"Just Look at the Flowers"
Season Survivor: Archetypes
Episode Number 12/16
Episode Chronology
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Just Look at the Flowers is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Archetypes.


Reward Challenge:Color Grid. Each of you will have assigned a random color and in a random order, you will move around this grid. This game will proceed in turns, meaning that each person will have one move for a turn always in the same order. Place that you will pick in first turn, will be your starting point. Once you don't have a possibility to move anymore, you are eliminated. The goal is to be the last person standing.
Winner: Claire
Rishiri Island Visitor: Chris (Claire chose him)

Individual Immunity Challenge: Light Your Torch. You will make your own thread, naming it "Name's Immunity Thread", and once the challenge starts, post "I light my torch." every hour. You can start whenever you want, but the challenge ends in 24 hours. If you post at 6:05, you would have to post at 7:05, then 8:05, and so on and so forth.
Winner: Jamie

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 7A: Hizoku=

Tribal Council 12:
Emile (4 votes)
Alexa, Ash, Brett
Hunter and Sora
Hunter (3 votes)
Chris, Jamie and Jared
Alexa (2 votes)
Claire and Jared

Voting Confessionals

don't play an idol please


Emile sorry I had to vote you out tonight but it's literally because Hunter is an idiot and sent his vote in early. On top of that you are kind of Chris's bitch right now, I kind of hinted at making a move with you yesterday but you immediately spilled what I had said to Chris/Claire.


Gotta keep up the act like this vote means anything thankfully it doesn't and the person going home will make me very happy


Look at the flowers.


I sadly know you're not going but hopefully writing your name down will get some people to trust me more.


You are very good at preventing people from getting a read on you, unfortunately that's also a liability so sorry ! at least i can say i'm a rebel too now


Voting for you again! Hopefully I survive this vote and this is the first kick to Sora with Emile surviving and you going. If I go though, it's been a great game and Jared must win <3.


Hunter I'm sorry, this vote was more than just a split vote plan, it was an actual plot to take you and your chat of 6 down thanks to Claire ! I hope this works


Emile, as much as I would rather have Jamie go, that can't happen because Hunter voted too early because if not then I would've swooped in and sent her home over you. I actually really enjoyed your company this time around and wish you had the guts to flip over and make a big move, sorry!


Episode Summary


  • The episode was named after Ash's quote