Day 13

I think that im in hot water.. My plan to oust Johan was ruined because of Pedro.. I never liked him, and now he ruined my plan. But now it's 3-3 and I have the idol on my side so here's to hoping for a change up. I think everyone is also realizing that I like to stir the pot o drama. Now Tyler and Johan know I'm a lair, I have nothing to lose, and nothing to hold back now.


Honestly, when Johan stepped of the mat, and mutinied I was not surprised in the slightest. Since he called us a shit tribe, and has been making deals with Anubis, I wasn't shocked at all, he completely ditched Tyler who was his closest ally, he's an asshole, but this did give me the chance to make my hatred of him known to everyone, I will call a bitch when I see one, and he's a bitch. He thinks he's gonna make it farther than me.. But I'm not a threat, I'm just a rude bitch. Now it's 3-2 on the tribe. Me Jack and Chicken vs Tyler and Mikey.


Since we like Tyler we are getting Mikey first, so as long as he doesn't get immunity that's our plan. If a Anubis does mutiny, we will get them with us, using Jacks idol, take out Mikey 4-2 then backstabbing the Anubis person would be good, because it takes out an enemy!


Ya know, if loyd knew what was comin his way for this comin double tribal he would jump for the mutiny but he wont cause he believes he is runnin the tribe so why would he think about goin over to a sinkin ship like isis, an isis would try to come over here. the only good thing bout this tribal is that we finally get to trim the fat of the untrustworthy Lloyd


After Johan mutinying, I felt a bit uneasy. He was my best ally. I'm upset with him. Between, the mutiny, Josh's ridicule of Johan, and my grandfather dying this morning, I'm just a bit paranoid.


Day 14

as soon as johan-amir got vulnerable (after this coming tribal council), he will surely get voted off. . i already have my plans and i will not let someone ruin it just because he is no longer liked by his tribe. . . i swear, after cowboy, , i'm gonna cut his throat and kick him out of this game. . .


Day 15

Right now I'm in a boat with out a paddle. I am on the outs, of a tribe that wins at losing.. And I fear that, well I don't fear but I know, that if we don't win this next challenge, I'm going home, my ass is on the chopping block. Unless some how, I can convince Jack to play his idol on me, and vote off Mikey... In done for, unless there's a merge at 14 or something, some kind of, any kind of twist, ill be getting my torch snuffed.

I have a feeling that Jack will be the easiest persons arm to twist, while I hate the kid, we have a bond, and he told me about his idol, and yahdeda and I thought me, him and Chicken were a tight 3, but obviously he felt bad about going against Tyler, so he crawled back.. He's kinda pathetic, but he's the kind of pathetic I can work with right now.

And I also have to think of some excuse for voting for him.. I can say that I didn't want Mikey to go to the temple, and get an idol, that I didn't want someone I didn't trust to go.. But really I think I'm just f***ed right now. But the show ain't over till the fat lady sings, and luckily for me, I don't see any fat lady's around here.


im just hoping those three anubis can pulloff the challenge.. or else bye2 for one of them... i guess....