Day 9

Well shit, I'm gone. I was hoping they would go for tribe stregnth, but that was not the case. The fans are going to continue to embarass them unless they get their act together.

–Tyler M.

The next challenge is a flash game. If it's anything like Cyroad, I might as well just bend over now. I'm going to bed with a score of 3800 and a slight case of carpel tunnel. Hopefully Ricky doesn't have anything higher because I don't know how much more time I'll have

–Tyler M.

Well, Tyler M was voted off where he'll face Ricky, who a lot of the favorites are starting to speculate because the fans are rooting for they sent there to be an ozzy? I think there just trying to get on his good side incase he returns but whatever. We're a hot mess right now and we need to start picking up the pace if we wanna stand a chance in this game, I know I'm good for right nor on this tribe, but if we lose more and more, were gonna get to a tribe swap or a merge without numbers, and thats not good for any favorite.


Tyler M. lost the duel and he went out in flames, with a kickass high score. COULD YOU NOT HAVE TRIED THAT HARD WHILE YOU WERE IN THE TRIBE, HUH?


I have a feeling we're gonna lose the challenge. When it comes to flash games, it's not the Fans' strong suit, I mean had the first challenge been a team challenge, we would've gotten crushed. Now I need to prep for us losing and hopefully, the tribe will take someone weak out. I think Tyler B should go because he's never here so hopefully if we lose, which Im thinking we will, he can go next.


My body is failing me. So I better confess about it. I wanna get the honey but the bees just keep stinging. I've had a pretty long day at school and doing shit and tommorow I have some important talk for an internship....but yeah i'm just gonna keep bubbling up those bees like till the bitter end of time. Also rip another favorite, the joker has left the party. And I've talked with Sora about my irritating from last confessional, so now i'm kinda regretting saying mean things. Cuz he wasn't really trying to shade our alliance. Im sowwy Ashley .

Oh yeah where was I? BUBBLE UP THE BEES, SENDING THE FANS TO TRIBAL PLEASE (Yes I just did that to show of my rhyming skills) (or I didn't )


Day 10

Brittany got the 3rd clue to the idol and shared it with me so i made a list of all the girls from Gabon- SJDS. Then I gave her the first 6 which is Gabon-SP and i have One World-SJDS. I figure like this, we can find this idol quicker hopefully, but it's a lot of names. I hope we find it before a switch or something.


i legit cant, so like i know it sounds bad but like ofc i am trying to get votes myself but legit with everyone ive tried with my alliance has already like gotten their votes. like it sounds bad cuz it sounds like im doing nothing but like im so thankful for my alliance to be getting votes for me xo but im kind of sad that they didnt just wait until i could talk to some of them that way i could have done some work but WHATEVER, I think I got brittany by myself mostly (just because ive talked to her before this whole vote thing anways) and ive been talking to minke and things seem good. Oh and Grace & I figured out we have a mutual friends so we are closer now.


Day 11

legit can't believe that this bitch is already plotting against me AGAIN, trying to get me out AGAIN. Like Jesus excuse me? I've been really helpful in my opinion and I'm helping the tribe in this challenge by giving advice, like honestly I'm so sick of Alex already and it's legit only the start of the game. Like obviously I'm totally fine with people coming after me and stuff, but his reason is legit NO REASON. It's whatever, honestly I'll just have to brush it off and not cause any drama (even though i'm use to causing drama) ugh I wish i could say something