking today and eventually it comes out that Emily did the exact same thing to her. Then later, in a conversation with Elmo, he mentioned that she did the same thing to him. We've come to the conclusion she's probably done this with everyone in the tribe, so the three of us have made an alliance called The Sketchers, because we are sketched out by Emily. We are keeping all this info on the DL right now, but we will see how this plays out in the future.


This is voting confessional. I'll just tell you what my thoughts are about the comp . Out of our entire tribe, there was literally three of us who tried really hard. I don't blame Danielle that she had to work and David contributed some as well. I think we could have done much better and hope that our tribe becomes stronger after this tribal council.


Voting Confessional: Honestly, I don't know what has gone wrong. I wish there was something I could pin point but for the most part, everyone tried their best to be on. It's a little harder for our tribe because we have so many different time zones


Guys I'm back and better than ever (I swear ill make an official video once im not working so much)

But for the most part I am doing great, I came into this game hoping no one knew me or knew how much of a fucking threat i am, and thank the gods that almost everyone doesn't know me. Danielle and me played our first org like two years ago but I am not worried about her ive seen the way she plays.


I love my tribe, the beauties are really social and they know how to talk which is what i want most from a tribe.

Alexandra is amazing like i can see me and her going far the only thing is that she told me, when it looked like we were going to lose, that im good with her. So obviously i told her shes good with me. But to me this is a rookie mistake cause this just tells me you probably did this with a couple other people, shes playing the game for sure and I am going to have to make sure that I am her number one above everyone else.

Elmo my second number one, he seems like a great person to ride this game with. He is very sweet and hasn't shown any immediate like backstabby traits that some people show. He seems very genuine and someone that will stick with me even if i look like a bigger threat. He is good in my books for right now

Julia probably trust he the third most, she hasnt said much but she hasnt said anything that would drop her in the rankings.

Max, so i did research on you max and guess what I found out that you won a game? will i use this against you who knows, will i tell anyone that ive won five games probably not. Is that being a hypocrite maybe lol

Jenna, I want to trust her so much but she is showing so many backstabby traits. Now what are back stabby traits? they are traits that someone shows that could mean in the future they will back stab you if you are a threat. Also she is very extra I enjoy extra. Extra people are good shields to have cause people will want them out before you. Is it worth it to have her go far even though she could backstab me who knows

Emily, the last person i added, you havent said much but i messaged you. Shes a good person cause no one talks to her so it will be easy to get her as a number or just have her be the first boot from this tribe it could go either way for me.

anyways that is my assesment of the tribe, hopefully the hosting team does a great job I am trusting you guys to not leak anything cause ive been in games where shit gets leaked and its no bueno but anyways ill see you guys in the next confessinal.