Day 13

This is terrible. I'm now the last Kieta member left. Last of my kind. I should be happy that I won the tiebreaker, but I'm a bit saddened. Taylor, my best friend... I am going to miss having her by my side throughout this game. I know, I'm not really acting like the ruthless person I usually am, but I'm going to miss her. The Kieta Duo alliance is destroyed. It's up to me now. I have to keep this tribe's name in the game! I must seek vengeance on those who Ulonged my tribe! I'm a tribe of one and I'm ready to fight!


So, I just watched the results for the "fire-making challenge" between LP and Taylor, and I could not be more pleased with the results. This has gone perfectly, as I want LP to go far in the game. I just flat out trust him more than Taylor. He's my closest ally, and I want very much to make it far with him. I don't want to go to the end with him though. He's an ally, and a trustworthy one at that, but to be honest I don't think I can win against him. He's a great guy, he's smart, and he has the wit to make it to the end. Which is exactly why I have to blindside him. For the moment, I need to keep him around though.


Story writing. Well luckily I've had a good history with writing stories in a short amount of time. I was normally good with essays, and my expectation with every essay I wrote was to be top in not just the class but the whole school level. So I only wanted to be the top the point where it wasn't who could be on top but who could make 2nd place behind me. Not to be prideful, I'm just saying. :P

But I dunno about the rest, Brendan is freaking quiet and Andrei hasn't replied yet. I hope Andrei has time to write 'cause I think I'll be relying more on him than Brendan for anything. I'm a busy man and I've had 5 or 6 hour nights, it's been taxing to say the least since I work in a busy part of town, which is housing the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix just a couple of meters away.

Now that I know this challenge will involve a tribal absorption, I'm feeling good. I don't mind mingling with the rest. I think I would wanna align with Mendi the most. Uli and the gang seem the most stable other than my own tribe. Wewak showed that they have little of a rat's ass in this game after that horrid 'flag', LP is on his own, he can prolly kiss his booty bye bye and Abau can go sleep in a little corner...

But then again...since LP is on his own, and if I can switch with Uli's side, I'm hoping to get the numbers to get as many Americans out of the game... Of course, LP isn't the only person we can try to flip. These 'youths' in my view can be influenced in some way, so it's our job to bend their minds and make 'em go mad and vote their fellow youths out, and then, WHAM I'll give 'em a nice big vote off. : ) They'll have no idea where it came from.


I guess Daru isn't as active as it use to. Maybe since we're older kin and we're mostly working now, it's been quite a hassle for us all to commit to our time. We do have agreements and alliance with each other, but I'll probably cut it once we boil down to the final few after the merge. But...It has been really exhausting to catch with this and my real life. I'm in the crossroads of my work and my personal life again and its hard to focus on whether I can devote time and energy to be sole survivor. I'm not intending to quit thank God, but I don't know...These games are killing me sometimes x.x


Well Taylor is gone. That sucks so much she was one of my biggest allies in this game and I am just sad to see her go but the game must continue and there is nothing i can do about it.


Being a tribe of one means that I will forcibly sit out of the challenge. It's kind of like a day off, hehe. I'm going to rename Kieta "LP", because that's basically what it is. Maybe the next word for Ulonging will be Kietaing. It's very lonely, but a lot less stressful. I'm actually somewhat happy that we got Ulonged. Now I can hear myself strategize.

This game is getting very intense for me, and I'm sure that it will get more frightening as it goes along. I need to ensure that I do my best and get further. I seem to socialize well with others, so that could help quite a bit in all of this. There is no doubt that I'm going to be targeted, but I must remain strong and make it through! If not... Well, won't that be depressing? Hehe.


So, this tribe absorption has become very, very simple. I was trying to contemplate the various probabilities of who controls which tribe. Now, it's very simple. If Wewak loses, the anti-Mendi alliance will control Abau, Daru will almost certainly be in our control (64% chance we take control, 36% chance we rely on swing voters that are already in our direction thanks to Abraham), and Mendi is probably out of our reach. The same would occur if Abau loses, except that we will control Wewak. If Daru loses, we control 2 tribes and Mendi controls 1, and if Mendi loses, we will control all three tribes. If all 3 tribes are controlled, it doesn't matter who wins immunity. We can simply decide who goes to TC and who goes home. We can simply engineer the game from its very core. The future of this game rests in the balance, and I could not stress that more. I just have to hope that Blake and Sean did a good job, otherwise our alliance has a lot less power than is possible. However, I do know one truth. The Mendi alliance is pulling on strings. It only has a very limited number of members, and really the best they can hope for is to keep 1 tribe under control for the time being out of 3. They simply don't have the numbers to progress.


DAMN!!! Taylor is out... Why do all my closest allys have to go all the time... I hate it... Thanks for playing Taylor and I would have taken you to final three, if they would have let me... Have a good one... You remain the best chick to play this season ;)


This Reward challenge is crucial. If we win, we will be able to absorb one of the other tribes. Depending on who it is, we might throw a challenge and vote him out... That is an absolute power position. We need to win... Sadly I am a little out of time at the moment, so I have to let JR and Mark do the job. But so far I can totally rely on dominating challenges with them... Only Amos is close to not integrated... But I like to have him around as loose weight that we can cut at any time...


YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Best possible result... MENDI stays intact... DARU stays intact... And WEWAK will get separated... So they will have to battle the numbers in any tribe they go into. Since I am still unsure about Mark's early alliance with George I would prefer if LP choses our tribe and we can keep on winning, while the other tribes vote out the WEWAK members... No strong players in my tribe will make it possible to remain the tribe leader without any opposition. So... LP... come to our tribe...


I am now an official member of Abau! I was able to choose what tribe that I got absorbed into. I was actually kind of hoping to absorb into Wewak, hehe. Then they went and lost the challenge. I had a very smart elimination process that went into choosing Abau.

First of all, I barely know anyone on Daru. And they're also a tribe of non-Americans. There is no question that I would be out the first time they visit Tribal Council. Also, they had the option to turn me down, since they won reward. If they turned me down in front of the other tribes, that'd make me look bad. Maybe someone would say "Oh, they turned him down. He must be a terrible, terrible player!", then I'd be targeted.

Next is Mendi. I am terrified of this tribe at the moment. I know that Uli wants me out, and I know that the four of them are really tight. I wouldn't even have a chance at that tribe. And they're all very good at game challenges, so my terribleness at them would be made known. They do win a lot, but only in game challenges. Strategy challenges aren't their strongest point. If a strategy challenge popped up, and we lost... Goodbye, LP.

So Abau, having absolutely no reason to turn them down, is my new tribe. Mick seems friendly, but he isn't afraid to make moves to further himself. Matt is very social, and I'm sure that I can convince him to align with me. And Joe is most certainly easy to socialize with. If I can align with Matt and Joe, I'll fit perfectly into this tribe.


After we knew we had to choose players I sat down with Abby for quite a while and went through the process of chosing the right players for the right tribes. The moment I heard that George is begging Abby to take him on his tribe I knew that Mark and Amos are 100% loyal to me... Good feeling... We agreed that Daru could use some firepower for the challenge, and takes one of the two main opponents in George and Blake, while we take the other one. Should we loose a challenge, they would be cut... If we win we can decimate their allies at APAU. Plus I think I have an option to turn Mick there after merge. Finally I opted for taking George. He knows I am against him. He knows I have the numbers to send him out. So if I take him I could scare him that he leaves, should we loose. Apparently I don't want him gone. Since he is a stable factor that noone believes any more. A free player that can make no new allies... Thats perfect. But due to being afraid he needs to become a challenge beast and can take the focus of myself and my allies. Plus he is the one who keeps his strongest opponents save in the game. Originally Abby also wanted George, but earlier on I put a seed into Andrei's mind that there is an all american alliance going... Therefore I reactivated him and told him he should take care to only take one american max. to keep his numbers. By that I could avoid getting Blake who I never talked to, but who is on board with George and his second man. I have the two oldest members of DARU, the strongest Competitor of APAU and MENDI 4... I need to keep all those people thinking I'll take them far.

The decision against Sean was easy. He tried too many times to make me send him to exile and was swearing that I dont understand the game. He is a loose canon and I need my tribe to be solid. Better let George scheme in there, while my tribemembers report everything back to me... Convincing my tribemembers was easy... They do whatever I tell them... Puppets for the marionetter... So... Welcome to my tribe George... Maybe I will even turn you... MENDI 4 could become 5... I doubt it, but who knows.


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