Day 21

Wow! I think our Secret Society (me, Monkey, Alejandro, Aaron and Amir) has now the power in the game now that Jake is gone. We got the majority in Silla and our three allies in the other tribe has many weapons (2 Mask and 1 Rings) for their survival in the game. Love it!


Well, Jake is out. I guess now there is no "head" of the alliance. Right now I'm hoping that we can win immunity again, so Eddie is booted. That way, my last threat will be out of the game. I am hoping we merge soon. If I can go on an immunity streak while at the same time, dragging Monkey to the end, I could potentially win this game. Now that there is no "head", I can take over, and slowly, one by one, slip into the heads of every single person in this game. My strategy is an invisible virus. One that isn't going to be cured.


So it turns out Jake WAS loyal to our agreement. Now I kind of feel bad that we voted him out. On a personal level, I feel bad that we betrayed the guy who's been on every tribe, had been to the most Tribal Councils, and was probably so happy that he'd finally found a stable alliance. But I feel like it was a good move for me in the context of the game. Someone had to go, and it's either get rid of Jake and stay on the good side of everyone else in Silla, or get rid of Eddie in a split vote and signal to Max that he's not in the alliance.

Plus, I prefer keeping our alliance as a tight four. Bringing in a fifth gives Alejandro and Aston the opportunity to use Jake to vote out Miggy and I. No thank you. There was no point to Alejandro voting for Max, as one vote was never going to do anything, but I didn't bother trying to change the voting again after I'd finally gotten them to agree on voting Jake. After the vote I knew Max and Eddie would be wondering why they got a vote. Fortunately I was able to explain it away with a fairly unconvincing reason that Eddie still seemed to believe, saying that we split the vote so that Jake wouldn't be suspicious and know we were targeting him. (That doesn't even make any sense when you actually think about it but luckily Eddie doesn't seem to think about things for too long.) There was the risk that Eddie and Max would turn against us but for whatever bizarre reasons they don't know that there's an alliance of four that they're not included in. Even more bizarre, Eddie and Max are convinced that they're running the show. Eddie promised me I would now make it to merge after I was 'honest' with him, and that I had nothing to worry about because he, Max, Alejandro etc. would keep me 'safe'. OK, thanks Eddie. Switching the vote from Eddie to Jake just keeps getting better for me. It shows me that I'm able to persuade these people to do what I want while they still think it's their idea. Plus, it keeps Eddie around which will really benefit me come merge. I predict Eddie will be one of the first targets at the merge, which keeps the target away from me. Also, Eddie has the idol which we can use if the numbers are against us. Eddie would also probably be a good person to take to the final, because I don't think many people like him nor would vote for him. At some point I will need to get rid of Alejandro. He's a very savvy player who's good at getting people to listen to him, but not quite savvy enough to convince me to let him get anywhere near the final. I don't think Aston and Miggy will want to get rid of him, so I may need to use Max and Eddie for that. We'll see though.


Well Jake was voted out, that sucks, I considered him the "leader" of the alliance. I felt that Eddie's low maturity and his lack of challenge skills should of cut him loose. Oh well, I still feel safe, and we just won reward so that means idol clue. It may have been found but I may as well go for it anyway. One of the most powerful tool's in the game, that hopefully me or another ally of mine can obtain, I guess we shall have to wait and see...


Goodbye Jake! Sorry to have back stabbed you! This is probably the biggest move in the game so far because Jake had the most power among all 14 of us. What makes me happy is that if I didn't talk to everyone, then it would be Eddie who would have gone home tonight.

Everyone in Jake's alliance thinks that Aston and I are still with Jake since we went along with his plan (we only needed 3 or 4 to overthrow Jake). So I made a big move with no animosity towards me, I say that thats a damn good start!

Jake. No hard feelings. You're a cool guy and I'd love to get to know you more but your mistakes in this game involved telling me that we should disband the Korean Alliance at the final 9 and that Amir should be the first among us to go. Unfortunately for you. Amir, Aaron, Miggy, Monkey and I have the tightest alliance in the whole game.


Day 22

I don't know what is happening but everyone on Silla just got bitten by the stupid bug. Sometimes I wonder if these people actually realise what they are saying!!

I swear I spend half my time explaining to people how the challenges work because they apparently don't actually read the instructions. And then they don't read my explanation and ask the same damn question I just answered. I just get frustrated by willful ignorance. It's understandable if someone doesn't comprehend something, especially when English is not everyone's first language, but it's a different story when they don't understand simply because they didn't bother reading the explanation. And the actual challenges.... It seems like Max and Eddie just don't try. Every challenge, Max says how he won't be able to complete the challenge. I get it, everyone has real life commitments but it's a five minute game. In the amount of time it takes him to say he can't complete the challenge, he could have spent actually doing the challenge! No one expects him to be pulling some marvelous score but any score would be nice. I'd rather him spend one minute on the challenge going through it once and submit a weak score then spend that time telling us he won't be able to do the challenge. And Eddie's just awful in challenges. I've already covered how Eddie and Max think they're running the show. Who knows? Maybe they are! I will laugh so hard if it turns out I've been tricked all along and they all have a secret alliance. If that happens, well done, I say! Speaking of secret alliances.... They're not secret if you go around telling everyone about them! Alejandro was talking to Miggy about their SS (secret society) in the group chat that Aston and I can both see!!! This little secret society was formed very early in the game and I've known about it since maybe episode 2 or 3. I don't know if Aston is part of it but I know that Alejandro, Miggy, Monkey and Amir are. So Alejandro straight out asks Miggy what he thinks about the proposal put forward by Monkey and Amir... for Silla to throw the immunity challenge and go to tribal. Yeah, no. Honestly, this is not the type of conversation you should be conducting in public. The stupidity pains me. I don't care so much about their secret cross-tribal alliance but I'm glad they're struggling with the concept of secret. Monkey and Amir wanting us to throw the challenge means one of two things. Either they want Eddie out before the merge, or they don't want to go to tribal because they're in danger. I like a bit of danger. And I'd LOVE Amir and Monkey to be in a bit of danger!! Alejandro already let slip earlier that Ryan, Ivan, Jake and Chal have an alliance (minus Jake now :P). I now really want Goguryeo to go to tribal so I can get a really good idea of how everyone's aligned. I don't know where Hunter and Aaron fall so the vote would give me an indication of whether they're with Ryan, Ivan and Chal, or Monkey and Amir. I have a couple of options going into the merge. I have my alliance of four with me, Alejandro, Aston and Miggy. We might be able to keep Eddie and Max for the first vote as long as we don't lose this immunity challenge. Presumably, Alejandro would want to draw in Amir and Monkey. I want to cut down Alejandro's options though. Basically, I want him with two options: stick with me or get voted out. I need to see how this vote turns out but I'd really like to shake things up at the merge and form a dregs alliance of me, Ryan, Ivan and Chal, plus Eddie and Max, and/or Hunter and Aaron. I just think it would be hilarious to pull the rug out from under Alejandro when he thinks he's so firmly in the majority and to have all the little riff-raff alliances band together and usurp the throne. Heeheehee. I'll have to see what I can do.


I have this incredibly weird vibe that Max is aligned with Hunter... I don't know, maybe I'm just paranoid. I hope my alliance is the only secret one here.


Time is not the only thing you fail to understand, Chal. The point of these challenges is to particiapte in them, and you have 24 hours for that, so save your pathetic excuses for someone who gives a *bleep*. You're a liability to this tribe and a liability to the universe, even cockroaches could make a better use of the air you breath. You failed us twice and you are going to pay for it, however it won't necessarily be tonight.

I know I could be extremely mean at times, but this kind of behavior just deserves that. If you apply for a game - play it, or quit. Don't just sit here and wait for people to take your ass to the final three.

The aftermath of Jake's blindside didn't have the effect I expected. Ivan and Ryan are still reluctant to vote off Chal before Monkey, however Hunter seems to be on our side this time. This is not surprising, as I said earlier that Hunter wants to keep Monkey as his goat. I guess the same goes for Ivan and Ryan, and it's only for me and Aaron to decide. Since I can't stand either Chal or Monkey, they're both useless in challenges and I'm not too close with them, I'll be happy with whoever goes home. The only thing that matters, like with Cassels's elimination, is to flush the artifacts.

I already managed to convince Aaron to play one mask on Ivan, and if I'll be lucky enough, Ivan will play the Baekje ring that he may have. That will force Aaron to play his own mask to even the odds, then Hunter could flip and blindside Monkey. Whichever way this plays out, I'm in a good spot. Unless of course, I'm being blindsided, but you get the point.


Day 23

We lost immunity, solely due to the fact of two inept baffoons on our tribe couldn't even manage to participate! This wasn't a shock to me though, even though I had some hope I'd do well in a challenge of math and iceberg hopping. As long as Amir, Aaron, Hunter, and Ivan are secure on who we're voting, Monkey and Chal's fates lie in the palm of our hands. With the impending merge, I'd like to see Monkey leave, but to quote the wise words of the queen Sandra Diaz-Twine, "As long as it ain't me", I'm fine."